Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maybe not

Well, well learned something on about older stories. So instead of waiting until I hit 100 stories all unsold then placing them on free sites, I may try to going through Kindle and a couple of other like minded sites. No cost to me but at least some of the stories may sell. Make me a little money and the stories get out and read.

Of course I would have to edit them, talk about someone, who is his own lawyer, having an idiot for a client. Not sure when I would have the time to that even if that was a good idea.

I could bundle the stories and sell them as a set. Maybe five or so. I may have twenty easily. He says wait' till you have twenty to twenty-five rejections and even though some stories do have that many I do it around 18 rejections or have twenty as the high side.

If I can find the time to edit them I could start now instead of waiting.

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