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First Half of a New Alternate Universe tale: Multi-castles

This story is freshly written the previous week even though it went through a quick revision. I may end up redoing the very end of this story. What happens after the adventure is over. I seem to be having problems with that part of some of my stories lately. But we shall see if I come up with a better one for this one. I split it up here because it is over 4,700 words, on another format it won’t be. Adventure, suspense and Science Fiction 

So without further ado, enjoy:


“You think this is the place?”
Rick looked at the desert around his location, a few tiny shrubs and maybe cacti in the distance. He stopped his visual tour at the castle. A whole village actually inside a large stone wall. Over ten feet if its one, he thought, probably three or more thick too. With medieval structures inside: Inns with more than one story, plenty of houses, a couple of clear areas, a church, and something else. But the dominate building was that castle. It sat on a low hill, it looked taller and narrower than other castles he has studied. The full super moon rested a moment behind it. A very rare blue and super moon event. They needed one for what they wanted to do. Even though a shot of that would make a great screensaver or wallpaper. Cory sat back at their base since his wheelchair-the latest in power chairs-didn’t do well on loose sand. Not only did the tires have a tendency to loose traction, the tiny particles got into the chair’s motors and comp.
He paused a moment to wipe sweat off of his face and to take a long drink of warm water. In this heat he still enjoyed it though. And it washed out the sand that still seemed to be in his mouth after that spill ten minutes ago. He thought he had gotten sand in his mouth, even spitting didn’t help.
Jonna walked up next to him, Rick took a moment to study at her outfit. Very nice for desert work-nice for any time.
He looked back at the surroundings. Even at this time of day he could still smell the hot sand and now his own sweat, even though the sand dust had settled. It didn’t make him sneeze anymore. He should be used to it. They had been here twice before, but in the daylight both times. The first time they had just looked around. Jonna had been very particular about if this was the location they wanted when she decided she had smiled and really seemed happy. Then a native in one of the small villages not far from here called her an American. Her eyes had narrowed and her cheeks puffed out for a second. She had already explained that she was an Englishman who had been raised in Brazil. Which is why she had very little accent.
During the second trip there they had set up everything but their readings showed nothing would happen so they gave up. The devices worked, in stand-by at least, but readings from space-part of Cory’s job to get data from one of two satellites we could tap into-said nothing would happen. So we gave up and went home.
After itching a spot on his hairline he adjusted his head band with the web cam on it. He used one to keep his hands free. The cam was to recored their actions and to show their other member who was back at their HQ what was going on. Cory always complained about the strange motions when Rick took it off, adjusted it or bumped his head, but it worked best this way.
Jonna had been the one to insist that he drive the one car, even though she tended to ignore him, along with the others. He would be chauffeuring everyone but the other two were late to many times they drove themselves.
He noticed that she carried her adjuster, about twice the size as his mother’s breadbox and almost the same shape. This had a slight upward curve on one corner, plus lights and digital switches. She liked these switched she had said, and he wondered if this prototype really was one. Or the Mark two version.
She said, “It is according to my instruments.”
They moved down the sand dune a little fast. Rick almost slid down, but managed to stop his feet from leaving his control. They stopped at the bottom, looked around. Without a word or even a motion of her head, she started forward. What he thought of as two minutes she stopped, looked around then sat her device down. A moment later she had a three legged collapsable stand out. She set it down, then placed her adjuster on it. He stepped in to help secure it to the stand. She said a, “Thanks,” then started to flip switches. Green lights lit up all over the top.
A spray of sand from the top of the dune they had just left, indicated their last two members were here. A brother and sister team who were habitually late. Jonna had decided to start without them.
Rick called for them to come down. Three car doors slammed, one sounded like a hatchback lid. The two siblings showed at the top of the sand dune. He wore his favorite all yellow pants and shirt today while she had on a new brown tunic and hunter green leggings. Both wore pith helmets. Rick just wore a blank baseball cap-gray.
The two new comers half-ran and slid down the dune. They each carried two larger plastic boxes with a bulging sack on top. He was surprised they made it without stumbling or dropping the boxes or sacks.
Once down they opened the boxes and set up two arrays. One would produce energy using of all things a projector based on Tesla’s death ray device. Turned out it had components that worked for other things. They also brought out a diamond infuser-must gems could be used but diamonds seemed to do a better job. Jimmy had brought some cookies in his sack. Without looking backwards Jonna reached back and grabbed one. She hadn’t even looked but probably had smelled them.
Rick looked at Jimmy who nodded so I grabbed one. I bite into it and took another. Their mother had made these. She had owned a cookie store for years. She had been the head cookie maker and still loved to bake the small round goodies.
They finish setting up the infuser and a power expander. It created a field that multiplied the strength of whatever energy was in that field. In this case that meant that the energy, the diamond infuser produced, was magnified. That went for the Blackwell-Jonna’s last name, she did invent it after all-dimensional hopper. Named after a device in her favorite series. It found different dimensions and was able to pinpoint them. His contribution, besides being a driver and sometimes helper, was a very special battery I pulled from my pocket. Rick had designed and made it using tech from Tesla, Edison and Bill Franklin-a descendent of Bill Franklin-who recently invented a new matter transference machine. He claims Ben Franklin’s notes gave him the clues he needed to know which direction to go.
