Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hey, My own Black Friday sale on all of my E-books

Again this year I decided to have my own Black Friday sale--all week until Sunday the 29th.

I have adventure, action, and a fun read for readers.

This year that sale includes my story sets. One five story Science Fiction set and one seven tale Fantasy set. I am sorry to say that each set is not up at Amazon but they are at the other two locations I list.

But I have my two novels at each of the three and other places like iTunes and Kobo.

Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior An action packed adventure set on alternate world with steampunk tech. Tommy's job for the Ministry of Clandestine Affairs and Shadow Warriors is protect his country from outside enemies. He also has to deal with a traitor, a bank robbery, one tough knife fighter, chases and fire fights on the run.  around 56,000 words for $3.50  Even though for a reason I don't know it's still full price at Barnes and Noble-hopefully that will change.

 Above My Pay GradeX2  An exciting tale of NA, an young woman with emotional issues, who has a special ability to manipulate the very core vibrations that make up matter and energy. It's a Urban Fantasy story along the lines of the Dresden Files(Jim Butcher), The Walker Papers(C. E. Murphy), Alex Verus (Benedict Jacka) and The Retriever series(Laura Anne Gilman). NA has to content with Ghosts, a grizzly bear, an upset Griffin, an abuser, a potential rapist, while she tries to figure out why others like her are getting sick and what disaster she is suppose to stop while she deals with her emotional baggage.  96,000 words at $3.99

My author's page at Amazon minus the Tommy Tuckernocker book:

Tommy Tuckernocker at Amazon:

My author's page at Barnes and Noble:

and one more
At a web site known as smashowrds.com. They do all types of e-books in various formats so you can choose which one sorts you better. 

My author's page

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A series of Healthy Relationship messages from my pastor

Bill Chaney did a series of sermons titled "Health Relationships" based on the Fruit of the Spirit.

For those who don't know the Fruit is produced  in us by the Holy Spirit-He does the hard work produce it in our lives from the inside out. The Fruit are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith-faithfulness. Each message uses one, sometimes two of these to show how to have a healthy relationship with others. Much of the emphasis is on marriage but other type of relationships are included too. 
If you are having problems with a relationship or just want to make one even better try these podcasts. The Bible does have much to say about such things, using a understanding of what makes people tick and how to deal with it. 
These are presented with humor, common sense, the Bible, and even some personal experiences by Bill. They start with Love and go on, touching many issues of a relationship. 

There are outlines you can download with each message. They have the basic outline but with places for you to fill in too. 

So enjoy and learn:

Number one 
Number two
Number three
Number four
Number five
Number six

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nano update Thursday Nov 12

I got carried away the other night, went to bed a bit late because of it. I was typing along during a fight scene for my MC when I happened to glance up at the clock on my computer. Whoa, late and I hadn’t gone online yet. So I just shut down the writing, figured I had gone over the revised-downward-amount I wanted to do for the day. But it was late so I didn’t check how many words. Just did and I almost got to my original goal for the day. That’s like a thousand words I did while being carried away. The fight scene isn’t that long but it’s last four to six hundred words. 

So at the moment I am ahead of the word count NaNo says we should have done by this time. Saturday was good too, I went past my goal a bit which caught me up and now this. Good. :)

So my MC is being set up for her big “run” which will probably take up the last third of the book. At least for NaNo. Once I am down I will be revising it and lengthing it so I will probable have her do one or more others runs. BTW “runs” or “a run”is what I decided to call it when she does her courier thing. It could be two hours or week or more depending if the delivery is in town or across country. She hasn’t done any out country yet but she knows Couriers who have. 

Speaking of revising: the way I write I go back and do some revising as I go. I remember something I wanted to add but forgot at the time or I decide what I said could have been done better. Usually only a page or ten but at times I have gone back half way through the book. I haven’t gone more than four pages with this one but it could happen.

I am having fun coming up with scenes and events and showing her personality. I have said before I don’t do an outline even though I may have some scenes in mind I need to plug in somewhere. The fight scene was thought up when I got to it. It hadn’t even entered my mind to do something like that-my MC is helping another courier who was attacked by a gang-but I wanted a danger scene in this chapter and this fits. It’s the second chapter which will end after the fight scene.

It's set in our time if I can figure out how to include some references to our recent past. Like WWII and the Cold War. 

