Monday, December 27, 2010

Miscellaneous Stuff

Yeah, I finished the new ending to my Nano book. Its now up to 66,000 words. Whea. that's a lot more than I expected.  I did over 5,000 probably between six and eight thousand words today. Nice to have an extra day off. 

Now to work on some inside stuff in the novel.

Started Cook's new Garrett novel. Seems different, short chapters for one thing. I mean tow page long 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy New Year

So we are done with Christmas so we can officially say

Happy New Year 

For The New Year

 First here's a link to Dean Wesley Smith's blog post on goals and dreams. The post talks about more than goals-goes into e-publishing- but for this post of mine it's the goals and dreams part goes along with what I'm going to say. The rest of it is great if anyone wants to read the whole thing you will learn a thing or three.

Goals are good even though we shouldn't get them mixed up with dreams.
The difference being what we can control and can't control.

Right now my goal is to finish three novels and to get at least one ready to send in, wherever I can.
Second goal is to learn more about writing.
I don't like to set how many stories I will do because it depends on the three novels and if any ideas hit me hard enough so that I have to write the story now. That has happened a time or two. I do want to write some more short stories. One per month should be a goal I can do. When I finish adding on to the Nano novel that will free up more time. Two or three stories per month then.
A third goal is to send out a bunch of stories. I say a bunch because even though I would like 20 or more out, I'm not sure how many I can send out anymore. I'm out of markets for some of them. And it depends on how many new ones I do. 

I may pack up all the ones I'm out of markets for and try e-publishing them.

Dreams are five plus stories bought and a novel contract.

And if it is still possible good chance it isn't but I want be invited to do a story in David Weber's Honor Harrington universe.  And to be invited or allowed as the case may be to do a Bolo story..I just happened to have two in my mind. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Political---tax cuts

  Finally got a letter to the editor published--they rejected my last three. Even though they have published a bunch over the years

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Different Christmas Story

Besides the one in the Bible, which is the best of all Christmas stories, there many types of stories.  This one is different. It's a discussion, in the future, about being PC at Christmas time.

 a Different Christmas story

As  some of you-hopefully most of you, may know I I write stories and political comments.This story fits in with one of the bigger controversies of the last few years. Enjoy:

Bill activated his cabin’s door allowing Dora to come in. She had just interrupted him by asking though the door’s intercom if she could come in for a moment. He should have turned it off signifying that he didn’t want any company.

He rolled his chair back to his desk and started working on his computer again. She came in and the door closed. She started speaking about a certain project him, her and few others were working on together. It was an after hours project that the Freighter-liner company they worked for encouraged its employees to do. It would provide them with overtime and if it worked as it should it would be a good mark on their files.

He was listening with one ear however since he was trying to finish a private project. He suddenly raised his head knowing she had just said something different in a different tone of voice. He had not caught what she had said.

She repeated herself in a louder voice, “I said, What is that?”

He somewhat confused said, “It is a special computer game I am working on.”

She said, “Not that! I mean that in your corner?”

He turned to look at what she was pointing at. She was pointing an accusing finger at an object in the opposite corner from the entertaining-work desk. The object was four feet three inches tall and was two and a half feet wide at its widest. That widest part was about one fourth of the way up from the bottom. The wide part looked like a skirt and was made up of branches that came out from the center pole. All of the branches, from the skirt to the top were green, while the center pole was brown. Below the bottom of the skirt one could see the skinny pole that made up the center. The skirt narrowed as it went up until very near the top it was one and a half feet wide. From that point it sloped inward finally forming a thick needle three inches long. He had decorated it with two multicolored light cables and various round globe looking items as well as what looked like upside down Js painted alternately red and white.

He turned back to his work and off handily said, “That is my Christmas tree. I had Jorge in engineering, fix it up for me. Its not as nice looking as a real one, but its not that bad. You must have seen some before.”

She said, “Yes I have seen Christmas trees, but I never expected to see one here. If someone who is of another religion pr an atheist sees that they might be offended. This is a public place with people from diverse backgrounds.”

He turned to her and said, “Huh? What are talking about?”

She said, “This is a place of diversity. You know people from many diverse back grounds work here and are passengers on this ship. They could very well be offended that you are displaying items from for a religious observance from one religion.”

He blinked and looked confused and said, “Christmas is still the largest event on the earth and most colonies, and even a couple of space habitats celebrate it to some degree or another. People would know what holiday that tree represents.”

She said, "Yes, but some people will be offended so you should take it down. This is a public place as I said. If you don’t I will place a complaint. Then they will force you to take it down.”

He somewhat angrily replied, “Hey. This is not a public hallway. People have to be allowed though that door to come in here. Now if this was out in the passageway, that would be different. Even though this would still be about Christmas a harmless celebration that even many non-Christians celebrate. You can place a complaint if you want to, but they will most probably not be able to do any thing about even if they wanted to.  Time after time, the courts have declared that these living cabins are not public ground. They are the same as a private house, or even an apartment. So that means that I can do most anything in here in the way of decorations and celebrations. If someone is that offended they do not have to come in here. They are the ones that should be put out not me. Besides if they are that offended they should go to a sensitivity training seminar so they can learn not to be offended by the expression of someone’s private beliefs”

She said, “That may be so, but you should still not offend someone of a minority religion. If you do not take that down I will boycott this cabin until you do.”

He again said, “Huh?”

She answered by saying, “I’ll leave and not enter this room as long as you have that thing up”

He looked at her for a while then suddenly turned and started typing again.

He said, “If that is what you feel, you must do what you feel like is right,” 

After a moment he reached over and pressed the door button then continued, “The door is activated. You can leave and we can discuss our project though the door, or at your room. Christmas is a diverse celebration, it is made up of traditions from various cultures and people of many backgrounds celebrate it. Perhaps you should go a sensitivity training seminar. I can get you in one over the intergalactic net. And any stores that reject the term Merry Christmas is biting the hand that feeds them. More money is spent at Christmas time for Christmas presents and decorations then any other time of the year. People buy Christmas presents not Holiday presents.

“One last statement, only a small handful or people do not celebrate some form of Christmas, of those it’s only a small share that would be offended...more people are offended by you not doing it for that reason.”