Rick thought about them as a group. Jonna was oldest, over 30, while the rest of them were under 27. He was second oldest at 26, just been out of collage for one year when the group decided to get together. They had meant on the internet, while on a smaller social media site that most people hadn’t heard very much about. The others were still in school, even though Cory took most of his courses online. He claimed it wasn’t because of his disability but because of expense and ease. Jonna had called Cory and talked into joining their experiment. He watched the computers, made sure everything got recorded as it should and had found the castle for them to use as a test site. Evidently the area around here was weak and therefore it would be easier to punch through, especially on a night of a super blue moon according to Jonna. She had tried to explain why with a description of the Earth’s magnetic field, how the moon’s poles reacted to it, and cosmic influence along with gravity and even that which made the moon look blue. Rick didn’t quite get it though. Jonna had gone over his head almost from the beginning and he had the nagging suspicion that she didn’t really know, but that this was her best guess.
All of their experiments had worked though, and in one case had gone too far. They had gotten mini fields and almost lost his car when one expanded suddenly. Jonna had pulled the power cable so quick she had to be almost ready for something like that. Maybe she had figured or guessed, the wild cascade could happen so had readied herself just in case. She suggested we try here again when she read of the coming special super moon, but at night-that night.
This was their third castle-the first one they had known was wrong when they saw it. Jonna had almost come to tears when the second one proved to be the wrong one, when nothing happened. Everything had functioned just as it should. The power had built, the fields had formed, energy had been multiplied and he had felt the universe bulge, or one corner of it anyway. That was the only way he could describe the feeling. He thought he had seen it happen, so did the twins, but everything ran for almost half and hour and Jonna had said to turn everything of. Something was not functioning. After a through examination of the devices, battery and themselves they decided every device had worked as advertised, but still we had nothing. After more research online, Jimmy had asked if we had the right night and the right place. Something did happen, three of us and one recorder said so. But it hadn’t produced what they wanted.
That meant they had tried at the wrong location. So they searched again and after a day of study Jonna thought this was it after all. Cory agreed next. He had the data from the previous two attempts and thought this one had been the closest. Rick had been last to agree but now he felt it too.
So they went back, at night. We all checked out on, our own, out what wild animals were out here. Some smaller ones like snakes and rats but no hyenas, nor leopards or lions. Rick had brought high pitched whistles for everyone. Jimmy had a loud fireworks with whistle and bangs that sounded like gunshots and that produced flaming swords plus the sounds for over thirty-seconds.
Once set up they waited. Cory said his readings showed the magnetic field sensors had the right numbers. Rick gave Jonna his battery, she plugged it in the right side of her adjuster. It already had some batteries but they only powered the lights and sensors while the main part of it needed something more powerful. After this was over Rick hoped to sell the battery to some company or even door to door if he had to.
At the right moment she plugged in Rick’s battery, waited a second, then when certain lights flashed on she touched spots on the display. Jimmy and Coral’s devices came on at almost the same moment. It took quite a few seconds for the combined fields to build up. He knew that tachyon and Quantum distortion waves were going out. The wall, castle and moon became fuzzy much the same as if we looked through heat waves. Rick sniffed, smelled sweat-no one seemed to mind that their deodorants were working too hard-ozone and the sand. And a new odor; almost as if either the sand or the air burned or had become charged. That last could be since a charge going through cables can produce an aroma. His nose told him this one was a combo of baked meat, hot metal and the ocean. Not pleasant but not really bad either.
He licked his lips, decided his nose was running. Rick sneezed again but so did everyone else. So humans are allergic to burnt sky, he thought.
The field grew more intense, it moved outward, for a second he was afraid it would harm the village somehow. But it didn’t.
Without warning something moved in the village. What people? But no one had been there before. That is one reason they choose it too. But maybe someone had been camped inside. It should not harm them. It didn’t the last attempt at the other castle, but this one would go on for an hour, if it worked.
Jonna popped up, said, “Oh no people. We need to get them away.”
She ran toward the village walls, leaving her apparatus functioning. Rick blinked, she hadn’t been that concerned last time. He looked at Jimmy and Coral. Jimmy nodded and waved toward the village, “You go, we will watch the devices. And you have the recorder anyway.”
He nodded, thinking they knew more about the devices than he did. And he could run faster. So he turned and ran toward the village walls. He had been in it once, last time they had been here, as well as other castles and villages. None as well preserved as this one though-except for a few he had seen videos of. Most had been just castle though without a village so that last thought still fit.
Once at the wall, he found the gate. It stood open, which from his last visit was not unusual. He stepped in carefully since it was night and dark in there. He had the tiny LED light he kept on his keychain as well as the long flashlight, that looked like a billy club and a flat rectangle light that fit easily in his pocket. That was a spare just in case something happened to the large one. The tiny one could be used but it produced little light, just enough to see keyholes and such.
Footsteps sounded to the right. That puzzled Rick. Anyone here would probably be at the castle. He turned though and called her name. No response so he ran in that direction. After he tripped a third time, he decided he hated cobblestone streets. His feet tended to slid between the stones. Those that lived here must have developed a certain way to walk over them.
Rick continued on though. Most of the stores, houses, and Inns were in dark shadows. Good thing he had overcome his fear of the dark. He debated calling her an American and see if that would get a reaction since she disliked it so much, but she would have to hear it first.
However he jumped when someone ran out of an alley and on down the street. He blinked, that hadn’t been Jonna. Come to think of it she had said that people were in the city. Now that he was here he hoped they were not thieves or drunks. He heard footsteps in front of him, so fearing the man who just ran in front of him was a drunk after Jonna, Rick ran harder.

