Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Rod's Tale, another mini writing update and Paper Above My Pay GradeX2 discount.

I just put up the second half of my last Rod's tale and a new one. Plus a redone intro for the series.

The stories are exciting: the new one is short, but deals with an unconscious woman, a dark mage and an Orc.

The Rod's Tales are on a page Right Here but also up above this post in a line of other pages. One is My Stories and Worlds I Am Working On, My Novels, Stories I Have Published 

  Another mini update on my writing even though a bit longer than the previous mini a few weeks ago.

I have a story written for Writers of the Future contest. Just needs a couple of crits and I may send it in early. It’s a well used plot but I hope what I did is an interesting twist. We shall see.

The last story that they rejected will be going to Fantasy and Science Fiction soon. F&SF have a new editor who takes internet submissions. As a side item that leaves only one market I send stories to that take only paper submissions. That is if they are still in business; my last submission was sent back by the Post Office. I may have put the wrong address on it though I need to double check that.

I have picked up on a novel I started six months or so ago, it went from 300 words to over a thousand. I need a fight scene-well I have a short one in a flashback but I think I will add a current time battle, for the first chapter. 

I also worked on another novel I started months ago. I got further along in that-almost finished the third chapter. Now I have finished that chapter and am into the fourth. 

I need to revise two other novels I have but I’m not sure when. One is Space Opera and the other is more Paranormal with a special well known elf as the Main Character.  I thought about doing a story set about life on Star Freighters but I don't have enough tales for that. Well, there are two more I could use but I want to send them a few more times. So I will probably work on a space opera story set next and maybe a Urban Fantasy or just plain fantasy. 

I finished two stories at work on my new laptop. One is the second adventure of a short story I wrote a year or so ago. I didn’t plan it but it seemed to fit. I also did I don’t usually do while writing my stories. I started with absolutely no idea where the story was going. I’ve done that few times before but half the time I don’t finish the story. 

Also I worked on my NaNo novel- Learning CurveX2 . I finished the revision of the second chapter. At this rate it might take me a year to get it done so I need to go back to working on it on regular bases. It’s the second one in my Vibration series. Again I’m not sure when but I need a web site just for them. Right now that would be at least four books in this series, a bunch of stories probably enough for a full anthology-at least half have been written already-and I hope at least two in another series with a different Main Character and city. I have a third or so of the first one written already. 

Speaking of that My first Indie Novel Above My Pay GradeX2 is back to the normal prices except for the paper version at Here is a coupon code there for $4 off. Barnes & Noble and Amazon still have a discount on it.  B&N’s price is          I would ask for people to buy it. If you like death defying adventure, good action scenes, the hero of the story running into problems as they try to figure out what is happening, try it out. I think it would be neat to have a bunch of paper sells through B&N if you would be kind enough to buy it at all.  By a bunch I was thinking of 8 to 20. It would cool to sell a number between those two.

The E-versions are all still up: Kobe, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and a couple of other online locations, but it is the normal price at those places. 

Here is a coupon code to get it at for four dollars off. Not a lot but still cheaper than Amazon and B&N.  Code:   #XB5XCH2     

It is here at B&N There upped the price some on me

And at Amazon Their price is what it usually is Here 

CreateSpace:  Paper version 

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