She said something that sounded like hmmfff and started toward the door.

He said as she did, “Or we could go too your cabin and look at the rainbow symbols you have on display but don’t forget they are a Christian symbol also.”

She went out the door and he went back to work on the new computer game he was fine tuning.

He said to himself, “And that tree isn’t even a real one. Maybe I should have called it a Holiday tree but it isn’t, there’s no such thing as a holiday tree...with a shake of his head he continued that thought,  boy what some people will choose to be offended over. ” 

The end

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writing and reading

I am working on my NaNo novel redoing the ending as I think I mentioned. I thought it would be a few hundred words but I may be adding a few thousand. I thought it would be neat to add 1,500 to bring it up to 55,500 words. But by the time I get done with the new ending I'll be way past that.

That's good for I won't have to add so much but as I said it goes beyond 55,500.

I am reading a short story anthology be David Weber. It might be the only true short story anthology he does. His idea of a short story isn't.  But that's okay.

The first story in the book is nice and reminds me of some of the older stuff I've read but I also think he broke some or what are considered writing rules for today. That's doesn't make the story bad. But it might be a good thing he didn't try to publish that one first.

Finished "Wizard Squared"

Okay it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be but not as "happy" as it could have been either. Mills used a "trick" other writers have used and they used at the beginning of the TV show "Voyager". Not sure if it is a good trick or not. It adds to the emotional conflict but it's sort of cheating too.

I read it faster than I wanted since the writer is good. Karen Mills or K. E. Mills  knows her business. But I'm sure in the last book she said the next one would be it but at the end of this one they said to be on the look out for the next one. Which I assume, since she is working on another series, it could be a while.

New On The Premises Comment and contest

Magazine "" has two contests every so often-I forget how often.  A full length contest and a mini-contest. The one mentioned at the end of the comment is a mini-contest.  In the Newsletter they always include a short writing tip and I have permission to post from the Newsletter.


Visit us on Facebook.

1) How Would You Feel if...

...if we had a special OTP issue someday that didn't have a premise? An "anything goes" issue where we asked you to send us your best unpublished story? We're tempted, but we're worried that for one issue, we'd be just like every other magazine. Plus we might get flooded with more entries than we can handle. We'll consider it, though, if enough people like the idea. If you have an opinion, please send it

2) Don't Be That Story! Part 2

Last month we introduced the idea of certain kinds of stories that drive us crazy and are always rejected. This month we discuss the "No Way!" story. These introduce critical story ideas in a way that we, as readers, just can't accept.
Any idea, no matter how crazy it is, will work if you integrate it well. Let's say a story starts like this:
One day, gravity stopped working, and everything that wasn't firmly secured to the Earth floated off into space.
I'll accept that idea because it's the story's opening line. It doesn't contradict anything the story has already said or implied. And since the story just started, I can't complain that the author hasn't thought the idea through, because I'm guessing the rest of the story handles that.
But imagine reading a story that seems to be set in the real world. It's about some high school kid with a crush on his math teacher, and there's a sub-plot involving a lost dog. Several pages in, the math teacher, who is helping the kid look for the dog, suddenly says, "I hope the dog didn't float away last week when gravity stopped working."
You can almost hear the story being slapped onto the rejection pile.
You might think no decent writer would integrate a critical idea so clumsily, but we've seen the "No Way!" problem in stories that were otherwise good enough to send to the prize judges. Here are three examples of the "No Way!" problem that are, we swear, no crazier than what we've seen in real contest entries. In otherwise well-written stories...
a) A nice, peaceful character gets harassed one time too many, and overnight, becomes a serial killer who's going to "show them all."
b) Just blocks from the White House (in today's real world), a car bomb blasts a limousine into a million pieces that fly hundreds of feet into the air. No police investigate and the incident never appears on the news.
c) After reading one book on computer hacking, a novice uses an ordinary laptop to break into the NORAD computer systems and throw the world into nuclear panic.
So, authors: please think carefully about your story ideas. Do they pass the "No Way!" test? Don't be that story!

3) Mini-Contest #13

You may not know it by its official name, but you've probably heard of the "dark and stormy night" contest where you submit the worst ever opening line of a novel (the Bulwer-Lytton contest). Since bad openings have been covered, let's talk about bad endings.
In 25 to 75 words, write the worst ending to a short story imaginable. The bad ending, by itself, has to evoke what the rest of the story was about or it might not seem so bad. (Plus it won't seem like an ending.)
One entry per author.
* We will disqualify all variations on "And then I woke up" because they're too easy!* We'll also notify you within 72 hours if we disqualify your entry for breaking this rule, and we'll give you a chance to submit something else as long as you get your entry to us by December 27.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


My novel, "Bright Lights And Chaos", is being revised.  I need to add at least 26,000 words. Right now I am in the process of redoing the ending now. Adding danger and angst.

I forget if I said this here, and I don't want to take the time to check, but it's sort of, kinda of based on Seanan McCuire's October Daye novels. My hero is half fey but she wasn't a PI to begin with, in fact she has never done anything heroic before. She has a checkered past which I am also adding to and tweaking. Her mother is somebody even higher up than Daye's mother. Hmm, I might need a better name for my hero. Right now it's Kerry Bedrosian not sure of the real spelling of that but it's close. Something more unique maybe.

Right now she's a DJ at a radio station that broadcasts into the human world and the Summerlands...I definitely need a different name for them.

Wizard Squared

By  K. E. Mills  Interesting book. So far not as bad as I feared but I'm about halfway.

Won't say much about it but from what the back says I'm afraid what's going to happen to the hero. It is the last book of a trilogy after all.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did it

Finished my novel for November write a novel mouth.  It came it at 54,011 words. without too much effort I would be able to make it 55,500 words. But I'll need at least another 26,000 at the 54 count. That might be more difficult. I got a bunch to add. Go back to add more sensory descriptions, explain a few things better, needed conversations, two maybe more scenes, more danger at the end but that probably won't quite equal 26,000.

We shall see...soon I hope but got some catching up to do with my other two novels I want done by Christmas, both of which will be late.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Face Off"

"Face Off" is the second story in a series by Mark Del Franco. The  Laura Blackstone series.