end this section

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My yearly-2017-why we celebrate Christmas message: Joy and God with us.

Christmas: why we celebrate it and why it is important.
   The word Joy is a part of Christmas decorations: Joy, Peace, Hope and Love. And there is a reason for that. Jesus, later in his life on the Earth, promised us Joy unspeakable. Joy is a large and good emotion. It is to happiness as an old fashion search light is to a 100 watt bulb. And we are promised it because of what Jesus did after being born here. 
    Some want to argue about what time of the year He was born, but the important thing is that He was. For He was not born to make another religion, but to make a way so we can have a relationship with God. On other words to show us how to be forgiven, and have right standing with the Creator. Joy comes from that relationship-in actually knowing God the Creator. No matter the circumstances we are in, no matter what was done to us, Joy is from God and knowing Him. That brings healing and hope and forgiveness. Joy is a bright light and it comes from God. It is something He wants to give to us individually. Yes, God wants to give you Joy. No matter what you have done, how many times you have done it or what was done to you. God Loves You and wants Joy in your life.
    Another reason we celebrate Christmas is that it shows us that God is with us. He was suppose to be called Emmanuel or God with us. Later in His life on the earth said, “Lo, I am with you even to the uttermost parts of the earth,” or whatever we are going through, or have gone through. God the Creator was born as a wholly God and wholly Man to make a way, as I said, to have right standing with Him, so we can have an eternal relationship with Him. That starts now, which means He is with us every day, all the time. He has your back, as the saying goes. 

So we celebrate Christmas because He is with us, because it is a sign for His Great love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us, because He gives us Joy unspeakable. So good we cannot describe it. 

It doesn’t take much to start a relationship with God. Believing and saying to Him what we want. Believing is just accepting what He said, it is simple. You are closer to it than you may think. In this case that we would be forgiven, that He would be with us and that He would give us Joy-among other things. 

So yes Christmas is a good thing and it is a good thing to celebrate-however we do. 

Merry Christmas

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Second half of Alternate Universe story

Part two of my Alt universe story from last week. This one had a lot more conversations and I didn’t revise a lot so that may mean I missed stuff.
A short paragraph from last week to start it.

