Sunday, October 14, 2012

NaNo 2012

Okay, it's about that time.   Time to write a 50,000 word novel in one month, November.

I signed up and all that for this year so it's official.

They want you to title and describe the novel.  Oops, hadn't even thought of a title. After a few seconds of thought I came up with one that sort of fits. But it's not in concrete so I might change it.

For more info go here,   NaNo

A copy of my synopsis

I placed this in Fantasy but I believe it might be considered a cross genre novel. All related though. Urban Fantasy, paranormal, and myth. 

It's a story of what Santa Claus does during the rest of the year. It's not making toys. More of an adult novel which doesn't mean he chases girls and smokes stuff but there will be fighting, chases, evil bad guys, death, magic, some adult beverages and a few other related ingredients that I will come up with as I write...and no long sentences.  :)

Oh yes, not all bad guys are evil. Some think they are doing good, some know they are evil and like it or don't care. 

Updates along the way. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Write

I do this type of post so rare that I forget what I've called the others or how many I have.
I'll try to remember this title.


For at least a couple of years I've known that you are suppose to make your hero work at solving problems, situations and dangers. There have been times during the first revision I decide oops that is too easy, so I make it harder. Now there I seem to be doing it even more.

The reason for this is something that David Farland said. I can't find the exact quote right now, thought it would be easy to find but I looked through his web site and I couldn't find it, I apologize for not having a link to it.

But he said to make your MC work. For some reason that seems to have gotten inside of me and as I said up above I find myself making my MC work even harder not to mention putting him or her or it in danger.

So the place he said could be in

Or in one of his Daily Kicks--Short for Kick In The Pants. A note he sends out saying something about writing. It says Daily Kick but it's not...daily. Sometimes it is, a time or two he has sent out more than one in a day but when he's super busy it could be two to five days between kicks.

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