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Black Friday sale on E-books and NaNo Novel update.

Should have done this last week but here are some excerpts from the NaNoWriMo novel I am working on. It is book two in my Vibrations series. Book one is “Above My Pay GradeX2” Which just happens to be on sale this week of Thanksgiving-Black Friday, 2014. $1.99  at and hopefully other sites in a day or three. And My two story sets are $.99 each for this week. My Books on smashwords and this blog. While I am at it try Rod's Tales a UF continual adventure. And a few of my stories

More on NaNoWriMo here. I am at 38,600 and some words, which is ahead of the schedule. It will be around 51,000 to 56,000 at the end of the month, but I will be revising it and adding words, so it will be around 80,000 to 95,000 word by the time I get done. There will be one more, maybe two, excerpts. 

Here is the blurb on the NaNo site. 
Learning CurveX2 is the continuing adventures of NA who can manipulate matter and energy by changing the very vibrations that are the basic building blocks of everything. She also has even more extreme emotional baggage she has to tame, learn how to handle more power and to become a friend. On her spare time she has to handle ghouls, fairies, a birthday party for her and an angry Adept who thinks he's a demigod. Plus various other dangers. “

So here are the excerpts; They have been shortened somewhat so they are not too long. And they have been just spellchecked, no other revising or editing. So these are very rough drafts. 

Number One; NA fights a mother ghoul after its babies were killed. 