But enjoy:

The one comming him was dressed in the same tasteful clothes as Samuel was and had his hair in the same style. Samuel eyed the other warily, pressing a button that traced the comm signal back to its source. He wasn't surprised that it led back to a vessel very similar to his. It was one of the black ones and had exactly the same power readings as his vessel.
The other smiled warmly, which did not reassure Longrian, and said, "Hello, brother traveler. Is this what you expected?"
Samuel said, "Yes and more. This is wild."
Samuel’s eyes went wide when a double beep came from his computer, he almost jumped to it see what the problem was but realized that the second beep had come over his comm speakers. Both computers were reporting that a new arrival was about to enter the asteroid belt.
He glanced at his sensor screen than to a certain screen on his computer.
He said, "So another arrival at this party."
The image on the comm screen said with a humorous smile, "Yes it looks like it. I wonder if we will know him, or not."
A second later the other person said, "I wonder how many that makes."
Samuel said, "I think some where between sixteen and twenty-one."
The other said, "My approximation also."
Samuel said with a smile, "That’s not surprising."
After contacting the newcomer they found it was a woman in her thirties. Her red hair and green eyes, made her a striking figure. Both of their eyebrows raised as they saw the first female to appear at the gathering.
Samuel hadn't really considered the possibility, but he realized he should have. He saw the same look mirrored in the face of the guy he was talking to and knew he had just thought the same.
After greeting her, they went back to their conversation. Chatting for a minute, the double click sounded again. The other again reached off screen this time for longer period of time. At the same time he glanced at something off screen, his face showing puzzlement.
Oh Oh, Samuel thought.
The other looked at Samuel, than back to the side. His face clouded over, his joyful expression turning angry.
Definitely, this isn’t good.
The other asked in a low sounding voice so familiar to Samuel, "What are you doing?"
Knowing he was caught, he just mentally shrugged and said, "Getting some information I need back home."
"So," The other said, "That is why you have been asking some of your interesting questions?"
"I was hoping to learn something I could use."
"For what purpose?"
"I think you know. Let's just say that I hope to find something I can use to further my ambitions."
Here the other pressed another button.
He said, "So, you not only use our comm links to steal information from my computer, but you also want to use it to get advantage over other people."
"Better me than someone else. I have the brains and natural skills needed to be a leader."
"A leader who forces himself on other?" the contempt was dripping from the others words.
"Someone has to do it, just as well be me."
The other again reached off screen, pressing one, or two buttons. Thinking that something wasn’t right, Samuel looked at the same screen. What he saw shocked him. Files were appearing, than being deleted, almost faster than he could see. He scooted over quickly and started typing commands on his keyboard.
Soon the files slowed down and he typed some more. Finally the process stopped altogether. He smiled and moved back over to the screen.
He said, "That was tricky. Your program got in under my antivirus, anti-hacker program without sounding an alarm, but my advanced ‘ICE' got it."
"Hopefully, it got to enough files to hinder your plans. Maybe I can hinder you even more."
"I cannot allow you to do that."
The other smiled for a second, than said, "That’s my line. I cannot allow you to steal from anyone here, to use that info to hurt people."
"We could rumble, but I would win of course."
"I won't bet on that. We’re comparable."
Longrian looked at his sensor readings again and saw that it was true. Both ships had the same power readings and probably the same armaments. And his potential foe, no doubt, had experience using them. It would be almost like fighting himself. If he was ever able to fight himself, there would be no telling who would win. Of course he would have an advantage since he would not be averse to fighting in ways some called dirty. He called it winning. The other had already shown that he did not mind being underhanded, but he could not anticipate the things that he, Samuel, could come up with.
So Samuel G. Longrian said three words, "Computer, fighting mode."
Immediately his vessel changed. Not in any obvious way, but in attitude. The ship's lighting dropped down to battle levels, weapon emplacements popped up, and hatches slide open revealing more weapons. Shields came into existence.
Even before he had finished speaking the other on the screen had said the same three words. Now Samuel's eyes narrowed when he saw the exact same weapons appear along the other ship's hull.
His new foe asked, "Do you really want to fight me, in here?"
Samuel said, "Not really." And he was surprised to really mean it.
Suddenly his comm bleeped, as did his new foe's.
They both pressed their respective receive buttons. The loud voiced newcomer appeared on the screen. His face was red which almost matched his hair.