I don't want to put in too many spoilers but if you read the first one you know she has a developing romance going on. In this book it develops more but I'm almost at the end and I suspect something is going to happen to that relationship. It's going too good.  There has been a couple of hints where the problems could come up. 

Novel in November

I stated I was do NaNoWriMo , it's almost the end of Nov and I have around 47,000 words of the 50,000 we are suppose to do. The novel won't be finished when I reach 50 however. Of course since 50,000 is way too short for publishing except for perhaps the new epublishing, I will have to go back and add a bunch anyway. But the novel has to have a real ending to count, I believe, so I will finish it.

I did this a few years ago and ended up with around 54 thousand then went back and added 20 thousand some words. Still a bit on the story side. And if I ever finish going back over it yet again I will probably be adding a few thousand, with adding show and and more descriptions. It might be up there this time.

Freelancer guide

For anyone who wants to be a pro in the writing business.

This is Dean Wesley Smith's blog but he describes it and has all the relevant links.

I, at least, usually don't think of it as freelancing but I guess it is.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New post

Hey I got one follower.  Thank you, I appreciate that.

So I've been behind on my posts mostly because I be doing NaNoWRIMo which is why this post is going to be a long one, if I don't get interrupted.
For those who don't know about it more Nano at

But its 50,000 words novel in 30 days--the month of November.

And Dean at has had some interesting posts but it's heating up for him, which is really too bad. He hasn't said things that are half as bad as his detractors think they are.  But you step on people's toes and they react sometimes in not nice ways. My Pastor, Bill Chaney, well all the pastors I have had, have learned this but in their cases many of those people whose toes they step on would rather be "healed" then get angry. Sounds like not so much in Dean's case. That is really too bad as I have stated at the top. Anyway, he took down some posts that were good because of way too much hate E-mails. I hope that trend does not continue-both trends.

And I went to my local Barnes and Noble today, I have plenty of books to read but couldn't resist the 25% off coupon though. Found a new Garrett book. Hurrah. Should have that series by Glen Cook, on my favorite list. Found a Kris Longknife, by Mike Shepherd book too. Not so much on my top favorite list but a good read never the less. I do recommend it if you like space opera.

Rats, looks like No Casting Crowns or Mercy Me in the Valley this year. CC has only one concert in Calif, for the first nine months of '11. UGH.

There was more but I forget some stuff so there will be another post soon, as I recall what else I planned to say.

Oh,  looks like the story I planned to send to WotF is dead so I have to send another, probably "Sun Mining" Or "Fate At The Sun Mine" hmmm, maybe that last would be a better title. Anyway, some people think I need to redo some of it so it doesn't sound like hard SF...I don't know. I might try it anyway. It is a good, solid SF idea.


Oh yes as of right now I have appox. 28,000 words on NaNo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

When they say send in a story

Learned something new and maybe a bit encouraging. According to an assistant editor for IGMS when they say send in another story it's not just another line on a form letter-like "good luck with the story",  they mean it. They saw something in your story.

Nice to know.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Two at once, not good

Okay two different readers on different sites, who critiqued the same story for me both seem to have forgotten that not all SF has to be hard. One thought that unless I use exactly what scientists say today, I should call it space fantasy. Another one thought the opening would make readers think the story was hard SF.

Ugh...while it's possible the person who commented on the opening was right the other two must not have read that many SF stories. SF writers have been making up events, happenings, objects in space for least decades. Sometimes they have used the latest science to try to justify it--or used tech babble- while others didn't even do that.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More on McGuire's book

As much as I like her writing I have two complaints.

One is: how about a list of who is who?  I forgot, until, she reminded us readers who Danny was. And I pretty much know Conner and Dayes' daughter, the cats and Spike (You will have to read the books to find out who these are) but who are Mitch and Stacy?  I might remember tomorrow, as I said it's late, but right now I have no idea. And all of the other kids at this after sundown party--are there really that many well adjusted half feys?

Speaking of that it seems like suddenly Daye has a lot more friends. Danny is one example. Seems like they barely knew each other.

The second compliant is that now I may have to start another novel. I'm working on three all are UF, different universes though, Two I want done by Christmas and one I'm just kind playing with at work so I can write and to get the idea out of my head. While thinking back on how I think she started her last novel, with Daye going out on the town with two female friends, an idea for an opening popped into my mind.  Now I'm going to have to do it some time. Of course it could be an idea for a Short story but it feels too large for that . It may end up being the introduction of a flashback. How she got into that situation, but I haven't decided for sure.

But it is fun working out those ideas--deciding which way what character is to go etc..

A good book

If you like good writing check out "An Artificial Night" by Seanan McGuire. Its her third October Daye novel. And I need to double check on her web site but I think its her third book period.

It's a darker Urban Fantasy series about a female PI who is half fey. She sees both sides of the Fey world -there doesn't seem much of an in-between-which is why its dark.

I have already read more than I wanted to and I just started.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

John Joseph Adams

The other day I was thinking about JJA and it hit me to wonder if he now remembers my name and what he thinks of my writing? He's seen more of my stuff than even Dean Wesley Smith. So has he noticed any improvements? Wishes I would learn to write? Impressed with my determination? Two other editors have made comments my determination.

Of course this speculation doesn't help my writing at all, and most probably I will never know even though there is a chance. But this blog is for my thoughts about my writing-and a few other thing- and I spent a few minutes wondering.

So back to practice and learning.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New books

Not mine of course but when I went to Barnes and Noble last Sunday, Aug 5, I found two surprises. One was by Seanan McGuire the next one in her Daye series. Grabbed it as soon as I saw it. I must have forgotten it was supposed to be out now.  Have to wait for Butcher's next paperback and Murphy's next Walker 'till next March.

I also found a new Drake Leery book. Yea, I'm half way through it which means I'm reading it too fast. Grabbed it also

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Copy of Editor letter I sent to my local paper. It looks like they're not going to print it even though they have two more days before I totally give up.

A few words about why some of us are against the Mosque at Ground zero. It’s has nothing to do with hindering religious freedom. The imum is still free to be an Imum dissipate the negative statements he made about the US on national TV and during speeches. They can still build the mosque elsewhere. Nowhere in the constitution does it say a place of worship has to be built the first place chosen by those who want it built. Throughout the country churches have been told not there, I know of a church in Fresno that didn’t build in a certain neighborhood because those who lived there didn’t want a church nearby.