Something stood in the shadow. It looked man height, but wider. It stepped forward and stared at the bodies as if in shock. Another move and I could make out more. Its face had jowls even though smaller and more streamlined. I looked down and it’s whole body was narrower than the one I fought. And I thought I saw boobs: two bulges at chest high with skin that looked almost like armor plating. 
    Of course; ghouls had to be able to reproduce, even though I had never heard of a nest or little ones before. It looked up, first at Daisy. Two drops of blood choose that moment to drop from the sword and to join the rest of them. My mouth trembled, my skin turned cold.
     It then looked at me. Somehow it seemed to know I had killed its mate. That could be my imagination though. Or maybe I had some of his blood on me. Maybe it just knew the fact that we were alive meant he was dead. A strong female musk odor drifted my way. Was it in heat or did it always smell that way? In either case we were in trouble. I hurt-a lot-was low on V-nergy and Daisy held the sword. She stood on the other side of the pile of little bodies.    
     With a sudden move, the female ghoul lifted her head and let out a roar scream of rage and pain. Part of my mind wanted to say it was surprised that ghouls would care that much for their young. Another part answered, they had to for no one else would love a baby ghoul; they didn’t even look cute. Even baby grizzles looked cute and I knew from personal experience how a mother bear would react if it thought you had killed its young. 
     Without warning this mother lowered her head and charged. While it screamed its loose I had time to think. I flung my hand toward it. The same three stars formed in mid air on their way to it. I took a second to be amazed how well they did that. 
     All three zipped their way. She didn’t even try to dodge. All three cut into her chest, blood sprayed outward with each star, but she ignored them. They came out her back and all she did was increase her speed. I willed them back. They all flipped around and hit her again. She staggered a step but again ignored the injury. This time spread the fingers of each hand outward. She grunted so I knew the stars heated up enough to burn her insides. This at least slowed her, but not by much. I moved; fear and despair grew, but she reached Daisy before I could block her. I couldn’t stop the short scream that came out of my mouth. A tear may have dropped from one eye. My inner garden felt like it shattered, even my inner self screamed. 
     Daisy did something unexpected, again, she lifted the sword with both hands as the female ghoul closed in to hugging distance. With a jerk that included a sickening wet crunch the ghoul stopped. Daisy fell back a step, her arms bounced inward then back out. Both the blood stink and the musk oder increased. I couldn’t understand why the ghoul had halted like that. Something reflected light behind her. 
     My mind worked again. The female ghoul stood there impaled on the blade, it stuck all the way through her. I started to mover toward her, but she reached for Daisy, even pulled herself along the blade to get inches closer. Daisy had to drop the sword to step back out of reach. When the hilt dropped, it dragged the ghoul’s upper body foreword and downward, which slowed it. 
     I said, “Run.”
     She did.  
    The ghoul tried to straighten and to reach for Daisy, but Daisy moved fast. I came around and wondered how to finish off the creature. I called the stars to me, maybe another attempt at her heart. Two came to me. They erupted out of her in a burst of blood and grey flesh. Something wet hit me. When I looked down at my front I saw two red drops. Interesting that they had the same color blood as we did. I held out my hands; both stars landed with a gentle touch. I almost dropped them though. They felt warm, wet and sticky. Yecch, ghoul blood and bits of flesh from her insides. I blinked where was the third one? I sent out another V-nergy strand and called for it again. Nothing. It had hit her near where the sword lay in her. Maybe the blade blocked the star, I sent another strand. Nothing, I stared at the ghoul or the sword I wasn’t sure which one I blamed. The star didn’t exist anymore.
    I would take care of the problem later, the ghoul had gripped the sword hilt and was trying to pull it out. I decided it would be better if I had it. That meant I needed to get close to those sharp, dirty, very long fingernails. I was surprised they missed Daisy. 
    With my bracelet I could form a shield without using what little V-nergy I still stored. One idea though. I reached out all around me and pulled in the V-nergy stored in all matter. If I took too much I would cause damage to the object or person I drew it from. Maybe. Supposedly you could not take enough to do any real harm to the object. I did it once though. I drew in so much from two Users-minor mages-I knocked them unconscious. They survived without any lasting harm, but I could have killed them. That was still a sore spot on my conscience. In a panic situation I accidentally used a necklace I didn’t know would allow me to take that much V-nergy. I vowed never to do that again, even if I couldn’t without the necklace. 
     This time though I could control what I took. The female ghoul jerked my way, like she knew what I did. Maybe I picked some of her V-nergy-which I didn’t want-or she could sense when I used it. 
     I formed body armor made from V-nergy. That was a new Trick I had taught myself. Most who use it to produce a shield, make a wall or a knight in shining armor type of shield. I usually form a combination of both of those. This time it encased my body, except for a mouth hole. My third attempt at this trick, scared me badly when I realized air couldn’t get in. It took me seconds to concentrate enough to un-form it. 
     Now covered with an outfit she couldn’t slash through--or so I hoped--I walked toward her. She saw me and growled. Her voice sounded lighter with a very slight musical tone; which I found incredulous. 
    She said, “I will kill you and feed on your insides, while you are alive. I know how to keep you living.”
     I couldn’t help it I said, “Maybe you want to, but I say only in your dreams. You’re a has been. Your mate was judged and you are too.”
     She blinked in surprise at that last. I didn’t know why I added it. 
     Like her mate, her response was anger. She snarled and tried to reach me. I ducked around her hand and knocked away the hand that remained on the sword hilt. I gripped and pulled, while I did, I lifted the blade a bit so it would cut into her torso more, I also gave it a slight twist. This was to help it come off of any organ, muscle or bone it might be stuck on. It also did more damage.
     She reacted faster and with more force than I expected. In the space of half an hour I found myself flying through the air after some force hit me. This time I landed no better than the previous two times. I bruised a large bruise and rolled once. With an effort, I stood. It took me only a second to realize two things. First, the female ghoul staggered my way, blood leaked everywhere, from the gaping wound at the bottom of where I assumed her stomach lay and from two small holes in her chest. One just below one boob and the other at the top of her rib cage. 
     The second thing I noticed cheered me. I held the sword. I lifted it to an en garde position. I hoped this would not take long. My arm muscles ached already. I fought with my body to keep from gagging from the stink of her blood as she neared me. A second later I tasted blood. My own I thought; I hoped it was only from that cut on my upper lip or my nose. Bile flavored the blood since as weak as I felt I wondered if I could win this even as hurt as she was. 
     She lounged at me, out of instinct I swung the sword. The finger nail claws on her right hand popped off. Her hand jerked slightly to that side. She glanced at her hand in amazement, but only for a second. She kicked out with one foot. It took me by surprise and I scooted backward. I wanted to rub the spot on my leg her foot had connected, but didn’t have the time. She swung her other hand, I leaned back, she grabbed the sword, two of her fingernail nubs dug into the back of my hand. She leaned forward to take a bite of my face. 