He said, "What are you two malcontents think you are doing?!"
 Automatically Samuel said, "It was just a misunderstanding."
He had spoken it a little too fast, and the image's face showed the speakers unbelief.
Samuel thought quickly and spoke again, "It was a
misunderstanding, he thinks I am going to hurt someone."
Hid potential foe said, "He said he wanted to use information he was stealing from us to force people to accept his rule.”
Samuel said, "That was the misunderstanding. I don't want to rule people, but even if I did it would be my business, not the gathering’s."
The loud mouthed one said, "Except for the fact that how you are thought of can put a bad light on the rest of us, and what happens to you might effect the rest of us in ways we can not anticipate."
Samuel just waved his hand, in a way to say that he thought that idea irrelevant.
He said, "It's still my business."
By now the rest of those present had noticed the two ships now had "hot" weapons and shields. Most tuned into the conversation to see what was happening.
When they realized that there could be a fight between two ships, groups split up, with each person rushing back to their own ship. Some of the ship moved out of the way, while others joined one side, or the other. One of the smallest ships zipped first to one of the twin ships than to the other, probably after its pilot realized he had gone to the wrong ship.
In one vessel two men were talking face to face. One of these two men was from the small runabout that had been standing off by itself. His ship was now docked with one of the larger ships.
That man said, "I th-think we should get out of here, in case they do fight."
The one he was talking to said, "That might be a good idea."
The first speaker said, "I-I knew I needed a bigger ship to check out this meeting."
As the nervous one spoke the other stepped to his controls
and started moving both ships away from the gathering. The two ships cautiously moved as one, though the wall of asteroids. Soon they were in the clear and after a few seconds later the owner of the ship they were in touched a control that
sent a special signal. Very soon, off to one side, a large strange ripple effect begin. An object began to solidify in certain places. Than, as the process increased speed, within seconds a ship appeared. It was rather large and streamlined. It looked very much like Samuel’s ship, but much larger.
The one who had sent the signal said, "I did bring a bigger ship."
His guest started with surprise and said, "So you are n-not
"Correct I’m not, but back to the point I was making, you will have noticed that some here have different characteristics.
Those two for example. One is the Boy Scout while the other is a manipulator. That loud mouth with the speedy ship is the brash one."
"He-he-he almost scraped my ship when he arrived. I thought he was going to ram me."
"You would think that. Anyway as I was saying, I’m the cunning one and you, my guest, are the nervous one," he said as he manipulated his controls maneuvering his ship closer to the larger one.
"Th-there should be a brain around here than."
"Hmm, you’re right... I wonder which one it is. He could have been here from the beginning."
Sweat formed on the nervous man's forehead but he said, "Your ship m-m-most have a large Process engine."
"Yes it does, but you will be able to see it soon."
"No, I-I'm n-not, I am going back to my ship."
"You could come with me, I could use a decoy where I come from. We would make a great team."
"I-I-I wouldn't m-make a g-good d-d-decoy."
"Yes, with your nervous stutter, they might see though you."
Suddenly the speaker noticed that his captive seemed to be pressing something in his pocket.
He said, "If you are trying to control your ship from here, it won't be able to do anything while under my tractor beam."
"I am not trying to control m-my-my ship."
"You’re not a good liar."
Suddenly though the observation window each could see light spill out of an opening in the side of the ship they were approaching, as a hanger door slide up.
A few seconds later, just as suddenly, a number of ships zipped in from behind the larger ship. They quickly came along both sides of the ship the two were in, stopping in perfect
formation. From their appearance they were defiantly military warships. There were ten ships in all. Seven were a flat half moon shape and had crews of ten men. Two were larger cigar shapes with crews of thirty. The last ship had a basic cigar shape, with a slightly bulging top and snubbed, swept back wings. It had the appearance of being very streamlined, even with the bulging top. It carried fifty crew members.
The nervous man said, "I told you I was not trying to control my ship. Th-these are my ships. I was pressing a panic button to call them. Now you will let me go in my small craft."
"Hey, you can go, I wasn't going to kidnap you."
"Perhaps not, but I-I wanted to make sure. These are from an elite fighting unit. Isn't that correct Major?"
A new voice sounded, coming from a brooch looking device on the guest's lapel, "That is correct, sir. I apologize for
appearing a little late."