I have problems believing that the Imam really is a bridge builder. Even with the great opposition he, for some strange unknown reason, still demands it be built there. A place many consider to be part of ground zero. A part of one plane damaged the building now there. But even if only debris hit it that still would be close enough to be ground zero. I say build the new mosque as far away it takes for the extreme Muslims not to consider it a victory. 

Star Trek media

Last Sunday at Barnes and Noble I noticed two different ST images.

One was whether gross the other worth a smile, almost a giggle.

Actually the first one was intended to be humorous I think also.

It was a cover of a book entitled "Night Of The Living Trekkies". It showed a zombie dressed in a TOS costume--blue shirt.  He carried a bloody arm with a hand in the Vulcan salute.

The other pic was on a calendar titled "Humorous Faces", I think. It showed a dog with a long muzzle and tall narrow ears that stuck straight up. He was dressed in a blue TOS shirt and had what looked like short black hair combed just right between the ears.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something strange happened

Something strange just happened.

I went to for some reason and noticed a new market, nth Dimension, checked it out and thought of a story to send them.  Today while sending out some stories I decided to  send that story to them but when I went back to ralan I couldn't find it. I checked all of categories and nothing. I finally tried duotrope and using their search engine I found it. I went to their website and sure enough it was the same one I checked out earlier.

Maybe it was on another site I saw it listed or ralan's computer burped and deleted it.

Sending out stories keeps me away from writing but it has to be done. I have eights stories I sent out the last two days.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Off the internet

I think I'm going to have to take a week or two off of the internet so I will
have more time for writing. I have two stories to redo and a story or two to
finish and two stories to get ready to send out. I haven't touched either for
weeks just been working on my two novels when I've been writing at all.

Of course part of that time was a trip out of town for our anniversary. Funny
how our anniversary trips are always scheduled for the same time as the WotF

I like to think that maybe next year we will be going there for our anniversary
trip but...

I may add something to the blog during that time but that's it.
Of course  no one is reading this so it probably won't matter.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Trying to get two pages done a day on my first novel, that is the first one I started recently and some on my second each day but it hasn't been working out that way. Sometimes it's my fault, like last night I played around too much. But sometimes it's circumstances. Like having to put together a new panty. Or that is help my wife put it together.

Must be one of Murphy's Laws.

And I still haven't received any good news about my writing. Kinda of forgot about it with starting these two books but I still need some.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Writers of the Future

So WotF had their 25th anniversary book out, or that is they are taking orders. Hundreds of illustrations, how to, testimonials and I think stories.

First thought is to wonder if Dean Wesley Smith is in it,

Second thought:  oh testimonials--won't be reading those.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


John Levitt says the next Dog Days novel will be his last for a while. He's tired of working on that series and is going to do a different one. I can understand that even as I say rats, that was a good series. If anyone, who might be reading this likes to read, pick up "Dog Days" and the following novels. Good reading. His writing is getting better too.


I dreamt about writing the other night. Maybe It was wishful thinking since it had to do with a new Star Trek contest, combined with my subconscious thinking I'm not writing enough.  :)  

I wish I could recall the story. I saw only half of it but I recall thinking even though it took place in the ST universe no ST characters were in it. Which would make it easy enough to file off the numbers and make it nonST. But the only two things I can recall is that it was rather short, 3,000 to 4000 words and it had to do something with saving a colony on a planet. Don't know what planet or saving them from what. 

I recall seeing the story on my computer scene, of course the screen was different from my real life one... either one. This one was set in a desk top so I was looking down at it. I could see a page on the screen, but as I said I can't recall any of it. 

Wonder what type of story my subconscious would come up with and how its writing is. Better than mine, or worse, the same? 

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I managed also to send a E-mail to John Levitt, last night.

Last week I sent one to C. E. Murphy. Haven't heard back from her yet but she may be one of those who answers only some E-mails.

Which reminds me I need to respond to one Dean sent me about his workshops. As of right now it looks like I won't be able to go to the one I really want to go to.

Partly because of my Mother-in-Law. I have mentioned her in a couple of previous posts. I don't feel like explaining why that is a problem, it will take too long, but she is.

Stories out--88th

Managed to send out seven stories today, which includes my 88th story.

Nice if that's the that sells but....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Interesting Market

Glitch in the continuum. Love that name.

They pay only a cent a word but maybe that's al my writing in worth...if that much,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

One market's checklist

One market has a checklist they mark off with their rejection. Kinda like what Dean Wesley Smith used to do with the latter Strange New Worlds rejections. But this guy has a longer list.

Of course it wasn't what they wanted, even though they marked send another one but how many times do they not check that box?

WotF Again and again

Blew it again. So much for improved writing. Didn't even get a bookmark--don't know if that was forgetfulness or cost saving idea or so low on the writing level that I don't get one.

Don't know why they bother crossing out contestant and putting my name, it's obvious it's a form letter.

They hope I have another story, yeah right. They like bad writing.

But at least they change the form each time makes it not quite so bad having to read the same No each time

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Agents and novels

If anyone is reading this and if anyone of you are writing And/or written a book pay attention.

You really need to read the discussion on Under or below his free story post.

The post dealing with rule myths. Agents, they are a-changing and not for the good.

it sounds like more and more it's better to use a lawyer. There are still some agents and they are helping some new writers but as I said they are a-changing.

Double check any agents you want to do business with and remember they work for you not you for them

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Different stuff has a great post on his blog, another chapter in his Killing sacred cows-myths series. Dealing with rules about publishing, writing and such.

Been working on one of my novels, still not sure why I don't want to finish my fantasy. Been sitting too long, too much work having to redo the first half of the book with what I have learned about grammar and action and the five senses since I started It or???

Anyway, I'n excited about the book I'm doing now. It's flowing so much. I'm on vacation and am able to do thousands of words but when I get back to work next week Tuesday, day after the fifth which is the day after The Fourth, I'm going to have to sacrifice short story time to get it done. Modifying a Dean hint two pages a day on the novel should do it. I hope I can get my self to do it. I figure I will have maybe 24,000 words come next Tuesday. 20 to 28 anyway, :)   So another 60,000 to 80,000 words more to go.

