Monday, October 11, 2010

When they say send in a story

Learned something new and maybe a bit encouraging. According to an assistant editor for IGMS when they say send in another story it's not just another line on a form letter-like "good luck with the story",  they mean it. They saw something in your story.

Nice to know.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Two at once, not good

Okay two different readers on different sites, who critiqued the same story for me both seem to have forgotten that not all SF has to be hard. One thought that unless I use exactly what scientists say today, I should call it space fantasy. Another one thought the opening would make readers think the story was hard SF.

Ugh...while it's possible the person who commented on the opening was right the other two must not have read that many SF stories. SF writers have been making up events, happenings, objects in space for least decades. Sometimes they have used the latest science to try to justify it--or used tech babble- while others didn't even do that.  

Saturday, October 2, 2010

More on McGuire's book

As much as I like her writing I have two complaints.

One is: how about a list of who is who?  I forgot, until, she reminded us readers who Danny was. And I pretty much know Conner and Dayes' daughter, the cats and Spike (You will have to read the books to find out who these are) but who are Mitch and Stacy?  I might remember tomorrow, as I said it's late, but right now I have no idea. And all of the other kids at this after sundown party--are there really that many well adjusted half feys?

Speaking of that it seems like suddenly Daye has a lot more friends. Danny is one example. Seems like they barely knew each other.

The second compliant is that now I may have to start another novel. I'm working on three all are UF, different universes though, Two I want done by Christmas and one I'm just kind playing with at work so I can write and to get the idea out of my head. While thinking back on how I think she started her last novel, with Daye going out on the town with two female friends, an idea for an opening popped into my mind.  Now I'm going to have to do it some time. Of course it could be an idea for a Short story but it feels too large for that . It may end up being the introduction of a flashback. How she got into that situation, but I haven't decided for sure.

But it is fun working out those ideas--deciding which way what character is to go etc..

A good book

If you like good writing check out "An Artificial Night" by Seanan McGuire. Its her third October Daye novel. And I need to double check on her web site but I think its her third book period.

It's a darker Urban Fantasy series about a female PI who is half fey. She sees both sides of the Fey world -there doesn't seem much of an in-between-which is why its dark.

I have already read more than I wanted to and I just started.