Sunday, November 14, 2010

New post

Hey I got one follower.  Thank you, I appreciate that.

So I've been behind on my posts mostly because I be doing NaNoWRIMo which is why this post is going to be a long one, if I don't get interrupted.
For those who don't know about it more Nano at

But its 50,000 words novel in 30 days--the month of November.

And Dean at has had some interesting posts but it's heating up for him, which is really too bad. He hasn't said things that are half as bad as his detractors think they are.  But you step on people's toes and they react sometimes in not nice ways. My Pastor, Bill Chaney, well all the pastors I have had, have learned this but in their cases many of those people whose toes they step on would rather be "healed" then get angry. Sounds like not so much in Dean's case. That is really too bad as I have stated at the top. Anyway, he took down some posts that were good because of way too much hate E-mails. I hope that trend does not continue-both trends.

And I went to my local Barnes and Noble today, I have plenty of books to read but couldn't resist the 25% off coupon though. Found a new Garrett book. Hurrah. Should have that series by Glen Cook, on my favorite list. Found a Kris Longknife, by Mike Shepherd book too. Not so much on my top favorite list but a good read never the less. I do recommend it if you like space opera.

Rats, looks like No Casting Crowns or Mercy Me in the Valley this year. CC has only one concert in Calif, for the first nine months of '11. UGH.

There was more but I forget some stuff so there will be another post soon, as I recall what else I planned to say.

Oh,  looks like the story I planned to send to WotF is dead so I have to send another, probably "Sun Mining" Or "Fate At The Sun Mine" hmmm, maybe that last would be a better title. Anyway, some people think I need to redo some of it so it doesn't sound like hard SF...I don't know. I might try it anyway. It is a good, solid SF idea.


Oh yes as of right now I have appox. 28,000 words on NaNo.

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