Sunday, September 14, 2014

Almost Concert Time, Yay.

In the blog's blurb (Hmm, "A Bundle of Blog's Blurbs" how's that for a story title?)  Anyway, in mine basically I said that I would talk about other things besides writing and and a few political comments. Well, this is one of the other things.  I get to go see my favorite band that is still together--Yes, that implies I have a favorite band that isn't still together.  The concert is on the 23 third of this month Sept.

As far as I can recall they have never been here before, even though it might be once years ago. I haven't been to any concert for a couple of years, and before that it was a few years. Even though it will make for a late Tuesday night I want to see them live.

I have mentioned them once or twice before in my blogs and probably will again some time.

The band has been around for years, Mark the lead singer and song writer, has an excellent voice and knows how to get in where we live. Not every song deals with "Everyman" but many do. He knows how to hit us where we live. In ways that bring Joy but also in ways that make us think.

Here is a series of four videos that are examples of their music.

This one is the second song of theirs that caught my attention and the first one I really picked up on their name.

Here #1

Not sure if this next song is the next one in line but I decided it goes here anyway.

Here #2

This next one might be not as well known as some of theirs but it's great: how they do it and what it says.

Here #3 

Last one in this list. It's off of their latest album and might be my favorite on it.

Here #4

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Rod's Tale

For those who don't know yet. I placed another Rod's Tale--this one 794 words--on that section of my blog.  The button for that section is up above.

I don't mind if you tell me what you think....:)