Saturday, July 24, 2010


I dreamt about writing the other night. Maybe It was wishful thinking since it had to do with a new Star Trek contest, combined with my subconscious thinking I'm not writing enough.  :)  

I wish I could recall the story. I saw only half of it but I recall thinking even though it took place in the ST universe no ST characters were in it. Which would make it easy enough to file off the numbers and make it nonST. But the only two things I can recall is that it was rather short, 3,000 to 4000 words and it had to do something with saving a colony on a planet. Don't know what planet or saving them from what. 

I recall seeing the story on my computer scene, of course the screen was different from my real life one... either one. This one was set in a desk top so I was looking down at it. I could see a page on the screen, but as I said I can't recall any of it. 

Wonder what type of story my subconscious would come up with and how its writing is. Better than mine, or worse, the same? 

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