Wednesday, April 22, 2015


A new number appeared on my list of members or followers so I checked out to see if I had a new follower. There seemed to be one extra so hey good. But tonight one seems to be missing. So did I gain and lose a follower? I don't know. The different number thing happened one time before and I'm not sure if I ever figured out why.

But I did find two, maybe three, followers I didn't recall and may never have said welcome and thanks for joining. I couldn't find a date of joining or how long a member number so I'm not sure if any are new or not. If I am way late I'm sorry should have caught it sooner.

But in any case.  Welcome to any that could be new and thanks for coming by and thanks for those who have stuck around for years in some cases.  I appreciate that.

I could use a few more followers and as I said I appreciate new and old ones.