I know the ending but not the middle...yet. I may by the time I get there.

I have three or four stories to go back over too and another two started. I would like to work on some of them also.

Got another didn't grab me for F&SF today, sooner then usual. Got another three to six stories to send them, not counting the ones I'm still working on.

Maybe one of them....maybe not

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Market--Flash Urban Fantasy

Looked over a new market today, they pay only ten dollars a story-maybe more once they figure things out-and they want all types of fantasy including something called Aether and UF.

So I thought well why not a flash urban fantasy, now I'm going to have to write it. Even at 1,000 words ten dollars would be less than three cent a word but I might try them anyway. Esp, if I can make it 500 words.

I thought it may not be easy to get everything UF is in flash but with the idea that popped into my mind maybe it will be.

But do I want Elves, humans, demons etc. playing strip poker? How could you tell with some of those creatures? Some people would enjoy it but maybe I don't know, maybe just a friendly game of regular poker.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More ideas and novel

If anyone is following these more info.

I mention my mind seemed to be working on an idea for yet another Urban fantasy. The one about a team. So today I had to work on that idea. I managed to get some other writing done, but spent time on that idea. I got a team of seven people who work by themselves. Actually there are ten in the company but three are office workers and come and go.

I think I spent too much time explaining each person's powers, I may change some of them anyway. Not sure if super speed for short periods is really the type of powers I wanted. Maybe with a trick or some such.

And while reading a new book by Huff I came up with my own idea for the same type of situation. Of course my characters may be more moral when it comes to sex. That is the first book I almost put down because of the sexual activities of the characters. Bisexual incest at least with cousins but hints it could be even closer. So far there's no reason for it, just extra stuff that may have to do with the characters but have no purpose in the story. So far anyway. I skimmed past most of the beginning and finally get into the real part of the tale. It was a long introduction.

Anyway that makes now around ten UF ideas. Probably more. My inner muse seems to be stuck on UF.

Speaking of the novel. I managed to write a bit in one and a bunch in another. Since I'm working on the novels on my laptop I had to transfer the older chapters of both novels to the laptop. Actually good thing I did. Not only so that I will know the names of my characters in the Storm Born novel but I found out I hadn't finished chapter two. I decided to do a word count with four and a half chapters when I discovered I had only 900 some words in chapter two. Oops, so I worked on that chapter today. I think its over 2,000 0r 3,000 words now. I also managed to work some on chapter 5 but time to finish chapter two first.

I seem to have about 18,000 to 20,000 words so far. So another 15 chapters t least unless I can make some of them significantly longer.

Double PS

At least if I do go back over that novel I can add words it it. It's about 72-76 thousand words long. Adding Show and sensory-the all five senses every two pages thing-details would help make it longer. I figure I could make it over 80,000 words maybe 85.

And on my way driving around town last night I started to come up with another urban fantasy idea. This one involves a team. That seems to be the new rage. Laura Anne Gillman has done it, Simon Green now has a book out or will soon be out, about a Team working against the supernatural. I read part of the first chapter and that may be what got my mind working on the idea. I thought including a guy can do more than she should be able to do, perhaps he is hundreds of years old and is actual a well known mage but who hasn't been seen for ages. But that seems too cliche-ish. I may put in a guy who is a student and/or son of the guy so even though he knows more than he lets on he still isn't a Master. That could explain why he disappears every so often--his teacher calls him for another lesson.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One more post

Started my vacation. I had planned to work on my novel "Freewater Threat" it badly needs grammar lessons, and other nitpicks fixed. But as I was going over the third chapter I see it also needs more Show so it's going to take a lot longer to fix. Maybe that's one reasons Dean says to keep working on new stuff. Fixing old stuff takes too much time.

After finishing a Green's latest the spy who wore a torc novel I want to finish one of my urban fantasies but I also started a story last night. Should be short and I know most of what will happen. But not sure how the MC changes. (I still don't get why that is so important) and today I have errands to run so little actual writing time. Plus I played too much this morning and took a short nap. Didn't get as much sleep last night as usual.

I wanted to work on the old book, at least one new book and a story or thee per day-I still have two stories written at work that need going over- but so far only worked on the old novel once and a couple of stories.

Will be working on the new story-one market wants exploding spaceship and such, I'll give him some- so an idea popped into my head last night. I barely had time to start it. See if I have time later to work a novel--I still need to do a crit for Critters.

WotF Again

WotF posted the winners of the First Quarter on the blog. Of course I knew that already since they sent a Newsletter a few days ago. Maybe now they will begin posting the HMs for the second quarter. I think that's the one I'm in.

As I've said before I think they are taking longer than usual.

Speaking of them, Dean Wesley Smith is now going to be one of the judges. I wonder if after all this time if he would recognize my writing.

I'll be sending out my next entry June 29, it should get postmarked before the 30th.

Stories out

Sent out 12 stories yesterday. That made it about 15 out. Not as many as I have had out, 22 at least is my record.

Well, make that 14 out now. One story came back already, it wasn't even out half a day. Must have been really bad.

That's the bad thing about having stories out.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I wonder

Dean mentioned in an Email response that I am doing better with my grammar. I wondered how he would know. He hasn't seen one of my stories for something like three years. Of course I do post notes on his blog. Some are a little on the long side. That's probably how. But I also thought of two other ways.

It doesn't really matter that much--I appreciate the word of encouragement, just makes me go hmmm.

I did save the E-mail so I could reread it a couple of times.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another WotF

Boy, are they taking their time.  Keep expecting a phone call to ask my permission to place by name on the blog or the rejection.

I do hope its the first and that this time I go beyond HM. I've been there three maybe four times time to go beyond that stage.

A SF song

  by  a Janis Ian.  All info is here with the song.


Neat song

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writers read this blog

If you're thinking of giving up or not even, it talks about the new publishing.  Good stuff and deserves a Wow

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something nice

Well two people on the Baen's Bar forum have stated my last story shows improvement. That's something. Not the Good News I want but something.