There is not internet, no cell phones even though I seem to have included electricity. Every vehicle is steam powered and they only have airships. 

Some 20,400 words plus what I did today so close to 21,000 words so far. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

My NaNoWriMo novel of 2015--more on what that means in post

Been way too long since I have done a post here. I keep thinking about it but never get to it. Yikes.

Anyway, just wanted to say to you all that I am doing Nanowrimo this year. National Novel Writing Month. They have done this every November for many years. They want everyone to do a novel 50,000 words-which is really very short for a novel. Any type, including personal. Do it down and dirty during the month. Clean up of grammar and phrasing can be done the next month. Some of the novels have been published and pro writers with many published books take part.

Kinda of late if any of you want to do it for you need to sign in by Saturday-Oct 31st-Midnight. But I decided to do it again, I have done five books through this. Last years is the next adventure of NA hero of my "Above My Pay GradeX2" an Indie published book available in E-book and paper version-great adventure, action, suspense and fun for the reader if I say so my self plus three other people.

Anyway I will be doing a steampunk adventure tale about a courier in our time yet steampunk tech world. She is young,  untried even though she has done this for a year or so. There will be adventure, chases of various types, action, hopefully suspense and humor.

It will be fun and work and my time here and writing other stuff will be lowered. I will still work on my serial here on G+  check out #journeyofmystery   and I want to get one certain story ready to send to Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I am half way done with that. Maybe finish it tomorrow but I also want to work on that serial. If I work long enough I might finish the writing part. I am placing revised sections on the serial each week and I am behind with that.  Which means even when I finish the story I will have at least another month of Saturdays to post before I finish the tale on G+.

Anyway I am a seat of the pants guy so I don't know much about what will happen in my NaNo novel this year. I have in mind two or three scenes but I will have to figure out where they go. This means I don't do outlines and plotting papers as some writers do. It would be helpful if I wrote down the names of the characters-I know of-before I start but that's about it for my planning.

Oh yes I had hoped to have last years Nano novel ready to Indie publish next month but it ain't going to happen. If I take a week off for Thanksgiving maybe the next month Jan '16. If I don't it could be another three months after that. 

Two of my pervious novels are still waiting revising and lengthen. I worked on one for a chapter or two and that's it for both. A project for next year. 

If you do decide last minute to do it go to the web site they have many helps and you can sign up and find out about online and live local groups that can help you. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Books "Tommy Tuckernocker" which is now live, and "Above My Pay Grade" on sale. $3.99 each E-book

I decided since this is the weekend of the Fourth to keep my brand new "Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior" a 58,000 word steampunk-special ops action packed adventure on sale for $3.99. On the 6th it will go to what will be its normal price of $5.99 for the E-book.  A paper version will be out very soon for $11.99.

Now live at Barnes & Noble and at Amazon and at iTunes, Kobo and other sites.

The story is about Tommy Tuckernocker, a brand new team leader who works for the Ministry of Shadow Warriors and Clandestine Affairs to protect his homeland New Devon. The setting is Steampunk with airships, steamcars and unique weapons. Good action along with Tommy's doubts chases, running battles, bank robberies, and a mother who wants to play matchmaker.

At the same time My older e-book "Above My Pay GradeX2" is also on sell for the Fourth. To be honest I hadn't thought of putting it on sale but I discovered I forgot to raise the price after the last sale. So it will be $3.99 a bit longer until the sixth. Usually price is $6.99 for E-version. $20.99 for trade size paper version.

This book has 96,000 words and contains a tale of adventure, action, mythical creatures, a Hero with doubt and a ton of emotional baggage-some of which fights back when she tries told real with it. Fun for the reader.

At Amazon  and Barnes&Noble  Plus iTunes, Kobo and other sites.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Book out Yay---Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior

More later but just wanted to say that I have my new book out in pre-order on two sites. Now at Amazon-Kindle  and at Smashwords  Hopefully more sites in the next couple of days.

$3.99 while on preorder. $5.99 once it goes live. For those who may have read this earlier. The book is 58,000 words.

