Sunday, December 12, 2010

Writing and reading

I am working on my NaNo novel redoing the ending as I think I mentioned. I thought it would be a few hundred words but I may be adding a few thousand. I thought it would be neat to add 1,500 to bring it up to 55,500 words. But by the time I get done with the new ending I'll be way past that.

That's good for I won't have to add so much but as I said it goes beyond 55,500.

I am reading a short story anthology be David Weber. It might be the only true short story anthology he does. His idea of a short story isn't.  But that's okay.

The first story in the book is nice and reminds me of some of the older stuff I've read but I also think he broke some or what are considered writing rules for today. That's doesn't make the story bad. But it might be a good thing he didn't try to publish that one first.

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