End of excerpt One”

This one is part of a flashback to when NA first fought someone stronger than her to protect someone. In this case young fairies. 

Start Two
I caught a whiff of something. I looked some of them over to see if any of the really small ones wore diapers-Not that I could tell. I played with the ball, I threw it up and caught it. Next I changed the colors as it spun in a throw. I went through the whole rainbow and added brown and a bright grey to the mix. They seemed to like it.
     A new smell made me look up. They didn’t act like anything had changed, but I knew something was up. The hair on the back of my neck raised for one thing. That had happened only twice before. I was attacked by someone my age. He was a mage, but obviously only on my level of training. I still don’t know if he was just being a bully, Patricia would jerk the slack out of him of that was the case or. a dark lord in training. I managed to chase him away before he could do something serious. I had had other fights, but they were pretty much just scuffles, this was serious. I ended up finding and pulling in a patch of V-nergy near by and used that to shock him. We were wrestling at the time, he backed off, I formed a shield like a big Roman shield. He threw some Tricks my way, I managed to send one back. And punched him when he was distracted. He took off running, I threw a slap Trick at him because he had touched me some place he shouldn’t have. 
     This time I looked around. Nothing, I used my V sight. Something was there, but I couldn’t tell exactly what or where. I didn’t know how that worked with fairies. They might be angry at me, or think I was trying to harm their children. ................

With a growing unease I faced the trees behind me. Something wasn’t right. I looked at the trees and shadows, even swept the grass with my eyes. I saw what could only be stringers or bits of V-nergy that leaked from someone. Some came my way. I knew that was me drawing in V-nergy. I practiced doing it without thinking and I had been pulling some in since I sat down. That was one reason I liked this park, there always was some extra V-nergy here.  
     Not sure what to do, I sent out gentle probes to see if I could pick up anything, I jerked forward. Yikes, someone had caught the probe and used its connection to me to pull me toward them. A bad taste formed in my mouth, bile I later learned, for he must be powerful.
     I looked around at the fairies, none of them looked old enough to be of much help.  They are very tough, and can fly like a helicopter-UFO fusion. I pulled in more V-nergy, a bit more than I can usually handle, but I had the feeling it wouldn’t be there for long. With that thought I also pictured how to do shields, fire and to use real objects as weapons and for defense.............

  He looked dead. Not a zombie Mage. What did he want us for?  I had heard how dark Mage make zombies as cheap servants and to terrorize people, but how could one be a Mage? He would have to be under the control of someone else, unless him being a powerful Mage enabled him to break free.
      As he walked closer I studied him more. He looked pale, with shrunken cheeks, and hair like straw. One ear had three earrings in it and the other two. He wore all black, with tears and stains here and there. When he reached a certain point he lifted one hand, moved it like he shook out something, a net appeared strung along his fingers. It looked like an odd fishing net, but I knew from a surge from him creating it, that it wasn’t. I looked at the fairies. Did he want to eat fairy brains? Or mine? 
     My feet spread out into a better fighting stance and I readied a shield. This one would be like the Roman shield I made weeks ago, but wider with wings on each side. I would make it thicker and more sturdy too. I had practice and read up on V-nergy shields. 
      By my posture he probably guessed I planned to fight him, something high pitched buzzed next to me ear. I automatically waved my hand there to shoo away whatever flew there. It took me a second to realize it was him. The sound adjusted and I heard, “I have no beef with you. I don’t care what you do, just leave me alone. I have an experiment to do.”
       I goggled at him; a necromancy not a zombie. Even though I have never meant, or even seen one, I should have known. A zombie Mage wouldn’t work, even though that description fit what I saw-and smelled. From what I heard and read this guy was not unusual in his outfit and body odor even though many dress and act ordinary. They also can be very powerful and dangerous when crossed. And I was about to cross one.....  

