Saturday, August 27, 2011

A 56 word story and more

Okay, I've mentioned that On The Premises mini contest with a story 25 to fifty words with no letter e. Interesting and frustrating exercise.

Anyway, I decided to post one of my rejects. I want to post some more of my stories any way. I said I would but I keep forgetting to work on that.

I might have gotten it under 50 but decided it there may not be enough story. If I could have entered twice I would have tried anyway.

The story.  "No more Horns"

Tommy ran around outdoors without pants and shirt. Horns had grown through his hair. A pastor runs up and flings holy liquid on him. 
     Tommy’s said, “YIIiii!,” and sank to ground. His horns shrunk  Fianlly Tommy in his right mind, stood up, ran for his pants. Told pastor thanks. Tommy ran back to his family, pastor to his church.


I planned to post two more mini rejections but by the time I finished the other one I decided it was enough of a story, at 149 words, to send it to a flash market. I may add some more setting and human senses. 25 to fifty more words.

There's a third story I'm doing I thought would about the same but I think it will closer to 500 words.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My writing what there is of it

Worked on a story for a different contest, this one is 1,000 to 5,000 words based on myths and legends. Took a story I had already-- just finished it a month or so ago-- and added a touch more legends. I also added about fifty words which is good since it was 998 words long. Plus I improved one or two spots. Or so I hope, I have no idea if they really are improved.

I also finished that 50 words story I mentioned last note.

That's about all the writing, I've done. Oh yeah, a couple of openings on paper. I might be able to take my laptop tomorrow so I can work on that one story I referenced last time.

and there should be time tonight to do a bit of writing on "New Mage". It's been way too long since I've done any work on it and I'm feeling the strain. I want it done. I will have to redo the first three chapters, and revising and critiquing, so it will be awhile before it's fit for duty... so to speak. :) But I want it done.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New members- google+

Lot of new members to hatrack lately. That's good.

I joined something called google+ seems to be pretty much a group site, like Yahoo groups except there can be video and you can post pics etc. on the post instead of a separate area.   Seems to be more than just hatrack people on it though.

Tiny story and some thoughts on tiny stories

     Been working on a special story for the current mini contest at On The Premises. 25 to 50 words with the letter e. Egads. A side issue here, I’m more convinced than ever that these contests are writing lessons more than contests. Anyway, I made it harder on my self by misremembering it was 25 to 50 words. I finally had one with 25 words. But I made it a bit longer after I reread the rules. But as I looked it over I could hear a voice from the contest say it’s not a full story. So I slaved and slaved and now have a 49 word story with no letter e.  Still don’t know if it’s a full story but it’s got to be close esp. with only 49 words. So I will send it in later tonight-- make that Sunday.

But as I saved the second original story. 83 words. It sounds more like a story. Thought I would add a few words and let it be a less than 100 word story. I might try for a couple more. Even thought about making the original 25 word story into a twitter story. If I was able to do that the thought crossed my mind to start a tweet story mag. One per week to anyone who subscribes. Maybe a dollar a week. But I don’t think so, even if I could do that many twit tales it would take too much time.

But maybe a few very short ones I could put in a flipbook if they ever come to the US as they are suppose to.  There’s an earlier post about them but they are the size of a smartphone, except thicker, and flip upward instead of sideways. Maybe a flipbook with a bunch of less than 500 word stories. Most being less than 100.  

Well maybe. :)  

More update

I mailed the letter to the editor but forgot to sign it. I realized that the next day. I'll try again Monday-this is Saturday- this time making sure I sign it.

Still want some good news concerning my writing.

Have done almost zip writing this week and last week. Did work on a tiny story but more on that in the next post. Been doing more crits than usual even though I missed one I should have done.

Been thinking about writing, Oh, I did start a new novel handwritten on paper but that was just so I could write. Actually I did two openings and a short story opening. Thought of one today that finally might be the strange one I've been wanting to write for a while. Once the weather cools enough for me to take my laptop I will write that one first.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Misc. Stuff Again

Not getting to write... too hot to take laptop to work and doing a bunch of critiques for others. I even missed one this weekend. Oops big time.

I kind a feel like I'm going through withdrawal feeling cranky.

Wrote a letter to local paper and will send it tomorrow.