Now if a editor who can my one of my stories would say that. Or I get some good news from this quarter's WotF contest. That is the one they are judging right now

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maybe not

Well, well learned something on about older stories. So instead of waiting until I hit 100 stories all unsold then placing them on free sites, I may try to going through Kindle and a couple of other like minded sites. No cost to me but at least some of the stories may sell. Make me a little money and the stories get out and read.

Of course I would have to edit them, talk about someone, who is his own lawyer, having an idiot for a client. Not sure when I would have the time to that even if that was a good idea.

I could bundle the stories and sell them as a set. Maybe five or so. I may have twenty easily. He says wait' till you have twenty to twenty-five rejections and even though some stories do have that many I do it around 18 rejections or have twenty as the high side.

If I can find the time to edit them I could start now instead of waiting.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Any novel writers here??

Hey, if anyone is reading this and of any of you are thinking of doing a novel or have done one or more you all need to read

He has some excellent advice and the responses to his posts are worth the price of admission by themselves. A whole lot of reading but the points he makes and the testimonies make it worth it.

Snort Dean Wesley's Smith's new busted myth

He deals with the myth of how many fiction writers can make a living at it.

A whole lot of ugly numbers there but the amount is way over 300 as the myth says.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Another Writers of the Future post.

They should be judging the current contest but nothing yet on their blog. Joni must be busy, actaully she probably is with that 25th anniversary book. So there may not be any comments until she posts the first of the Honorable Mentions.

I keep expecting to find their rejection when I get home, but I hope I get another phone call.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another PS

Concerning Dean and his myths of rejections. I implied this before but no matter how many times he says rejections are because of the story nit fitting the magazine's needs They do reject stories for bad writing. As I said I think I understand why he doesn't say that, by what he has stated about good and bad writing, but it still doesn't contradict what I said.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

PS to last post

I resent having to put in all that effort to do something I can't see the why of and which probably won't do any good with my writing.

Another opening vent

I have to do it again. Can't use was or had. How in hell do you do a short flashback without had. And as a reader I still don't see what is so bad with using was, had etc..

Sometimes using active verbs makes it a touch better, but not all the time, but so what? It's just a touch better like spending an extra ten hours on a forty hour job building a house, just to add a bit of fancy scroll work above the front door. It looks sightly better but is it really worth all that extra pain and work?

Evidently editors think so.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Editors reject???

  Dean-Dean Wesley Smith: has another excellent post on killing sacred cows on his blog.  this one has to do with why editors reject stories and novels.

Of course there's one thing he didn't say as a reason but I think I know why he chooses not to talk about bad writing.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I thought

I was leaving urban fantasy for a while-go to space opera- but nope.

I wrote one flash that is probably urban fantasy or something related to it, and am working on another one and today I came up with another idea. This idea is darker than my usual UF with vengeance and some blood and guts. Of course it fits more with much UF.

But even though I know the beginning, mostly and the end I'm not sure about the middle. And while working it over in my head I changed the POV.  Wonder if I dare do a double POV story. Those have been done before but can I do it. On the other hand can I do any type of POV. In that sense it doesn't matter. 

Oh well we shall see.


Monday, April 26, 2010

I hate openings

I have another story I tried to start but I can't get past the first couple of sentences. Can't use Was or had or any -ing word. Still not sure why. Can't be too complicated. I hate that.


New Laptop

Well, praise the Lord. I now have a newer laptop. Already been using it at work, starting too stories. I know how one ends, pretty much but the other one is just a beginning. I have a couple ideas of how it goes but nothing for sure yet.

The first one, hopefully, will be an exciting starfighter story.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I was wrong and right about the last story to Way. He did get it and read it, part of it anyway, after all. But as predicted the writing was lousy.

Not sure if I can wait until I have one hundred stories before giving up.

I need some good news concerning my writing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another comic

wish I could collect some of those I missed

and I saw that if I wanted to I could have that placed on a mug.

Maybe if I ever sell another story

Saturday, April 17, 2010

And same

for Dreams of Decadence. I sent in my story the second to the last day they were accepting E-mailed stories but must have gotten there too late some how.

Don't know if I will send them any other stories, still don't the name of the magazine.


Just had the realization that JJA probably isn't taking his time deciding on my last story.  It's in very bad shape so there's no reason for him to take his time.So he either didn't get it or deleted it for some reason. Maybe it got there too late even though it should be have made it where he is.

Monday, April 12, 2010

More on TEA party

Someone wants to crash the TEA Party groups to make them look bad. He called them fakes, racist, morons etc.. But the description he gives doesn't fit any group. and those that would join a TEA party group for any length of time will find that out.

Of course they are only morons because they want lower taxes, less government intrusion in their everyday lives and he wants all that. Other than that they come from many backgrounds.


Both JJA at Way of wizard and the one of two people at F&SF seem to be taking their time. It's taking longer this time for both markets. Someone must be busy or have a day off or some such at F&SF. JJA is probably busy with a bunch of last minute manuscripts and his magazine.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Political post-wrong side is blamed

I try to keep these down to a minimum since this is a writing blog but at the same time I don't say Musings for no reason. I have stated that the water situation in the Central Valley of Calif. is bad mainly because of the overdoing of laws which the Democrats are responsible for they don't care how many people are hurt or out of work or traditions or how much of the US and the world we feed. All they care about is their dogma.

Anyway for today's post:   It's bad out there the way the Democrat party and extreme leftists are trying to bad name the TEA party. The name means Taxed Enough Already and it fits with their main purpose. They are not racists or mean or violent.

They are the one that have videos showing the leftists doing things like throwing eggs at moving busses calling names etc not the other way around.


A book I like

I've been meaning to do more of these but I finally got to this.

I’m reading the second October Daye book by Seanan McCuire. Very good. The first book was nicely done and I think this one was written even better. And I don’t know if it was done on purpose or if it’s me but I think it’s less dark than the first one. 

Seanan has set up an interesting world with the Fey being hidden from ordinary humans. Even though not in all cases for the are half fey running around all over the place and three fourths fey etc. 

As I said this book seems to be less dark. One reason for that maybe that she isn’t dealing with fabian(?) type of half way houses for half fey. And her MC seems to be happier or at least not dealing with so much depressing stuff in her personal life. 