The cunning man said, "I warn you if you do try to attack me after you are gone, my ship out there is powerful enough to destroy, or damage many of your warships."
"We won't," the other replied. "unless you fire on me. If you do plan on f-firing on me, as I leave remember, they will take y-you out. And don't think going into stealth will help you. This force has had experience fighting stealth vessels."
The other inclined his head in understanding, as he said, "I wasn’t planning on attacking you."
The strutting one made his way though the airlock and into his ship. It undocked and zipped very quickly to the largest military warship. Once on its hanger deck he got out and made his way to the bridge.
The major was standing there and as soon as he came out of the lift the major spoke, "I again apologize for being late. We
had to go around another force which came with another member of
the gathering."
The major's boss nodded then said, "I'm glad I insisted on
having your people join me out here."
He paused for a moment then said, "It’s p-p-probably a good time to leave."
Suddenly a flash of light caught their attention and they turned and looked at the view screen located in the front of the bridge. The vessel belonging to Samuel G. Longrian had just come though the hole leading to the clear area. It zipped by them heading for a clear area where Samuel activated his process drive. It was followed by the one owned by the Boy Scout, but Samuel’s ship disappeared, before the second ship could get to it. Many other ships were in the process of leaving also.
The nervous follow continued, "Looks like the party is over anyway."
The major said, "I will give the necessary orders."
Just than the large ship they were still surrounding rippled and very quickly disappeared. One of the bridge crew members reported that it looked like they had joined the others and had fled.
The major said, "Good, he really didn't want to fight," here he turned toward his boss and asked, "Was joining the gathering worth the trip?"
The reddish haired nervous man turned his green eyes to the major, "I think so, Major, but I need to go make me report with it all fresh in my mind, and than I need to relax."
The major answered, "I understand, sir. I will look forward to reading your report."
The other just nodded and turned toward the lifts glad to be out of that gathering. He had been studying a new type of experimental engine that was supposed to have a very interesting
process, few light years away when the authorities had come to him. They had wanted his help to infiltrate this meeting they had spied upon with stealth probes. It turned out that some high energy flares had attracted the attention of the military officer in charge of protecting this area of space. She had sent in the stealth probes, than had sent for him to join the gathering. He hadn’t understood why they thought he was the only one that could get in. Now he did, but he still was a nervous wreck.
As he started to fill out his report his warships rotated half way around a circle and zipped away in a perfect formation. Ten-seconds later they disappeared in a shimmer caused by their faster than light drives.
Soon afterward after every other ship had disappeared in a burst of light, another vessel rippled into existence.
Its lone occupant flipped on a diary begun to dictate, "Hmmm, the warships belonging to that nervous guy may have had experience fighting stealth ships after all. My sensors detected a drive unit moving away from where that large ship went stealth, but according to the same sensors it was still there. I noticed some of the war ships played sensors over where the ship had been, but most kept painting the area around the large ship with targeting sensors. Just enough to let that guy know they hadn't been tricked.
“It does look like the party is over, in that case I should probably get going too. I'm glad I listened in on some of their conversations. The one with the stealth ship was right, there was the evil one, the good one, or boy scout, the brash one, but if he was the cunning one that most mean that I am the sneaky one. They never knew I was here, even the first one who made careful use of his sensors, missed me. But who was the brain? Maybe we all were.”
"Hmm, the nervous one was the only one without a process engine, which probably means he was local. Not surprising all those energy flares, from the process engines, would attract attention. Somebody moved fast to get him out here so quick. Very impressive even though it won't be surprising, that he had been near by doing some research, I suspect it on the Process Drive. But his nervousness caused him to go slower then the rest of us. Now though he knows it will work.
“That could mean that someone will show up late. But if so all of the energy from temporal energy releases left behind will alert him that he is late.
“Now it’s time for me to go home."
“But a second thought. I am curious about what form of government they have here. I will stay just long enough to learn that but even so I need to watch those troops they know stealth vessels.”
Just as the nervous one finished a short preliminary report and signed his name Samuel G. Longrian, the sneaky one said, “Samuel G. Longrian signing off”.