Review by:
Christian Freed author of “Where Have All The Elves Gone”  christianwfreed@gmail.com   

"While I don't profess to any knowledge of the steam punk genre I immediately felt comfortable after only a few pages of jumping into Louis Doggett's Tommy Tuckernocker. Being a former soldier myself, I easily followed the flow and pacing of the story as Tommy took his team through a series of life and death situations that were not only action packed, but realistic in terms of how they play out. This book was not only enjoyable, but easily read. I found myself at the end much faster than I was prepared for. Kudos to Mr. Doggett for writing an enjoyable tale."

Tommy Tucketnocker leads a team who work for the Ministry of Clandestine Affairs and Shadow Warriors to protect his country from all enemies.

Meet Tommy Tuckerknocker; an agent of the Ministry of Clandestine Affairs and Shadow Warriors. He commands a team of fellow Shadows in an ongoing mission to protect New Devon from any and all enemies. He knows it is imperative that they keep everyone in the dark on who they are.
The leader of Deutschland Zwei wants to be Kaiser of the whole America Continent. New Devon is on his short list of counties to start with. In five tales of deadly adventures, wild chases, and violent action Tommy and team work to stop him.
Along with to dealing with guards, massive airships, guards, enemy soldiers, and countdowns Tommy will need to learn to lead, out think a traitor, deal with his own doubts, inexperience, and a growing angst.
And he has to cope with his mother; who, while she loves him, has her own ideas and a desire to matchmake.

Friday, May 8, 2015

New version of "Above My Pay GradeX2", better spelling-slight revision and update on next novel

First two updates. I am working on the book that follows "Above" It is titled "Learning CurveX2". I believe I am around 70% done even though I took about two months off from it while working on other writing stuff. It is back on track and I think I can get it published before January '15.

I have another book I want to Indie Publish but am having problems with the cover artist. I wanted it up the beginning of April but now I am not sure when.

Now to "Above My Pay GradeX2". As the title of this post says I worked on the spelling and found  misspellings that got by me the first time and fixed a few commas too. I also redid over fifteen sentences and a couple of smaller paragraphs so it should read easier too.

So in celebration of that I am showing it off again with hopes some readers will find it worth buying.

"Above" is a Urban Fantasy book, along the same lines as Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, Laura Anne Gilman's Cosa Nostradamus three series, especially The Retriever's one, and C. E. Murphy's Walker Paper's. Not that I expect my writing to be as good as theirs.

My Novel is about a young woman names NA who has a special ability, which she uses to help people who have problems with mythical creatures or who want to get out of an abusive relationship. Without warning though she finds herself with a case above her experiences. If she does not find someone who is making people like her sick, they will do a ritual that will end up with hundreds of people dead, that includes her best friends. Along the way she fights: a mother grizzly, ghosts, a griffin, her own emotional baggage and an attacker who knows how to block her ability.

The story has adventure, deadly encounters and situations, mythical creatures, and a mystery.

It can be found in paper and Nook versions at  Barnes and Noble

and the paper and Kindle versions at Amazon.

Both sites have a slight discount on the paper version.

And you can find the E-book with your choice of formats at smashwords

Also at iTunes store and Kobe.com

Sunday, May 3, 2015

My Pastor's message on bridge building in marriage

Pastor Bill Chaney is doing a series on bridge building. The first one dealt with Jesus being the bridge between and God.

This one deals with marriage relationships. He touches on divorce, sex, relating to each other. Very well done with humor and he makes sense. It would help most relationships, improve even if good already or bad or in-between.

Right here is the link to the podcast   It is worth your time to listen if you are married, engaged or thinking of marriage,


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


A new number appeared on my list of members or followers so I checked out to see if I had a new follower. There seemed to be one extra so hey good. But tonight one seems to be missing. So did I gain and lose a follower? I don't know. The different number thing happened one time before and I'm not sure if I ever figured out why.

But I did find two, maybe three, followers I didn't recall and may never have said welcome and thanks for joining. I couldn't find a date of joining or how long a member number so I'm not sure if any are new or not. If I am way late I'm sorry should have caught it sooner.

But in any case.  Welcome to any that could be new and thanks for coming by and thanks for those who have stuck around for years in some cases.  I appreciate that.