But the opening reminds me of Murphy’s MC’s Walker. They just kinda dressed almost the same and going out clubbing. And as I was thinking about doing a very short down time, I felt like the McCuire’s writing resembled Murphy’s. Almost like Murphy Ghost wrote it or they went to the same writings school- read the writing same books or both writers are the same person. Which I kinda doubt, they both have the completely different web sites with personal histories etc.. It could be the same writing books because what I noticed were scenes and MC difficulties that could be in any book.  


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

14 more stories

Fourteen more stories to go to reach 100. Not counting the Star Trek stories and a bunch of practice stories. 150 plus in that case.

But in either case I decided that's it. No sell or at least an almost sell and I will start putting my stories on a free site. Of course I will have to send out that 100th story a few times, probably six but maybe seven.

Great post on improving your writing Scroll down to the Myth Writers don't need practice post if need be

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gotta work on one of my novels

I still need to decide for sure to work on my novels on certain days: like Monday nights and Friday afternoons and night.

The other day I was working through some ending scenes in my mind for my Storm Born novel-I might make that the Storm Born series but title the book something different like Self Blinded or He Can See Things or??- anyway I changed the ending I had in my mind. But the only problem is that I still haven't figured out how my MC survives three lighting strikes, almost as one. The way I made him that might be possible but I need to come up with something. He might get thrown across a large warehouse, with junk piled on top of him.

But the biggest problem is that I have just started chpt 2 and don't know how to get to the end.

And I still no sure if he should be an established PI or this is his first case-the one that gets him going. ANd I'm still not sure how he discovers the body the novel starts with.

Something different

  This has nothing to do with writing but I noticed in Parade magazine- -that fly casting is becoming a popular sport. The guy in the magazine was dressed like a NASCAR driver because of all the names he advertised.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


 I need some good news for my writing. Last time I said that like this I got some little good news, but this time little won't do. I need some really good news. Maybe get to the level past the Honorable Mentions on the current WotF contest I've entered. But even with my improved writing I'm getting no where there. Of course the best news would be to place, at least in third. I may not be able to go to the awards dinner or the workshop they have for winners-we will have to see- but that would great fantastic news.

Or have a pro editor say something nice about one of my stories. I got one three years ago, and other writes get comments so I should be able to also if my writing was getting anywhere.

Or God could surprise me with something unique. Whatever the case I need some good news.


Again I feel close to the end of sending out stories. Time to see if I can find someplace I like better than

Monday, March 8, 2010


Looks like the two new readers or assistant editors at Fantasy and Science Fiction are as tough as JJA was. The new guy, can't think of his name right now-seems to be a bit faster then the gal. I think she has been around longer though. Or as sent me rejections before anyway.

Looks like I have only a couple of more stories to send them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More rejections

Got three more, one says they enjoyed reading my story, yeah right.

Yeah, I know another form letter where they were trying to be nice but they really enjoy lousy writing?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stories sent in

Only problem with sending stories out is that rejections come back. Of course my stories don't fit they needs right now, my writing never fits their needs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I said I would mention some books I like. The latest from John Levitt, "Unleashed", is great. I think his writing as significantly improved since his first book and this is just his third book.  If you haven't get "Dog Days" an Urban Fantasy.

Than there is "The Calling" by David Mack. Not bad at all.

Marl Del Fronco's two series.

C.E. Murphy's next one is coming out next month, which is good.

And Jim Butcher's second to last one will finally be out in paperback next month. Takes his publisher long enough.

And there's Travis S. Taylor's series. Evidently I skipped the first one in that series but if you like war stories this one is for you.


  The water situation isn't going well for the West side farmers in Central Calf.

Feinstein said she had a plan to help delivery some water but of course the Environmentalists are ganging up on her even for that little bit of water. Well, more than a little bit but not much more. She supposedly is going to ignore them, which everyone should do, and if she does the cheers will be more than the jeers. But it will be the first time she or any other Democrat has done anything to help the farmers and the tens of thousands of out of work farm workers and little people farmers.

At least a Letter to the eitor

Another letter published in my local paper. It's a comment about what Leonard Pitts Jr. said in a column. First a link to the column next one to my letter.

More about my writing

I've been trying to write pro, for about five years.  Three or so years when I sold the story, another story was placed on the Alt list which means the writing was good enough to sell but they rejected it for another reason. In this case that would have been the first story they bought. Only one story per writer in each anthology.

I also had one that was close and around the same time I wrote a story that John Joseph Adams over at F&SF wrote a personal note about. There were one or two other stories that did better but as I've said before since than nothing. I can't even get close.

I have 82 stories that I am sending out, not counting the Star Trek stories(Twenty to thirty) and few others not meant for prime time.


Saturday, February 20, 2010


I hate it when he does that.  Sometimes JJA isn't as quick as he usually is. When it gets to be over two weeks, I start thinking that he is at least reading my story second time, and maybe I will get a second note from him, but as usual I forget it's my writing so nothing.

Monday, February 15, 2010


  Now I have 23 out, had 24 until a minute ago. But now I have something to send to Asimov's than Analog.

It would be nice if I can send something along with the one I will send to one of those two. Maybe the next one to F&SF.


Still working on turning lead into Gold even though it's taking way too long

Thursday, February 11, 2010


 I managed to send in a bunch of stories so with the one or three I already had out I now I have 22 out. Haven't had that many for a quite a while.

But already got two back. A new guy at F&SF is as fast as the other assis editors. And of course he rejected my story.

New Myth seems to want to break F&SF records for getting stories back.

But no word from Way Of Wizard. JJA must be busy or on vacation.

This weekend I plan to send out two more stories including another one to F&SF see if the same guy rejects the story or not.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Could be about writing

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


  Now RL has intervened in something that isn't writing.  Me and my wife were planning a trip soon, but someone stopped it because she is projecting onto us her bad experience with vacations. And she isn't listening when we try to explain that she is wrong. Of course I didn't use the words you're wrong but the examples and
explanation I tried to give showed she was. But she is just going by her experiences.


Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't know

Now I don't rather I should start a story with "An arm reached out of a shallow pile of dirt and debris." Or "His arm reached out from the shallow pile of dirt and debris".

Nor do I know if I ever will know or if it's worth knowing.

