Thursday, June 24, 2010

More ideas and novel

If anyone is following these more info.

I mention my mind seemed to be working on an idea for yet another Urban fantasy. The one about a team. So today I had to work on that idea. I managed to get some other writing done, but spent time on that idea. I got a team of seven people who work by themselves. Actually there are ten in the company but three are office workers and come and go.

I think I spent too much time explaining each person's powers, I may change some of them anyway. Not sure if super speed for short periods is really the type of powers I wanted. Maybe with a trick or some such.

And while reading a new book by Huff I came up with my own idea for the same type of situation. Of course my characters may be more moral when it comes to sex. That is the first book I almost put down because of the sexual activities of the characters. Bisexual incest at least with cousins but hints it could be even closer. So far there's no reason for it, just extra stuff that may have to do with the characters but have no purpose in the story. So far anyway. I skimmed past most of the beginning and finally get into the real part of the tale. It was a long introduction.

Anyway that makes now around ten UF ideas. Probably more. My inner muse seems to be stuck on UF.

Speaking of the novel. I managed to write a bit in one and a bunch in another. Since I'm working on the novels on my laptop I had to transfer the older chapters of both novels to the laptop. Actually good thing I did. Not only so that I will know the names of my characters in the Storm Born novel but I found out I hadn't finished chapter two. I decided to do a word count with four and a half chapters when I discovered I had only 900 some words in chapter two. Oops, so I worked on that chapter today. I think its over 2,000 0r 3,000 words now. I also managed to work some on chapter 5 but time to finish chapter two first.

I seem to have about 18,000 to 20,000 words so far. So another 15 chapters t least unless I can make some of them significantly longer.

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