Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maybe not

Well, well learned something on about older stories. So instead of waiting until I hit 100 stories all unsold then placing them on free sites, I may try to going through Kindle and a couple of other like minded sites. No cost to me but at least some of the stories may sell. Make me a little money and the stories get out and read.

Of course I would have to edit them, talk about someone, who is his own lawyer, having an idiot for a client. Not sure when I would have the time to that even if that was a good idea.

I could bundle the stories and sell them as a set. Maybe five or so. I may have twenty easily. He says wait' till you have twenty to twenty-five rejections and even though some stories do have that many I do it around 18 rejections or have twenty as the high side.

If I can find the time to edit them I could start now instead of waiting.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Any novel writers here??

Hey, if anyone is reading this and of any of you are thinking of doing a novel or have done one or more you all need to read

He has some excellent advice and the responses to his posts are worth the price of admission by themselves. A whole lot of reading but the points he makes and the testimonies make it worth it.

Snort Dean Wesley's Smith's new busted myth

He deals with the myth of how many fiction writers can make a living at it.

A whole lot of ugly numbers there but the amount is way over 300 as the myth says.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Another Writers of the Future post.

They should be judging the current contest but nothing yet on their blog. Joni must be busy, actaully she probably is with that 25th anniversary book. So there may not be any comments until she posts the first of the Honorable Mentions.

I keep expecting to find their rejection when I get home, but I hope I get another phone call.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another PS

Concerning Dean and his myths of rejections. I implied this before but no matter how many times he says rejections are because of the story nit fitting the magazine's needs They do reject stories for bad writing. As I said I think I understand why he doesn't say that, by what he has stated about good and bad writing, but it still doesn't contradict what I said.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

PS to last post

I resent having to put in all that effort to do something I can't see the why of and which probably won't do any good with my writing.

Another opening vent

I have to do it again. Can't use was or had. How in hell do you do a short flashback without had. And as a reader I still don't see what is so bad with using was, had etc..

Sometimes using active verbs makes it a touch better, but not all the time, but so what? It's just a touch better like spending an extra ten hours on a forty hour job building a house, just to add a bit of fancy scroll work above the front door. It looks sightly better but is it really worth all that extra pain and work?

Evidently editors think so.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Editors reject???

  Dean-Dean Wesley Smith: has another excellent post on killing sacred cows on his blog.  this one has to do with why editors reject stories and novels.

Of course there's one thing he didn't say as a reason but I think I know why he chooses not to talk about bad writing.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I thought

I was leaving urban fantasy for a while-go to space opera- but nope.

I wrote one flash that is probably urban fantasy or something related to it, and am working on another one and today I came up with another idea. This idea is darker than my usual UF with vengeance and some blood and guts. Of course it fits more with much UF.

But even though I know the beginning, mostly and the end I'm not sure about the middle. And while working it over in my head I changed the POV.  Wonder if I dare do a double POV story. Those have been done before but can I do it. On the other hand can I do any type of POV. In that sense it doesn't matter. 

Oh well we shall see.