Makes me want to just go to a free site where I don't have to worry about how editors think

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Got to finish the story I'm working on. It's way longer than I wanted it to be but I guess it will do, I'll just send it to F&SF.

But now I want to start on that other idea, finally a SF idea but it would be a novel not a short story. want that laptop I need to be blessed with.

L. E.
Trying to turn lead into Gold

Friday, January 15, 2010

Need Good News

I really could use some good news about my writing. I said that for most of last year and still nothing. Well, that was a couple of small happenings that could be small good news. One small online market waited until the last round before rejecting my story. I have no idea how many rounds they have but it's something at least.

Way too little but still better than a sharp stick in the eye as the used to say.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals for '10

I was reading a blog by a pro -he has 90 books published- he posted a ten part series on motivation. Part of that had to do with setting writing goals. His idea is
(This is just a short paraphrase of some of what he said about setting goals.)

Find Your Dream. Something big like being on a top best seller list for forty weeks.
Figure a Smaller Five Year Dream.  Something like publishing five books in five years. According to him that is out of your control since an editor has to buy those books, but something to work toward.
Set Your Yearly Goal.  This is in your control completely. Set how many words you want to write and plan on how many per day that you would have to write to make that number. Part of that is planning on not writing every day, since things come up. maybe only three fourths of the number of days in the year.
Set Your Weekly Writing, Mailing, and Learning Goals. This is your focus, every one week or better yet every day. Set up what you want to do every day plan it around family and work etc. And remember that every week is a fresh start. Be realistic but at the same time push yourself. Figure in time for learning the storytelling craft but do not include that in your writing time. he says that if you can do three pages a day or six pages half of the days in a year you can do three novels in one year. That would be a whole lot of short stories. Don't think that much about your big dream and focus on each week.
I haven't thought out my complete goals yet since I have to decide on what I can realistic do in a day. But I have already completed one goal for '10. I started a writing blog of my own.

Right now my big dream goal is to write a novel that someone can't put down. I am reading two like that right now and I want readers to feel that way about one of mine. An aside here but one of those two is by a writer with only three books out. His writing, never bad, has significantly improved with each novel. I think he's going to be up there with the greats if he keeps going as he is. On top of that he is in a band.

This goal is under my control for I can practice and at the same time do what I can to learn the writing craft thereby working toward that goal. I may have to set aside certain days to just work on novels though. I used to have enough time to work on both novels and short stories but my wife is now working on her online craft business, she has joined an online craft group also. But I can use the time she is online to read writing books,  plus some chores around the house.

That makes it hard to set a certain number of word or pages though.  Bu if I did that it could help me fight procrastination when I don't feel like writing.
I haven't thought out my complete goals yet since I have to decide on what I can realistic do in a day. But I have already completed one goal for '10. I started a writing blog of my own.

Right now my big dream goal is to write a novel that someone can't put down. I am reading two like that right now and I want readers to feel that way about one of mine. An aside here but one of those two is by a writer with only three books out. His writing, never bad, has significantly improved with each novel. I think he's going to be up there with the greats if he keeps going as he is. On top of that he is in a band.

This goal is under my control for I can practice and at the same time do what I can to learn the writing craft thereby working toward that goal. I may have to set aside certain days to just work on novels though. I used to have enough time to work on both novels and short stories but my wife is now working on her online craft business, she has joined an online craft group also. But I can use the time she is online to read writing books,  plus some chores around the house.

That makes it hard to set a certain number of word or pages though.  But if I did that it could help me fight procrastination when I don't feel like writing.                                                              Trying to turn lead into Gold  LD                                                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Glimmer Train

Don't know why I keep sending them stories. My improved writing doesn't impress them either.

So much for improvement.

L. E.
Trying to turn lead into Gold


well, well I came up with two ideas today, which for me isn't unusual.

The first one is a story I was working on at work. A space opera story where a third officer has to take over a warship to escape a tarp. Today I thought that would make a good novel, so I might use that story as the proloque. The third officer is now an admiral in a war that has been going on for twenty years with three breaks. A 14 month break, a 4 year break and a 5 year and 5 month break. All of that is subject to change.

Second idea is another urban fantasy Originally I was thinking of a guy sort of, kinda like Wren in Gilman's series but maybe I will make him a normal human who is working with two-brother sister- fantasy beings. Not vampires not werewolves but two of another kind that I haven't seen used as a main character like this. He is their go between or the one who deals with other humans for them as well as friend and co-adventurer. Maybe they are secret because humans don't know about their kind or they are known but are on the fringe or they separate themselves from humans living in their own areas. Except for certain ones, including this brother and sister. Of course they have some powers. As before this is subject to change if I ever get to writing a novel about them.

L. E.
Trying to turn lead into Gold

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

WotF 2

I've been sending in stuff to WotF for few years. Back When God blessed me with the one sale, I also got a story in the Honorable Mentions at WotF and I've gotten two more since but none for a while.

L. E.
Trying to turn lead into Gold

Monday, January 4, 2010


For those who don't know, if any of those are reading this. WotF is Writers Of The Future. I have a link to their web site on the side.

Gotten three Honorable Mentions over the years but looks like That's it. Even when my writing is supposedly better and my story has been gone over by people who know something about writing I can't get even that far anymore.

On the rejection they say they hope I send in another story.  With my writing, Yeah right. I know its a form letter and they're trying to be nice but come on.

I will send in another but I don't know why. I just can't write anymore

L. E.
Trying to turn lead into Gold

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Second Post

I forgot to say that I will also be posting news about writing. That includes sites or magazines that teach writing.

My first story published is "A Taste Of Spam" in Strange New Worlds Ten. I say that it is the fourth best story in the book.

Lastly for this post: At times I will be adding some comments about the water war going in the Central Valley of Calif. Farmers and farm workers are having a very bad time because the federal government is restricting water to protect a two inch fish that is not endangered, that you can get by the bucket load in other states, that nine other "stressors" are killing more of than the Fed pumps.

L. E.
Trying to turn lead into Gold


I'm a writer with one short story published. I tend to want to vent when writing and getting published isn't going well. I also post writing good news. I'm fifty plus years old with a wife and daughter.

Links and such will be upcoming.

L. E.
Trying to turn lead into Gold