Thursday, March 11, 2010


 I need some good news for my writing. Last time I said that like this I got some little good news, but this time little won't do. I need some really good news. Maybe get to the level past the Honorable Mentions on the current WotF contest I've entered. But even with my improved writing I'm getting no where there. Of course the best news would be to place, at least in third. I may not be able to go to the awards dinner or the workshop they have for winners-we will have to see- but that would great fantastic news.

Or have a pro editor say something nice about one of my stories. I got one three years ago, and other writes get comments so I should be able to also if my writing was getting anywhere.

Or God could surprise me with something unique. Whatever the case I need some good news.


Again I feel close to the end of sending out stories. Time to see if I can find someplace I like better than

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