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First half of Alternate Universe tale by me

This is my first alternate universe tale. Or half of it that is. I wrote this originally over six years ago, I could easily see what needed work, even though I went over kinda of quick. It was 4600 and some words long and that was before I started to revise it. Now it is 4,995 words. It will be over 5,000 by the time I finish. And that is with deleting some parts. This part is 2,282 words.


The Gathering

Samuel G. Longrian waited. He knew they would make an appearance just like he had known that the process would work this time. That trip though had been wild. He still felt a bit dizzy. Which wasn’t the fault of his ship-the thirty meter long twenty meter wide Future. The energy convertors and extra shielding: radiation, electronic, stealth-he had those turned off now though-and heat and cold, all functioned well. He didn’t know if he would need all of that but to test his new process drive powered by tachyon radiation he thought it would be best. So now he waited. His cushioned seat, silk fused with leather, and air temp were set for his maximine comfort while he waited. The air tasted just right too. He had learned that something bad in the air would change its flavor, the hard way. For a second he thought he had smelled too many man scents during the trip but now his command center had a good smell.
The command center contained three other seats, but he didn’t need a crew or passengers for this trip.
His command center-like a big cockpit in a huge air transport-styled plain with the only colors were black, silver, and dark gray-had arrived here in one piece with every device functioning correctly at 110 percent.
The sensors beeped for his ship sat inside a large empty pocket near the side of an area full of asteriods and other space debris. The experts thought an exceptionally large comet had collided with an ice planet. One or the other had a change of orbit possibly because of a mini black hole passing though, a war, a very slight time shift, or nothing at all.
He had known there would be such a clear area, before he arrived, so it hadn’t taken long to find it. Samuel made the test with his sensors on max, just to make sure that he really was the first to arrive. He had been.
Some of the asteroids that made up this belt were as big as large houses, while others were barely the size of a medicine
ball. Opposite where his ship was resting, there was an opening, just large enough for a small space craft to easily fly though. He had flown though it, so knew it how easy maneuvering through it, would be for the others.
Samuel had been waiting for twenty-four hours already, and was surprised no one had shown up yet. He still had no doubt they would be there. Not all, of course, for some would have experiences circumstances that interfered with them being able to come here. Some would be dead, that made him think. How many times had he almost died. More than he wanted to conterplate
A few hours later, after he made a trip to his little ship's head, he made himself some Chinese green tea. As he poured the tea leaves into the hot water, he wondered if the others would like green tea as much as he did. Probably, but it wouldn't be that big of a deal if they didn't, he decided. He would be finding out soon enough anyway. He quickly ascended back into his ship’s observation cabin.
On most ships it would be called an observation deck, but because his ship was so small, he always referred to it as a cabin. He sat in his favorite of the four seats in the cabin. It was a comfortable padded lounge chair, that was in the right spot for him to see space, free of any obstacles. Five steps behind the chair there was a circular door in the floor, which led to the control room. He always left it open so he could hear any beeps the computer might make. He could jump though it and immediately be in the control room, if something did happen.
Not many vessels, as small, as his had observation cabins and that was one reason he had chosen this vessel. One of the other reasons would be evident if any of the others gave him any trouble.
He had just taken a couple of sips of the tea when his sensor array beeped. Something was coming. After glancing at the small repeater screen, near the chair he was relaxing in, he decided that he had time to enjoy some of his tea.
A few minutes later he observed another vessel make its way though the opening in the far wall. It was a vessel slightly larger than his with different lines, however he could see that it too had an observation blister.
His ship was very streamlined, looking very much like pictures he had seen of spy planes flown way back in the 1950s on Earth. The Future was thicker than those planes, with various blisters along each side. Some blisters protected sensor arrays while others hid weapons. One larger blister on top, toward the back, made up the top part of this cabin. This new vessel was less streamlined and more cubic looking.
“So”, he spoke out loud, a bad habit he let himself have, “the first one has arrived”.
After another thought he added, “The first one after me that is”.
Now he had to decide rather to contact the newcomer, or allow the person to contact him. It was possible that it was not one of the ones he was expecting. Someone else could have made the trip, but he just shrugged thinking that he would find out soon enough.
The other would know that he was there. The new ship's
sensors would be able to identify his ship easily. He took another sip of the tea rolling it around his tongue. He decided to let the other do the work. He glanced at his sensors again and it showed what he had expected, that the newcomer had no weapons online. He had been careful keeping his weapon systems on standby. They could be at full power in a second, or two though.
He watched the other ship stop in the center of the clear area. His sensor screen showed that the single occupant of the new ship first scanned the clear area, some of the surrounding asteroids and finally executed a deeper scan of Samuel's ship.
Seconds later his comm unit beeped the incoming message signal. He decide to jump down to his command room instead of
activating the observation cabin's comm screen. It would lower
from the ceiling and obscure most of the window he was now looking out of. That was one of the few things he didn't like about this ship.
He sat down the still half filled cup, stood than running to the hatch he leaped though it, landing easily, flexing his knees as his feet touched the floor. He quickly straighten up and took the three steps to the main comm unit. He activated it and, as the screen slide up out of its recess a picture formed on it. It showed the head and shoulders of a fairly young man with medium length reddish hair, bright green eyes. He looked to be in his 30s, 38 to be exact, Samuel knew. Even though the image on the screen had longer hair than he expected, it was one of the people he had been expecting.
He said in a deep voice with proud ring in it , "Greetings. I am Samuel G. Longrian."
The other responded with a hello, and by saying his name.
Samuel said, "I've been expecting you."
"I am, on the other hand, fairly surprised to see you."

