Monday, October 6, 2014

The next Rod tale plus three science Fiction stories this time.

Okay, I finally got to my Rod’s tales. One new 749 word tale this time.  A somewhat different adventure this time and I hope we learn a tiny bit more of who Rod is. I may have said this before. If it is a repeat, pardon me, I want to make sure I get it said. If I remembered my takes correctly I have over 21 already. The thing is at least six are on paper and I need to type them onto my computer. So when I do that I will print up the tales-22 to 25 of them-in an E-book as I said I would. That day is probably closer than I originally thought. Last time, or the time before, I also stated that I would be doing only a section of the next story because it would over 3,000 words long, but as it turns out I haven’t reached that point yet. Maybe next time.  

This time around though I also added three Science Fiction stories to my story page. I had been thinking of adding a new one and it just sort of worked out for these three. 

Two of them--the first and last of this batch--are older tales which I wrote five to six years ago. Over the years I learned more about writing and revised them once and two or three times in the other case. Before posting them, I went over them again to add what I hope make them read better. However, even with the revisions they are not my best. At the same time I think they are solid stories you might enjoy. Each of these three are Science Fiction. I must add though, that even though I tried, more than likely they could use some help with nitpicks and commas. I worked on those two problems, but I assume I didn't catch everything--which I apologize for. All together they are around 6,000 words. 

Story Two is a special one--I wrote it for a very recent “Talk Like A Pirate Day.” And to add to the unique nature of it, on a whim I decided to add some halfway hidden references to other stories in published worlds. I have noticed that even pros will do that, so I thought I would give it a try. They name no names, but at times it easy to figure out what is meant. That is why I decided to place the story here instead of sending it to any markets. If you can figure out all the references, I will name you in a blog post and if it is before Oct 29-2014 I will give you a coupon code for half my E-book at Of course that code has been placed in two blog posts, but just in case you missed those I will give it to you.

So Enjoy all the tales and please tell me if you do....or if you find something totally off kilter about them. 

I have thought about going on Twitter to announce the new Rod tales and other writing news--new novels and additions to my story page-but I would appreciate you saying something along the lines of do it so you can know when a Rod tale is added--or any other writing News.