I could use a few more followers and as I said I appreciate new and old ones.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

EASTER '15 : The why of it and the Forgiveness, Hope, joy, peace it can bring

    This is my yearly Easter-Resurrection day post. I’ve done one for-I think-three years now. A couple of you may have read the earlier ones, if so you may see something similar in this one.  I do them for two reasons. To get the word out what Easter is really all about-That Jesus really rose from the dead, God’s Mercy and Love-and at the same time to give people hope and to let them know their past can be forgiven; no matter what they have done, not done, or what was done to them or even if they are near perfect. And that Joy, Peace and Love comes along with Salvation.

      Easter, or as some like to call it Resurrection Day, is the time we set aside to celebrate the physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ after a very painful death in our place. That death which we talk about on Good Friday took hours to accomplish. He not only was whipped close to death but he had to hang from a boards that His hands were nailed to. As I understand it after a while his lungs would stop working in that position so he basically suffocated. More happened to Jesus during His death but He went through all of it for you. The Bible and life is clear that no one is perfect-we all have blown it one way or another. Some a whole lot more than others. This imperfection or sin causes many hurts build up in our lives. Some don’t seem all that bad while others are devastating to us personally and to others. Some hurts are caused by the sin of others but they all can be healed. His Resurrection showed his victory over the devil, death the grave and that His sacrifice was accepted. So now “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved”.
     Not only is God—thanks to Jesus’ death and Resurrection—willing and able to forgive us completely of Every wrong we have done, but He is more than willing to heal those hurts. He can, He created us. That is the double Hope of Easter.  Being right with God-having a relationship with Jesus our new best friend as my pastor likes to say and that we can be healed. He doesn’t leave us as He finds us. Some of that takes time as He deals with us but it is accomplished no matter what. 

     There is more that could be said. Jesus offers us a Peace that goes beyond understanding, a Joy unspeakable and a Love that goes beyond anything else. He showed His Great love in that we were yet sinners—even if we flipped Him off by our actions—He sent Jesus to die for us.  As a verse a good portion of you may know says.  or “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”   For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. He didn’t have to send Jesus for that and Jesus didn’t have to go through with it all. Hebrews 12:2 (KJV)
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.  We are that Joy. No matter what we have done not done or has been done to us, or if we think we are near perfect. 

That is why we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ every year but it shows God’s great Mercy and Love and because of it we can be right with the Creator and have all of our sine forgiven and receive His gifts of Hope, joy, peace at the same time. 

If you would like to know more leave a note, send an E-mail or contact my church-Valley Christian Center- Here

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Developing a Winning World View parts Five and Six-a audio series by my Pastor Bill Chaney

A while back I posted a link to a podcast on iTunes for worldview message by my pastor Bill Chaney. The correct title is “Developing a Winning Worldview”. I also posted a second message in that series directly on Google+. I decided to finish off the series back here on my blog.  Here is a link that Post 

For those on Google+ here is the link to my post there  

Here are links to Parts Five and six of "Developing a Winning Worldview"

If you are interested in the whole six part series these links take you to where you can download the one message but if you click on the Valley Christian Center above the line it will take you to the whole podcast page. On it you will be able to find all parts, one through six, and any previous messages you may want to listen to. Depending on how long into the future you read this you of course have to scroll down, but you should be able to find the “Developing A Winning Worldview” series. 

If you click on the light blue note that says,  “Sermon Outline Download (.pdf)”  you can download a PDF file of the sermon outline. The church hands these out each week, so anyone who wants to can fill in the blanks and add any additional notes they want to.

The sub title to number five is “What Will Make Our World Better” and has a lot of info on that subject. Bill deals with various approaches to World problems with a short description of how each method works.
The second section of Number five deals with “The Hope of The World is to Recognize The Significance of Jesus’ Sacrifice”. It contains a lot of good stuff that I would like more people to hear: “He Took My Punishment”, “He Bought My Freedom”, “He Restored My Relationship”, “He Gave Me a New Identity”, finally “He Defeated Death And the Devil”.

These two messages have important info on how Jesus works, how to live a good life. They are well done with humor and clear ideas. 

In closing I would like to say that Jesus is Lord and He Loves us each one of us individually as much as He can. He promised us not only a forgiveness of sin and a right-good-relationship with God the Creator, but He also promised us Peace that goes beyond understanding, a Joy so good that you can’t explain it  and Love so great that it is beyond even human love as good as that can be. 

If you want to talk to someone here is a link to the contact page of Valley’s web site. Right Here

And if you like facebook here’s their facebook page