Samuel sat down in his captain's chair and said, "After some thought I concluded that I wouldn't be the only one to learn of the process, and be willing to test it."
"Now that you mention it, it's obvious." The other said with a smile.
They chatted for a long period of time, describing their lives plus getting into the history and modern affairs of both their worlds. During their talk more ships joined them. Some came though the short channel and others came though the narrow wall of asteroids that made up the edge of the belt.
Soon the clear area was full of one man ships. Many were carbon copies of Samuel's ship, while three were copies of the second arrival's ship.
Of the ship's similar to his, most were black, even though two of those had red trim. One copy was bright red and three had been painted white. One of the white ones had red trim while one had black trim. The third was solid white.
The smallest of the ships arrived almost last. This ship was the only one with just a passenger compartment, to Samuel it looked to be some type of runabout: long, narrow, with two drive pods next to the hull and what might be a shark’s fin on top. It was purple, blue, green with chartuse trim of all colors That ship came through a side wall, thick with larger asteroids, and stayed to one side, instead of mixing it up with the other vessels.
The second to the last ship to arrive zipped though the opening at breakneck speed. Its pilot almost scraped two ships sitting near the opening. Finally it executed a maneuver that could only be called screeching to a stop. Even before this new ship had come to a complete stop, its occupant had sent a signal, interrupting all of the other comm signals being used.
His image showed a man with long flowing hair, a muscular figure except for the start of a beer belly, he wore a black turtleneck with slacks. he said, "I am here, let the party begin."
Samuel noticed that even though this brash new comer looked to have the same build as most of the others, some were a little heavier while some were a little scrawnier, he seemed to take up more room. It was as if he had a large body to go with his loud voice. His green eyes were intense while having a humorous twinkle to them. He dressed in an older, to Samuel, casual-dress style. The majority of the others were dressed in a casual-formal style. Samuel's clothes were one step up from them. Some of those gathered wore ship jumpsuits. One man dressed in bright colors of a form of robe.
Some of those present ignored the newcomer going back to their conversations. Others greeted him like a long lost brother.
Samuel, along with everyone else in the gathering, talked for many hours, after taking his leave of the first man. Some shared computer files: with songs, books, histories etc, while others just chatted. Finally, after most of those talking considered it to be late night, the conversations ended for the day. Many went to bed, while others stayed up even later. The noisy one invited some over to his ship where they partied far into the "night". 
 The next morning, ship time, Samuel G. Longrian woke and had a leisurely breakfast. Afterwards he commed a few of those present, he hadn’t had the time to talk to the previous evening. Hours later he realized that he had talked to most of those present. He had declined invitations to come over with various excuses and made more excuses when two of the more brash ones wanted to visit him.
He had, as most had, exchanged adventure tales, while asking questions about the other person's background. Samuel asked some questions a few had thought strange.
He looked at his computer's screen and decided that he needed to talk to just two, or three more than he could go home. He was uncharacteristically a little nervous about the return trip. The process had worked once to transport him here, as it had worked in tests, therefore it should function correctly to send him back home. Should was the operative word though. In his life he had found many things that should work didn't. There was always the possibility that it would not work at all, or that it would send him someplace else. The process had been steady and reliable in the many tests, but a part could short or disappear on him. That had happen twice during his first tests. He had learned that most of the others had the same test results. Except for three he had talked to. One had gone through the tests like they were not really needed, another had better success so hadn’t needed the same number of tests. Samuel thought about talking to him more but he seemed even more intellecual then Samuel which was sating a lot. He mentally shrugged there was always a chance of harm in most things humans do, even in ordinary travel.
His musings were interrupted by his comm unit beeping. Someone else wanted to talk to him. Which was fine with him. That is it was fine, until he keyed his unit to receive. A picture of the person comming him instantly appeared.
The one comming him was dressed in the same tasteful clothes as Samuel was and had his hair in the same style. Samuel eyed the other warily, pressing a button that traced the comm signal back to its source. He wasn't surprised that it led back to a vessel very similar to his. It was one of the black ones and had exactly the same power readings as his vessel.
The other smiled warmly, which did not reassure Longrian, and said, "Hello, brother traveler. Is this what you expected?"
Samuel said, "Yes and more. This is wild.”

end part one