I placed both hands behind me like the at ease position I’ve seen in military movies. I thought it might do two things: make him think I was relaxed and wasn’t going to attack him, and it would hide the ball of energy I wanted to form very slowly. 
      He glanced at me, but also eyed the fairies. They flew around, making various musical noises. I almost giggled when I thought about them tooting and what that term meant for humans. A giggle would not be appropriate right now, even though one might make him think I was crazy and unpredictable. I stood there with what I hoped was a half smile. Some of my favorite singers could do that. Jimmy Dean did and Elvis Presley. People are surprised that I some times listened to dead early rockers, but they had something that attracted me. Thrash and Techno were still my favorites though.
     My mind did it to me again, I needed to concentrate on the upcoming fight, not side issues on what type of music I liked. I hoped this wouldn’t become a habit. He kept one eye on my as he stalked the fairies. The oldest ones now knew they were in danger. One squeaked at me flew by one ear and chimed, she zipped to the other one and chimed louder. I don’t if she asked for help or warned me to run, but I ignored her without even a glance. Through the corner of my eye I saw her pout and it looked like she wanted to hop up and down, but you can’t do that effectively when you are flying. 
     The necromancy had the net ready he swung, at the moment he slung it out toward a group of five to eight fairies, I threw my energy ball along its path. I was off a bit, it touched the far edge. The net closed in around it. After a moment the net sizzled and started to be consumed by an expanding ball of energy that rolled and pitched in bright colors. I turned his head at me with a disappointed expression. He threw three fat disk shapes at me. They all expanded and burst fourth in fire and smoke. The bench got charred. I no longer stood by it. As soon as my ball left my hand, I dove to one side, rolled, got up and ran as hard and fast as I could move. It wasn’t very fast though. I huffed and puffed my way to a stop. I had ran in a curve so that I now stood-and panted-behind him. I formed the shield in front of me and formed a thunder cloud that would rain fire on him. I had heard of that in a Sunday School Class a friend of mine talked me into going three years ago. 
     He spun around and threw a arm in my direction. Something impacted the shield, hard. I almost fell backwards, but it held. Two more quick throws, each one harder. The last one hurt, but my shield protected me. It had weakened though. I figured it would, but I hoped to distract him while the fairies ran for home. Once they left I could run, but they didn’t. I mumbled under my breath that they were stupid. I wanted to shout, “RUN”, but figured he would hear and chase them down if they did. And where were their adults? 
     Meanwhile my cloud reached him and started to rain large fiery hail stones. The first two hit his head and one shoulder. He looked up, I thought that idiotic since that is where they came from, but I soon saw he formed a shield of his own. A few missed the shield and landed on the grass. Two rolled toward his feet. I helped four more along. He didn’t notice until one burned through his shoe. He yelped and hopped up and down three times. This time I let the laugh out even if only for a second........... 

When I glanced down I saw little-very little fairies milling around my feet. Something sparkled, more of the wee creatures flew around my head, then my body, more glitter. My eyes flew wide--fairy dust. For a second I wondered if they produced it as poop as one person said. But I saw it flow from their bodies. I imagined it coming out of their pores. Maybe it just appeared when they willed it. 
     His hand glowed black; I knew he would launch another attack in a second. I threw my hand up and sent a blast of my own. His zipped out again met mine just about past half to him. They exploded, black smoke and bits of fire reigned through the sky. Pain shot through me, I almost doubled over, but managed to stumble sideways. I knew my shield had failed. Even though it stopped the part of his blast that hadn’t been stopped my mine, I still hurt. With a desperate search I tried to find more V-nergy. I found some, but not enough to fill me up. There should be more, but wasn’t, I had to get more. But nothing. I ran toward some trees, that female fairy flew to my face and chimed, in eight tones. Oh, the fairy dust. How did they use it to fly? Oh, yes. I wished for flight. Harder, I believed-it happened. I saw the upper parts of the trees. I smiled, but with a sudden surge my feet shot upward. I ended up floating through the air at a slant, with my head down. Yikes, not what I wished for or believed. I concentrated on my flight, got some control. Something zipped past, a tree exploded in black fire and smoke..........
      My feet still wanted to go upward. I willed myself to move and I did straight up, fast. I willed myself down, this time I went straight down. Stopped just before I hit the ground. My bare arms hurt, and seemed red, like air burns or something. Air met my face as I pushed upward but slower. The ground under me exploded, bits of dirt and rock peppered me. What? I hadn’t seen a flash of black fire.  My up and down and sideways course confused him for he missed twice more. It confused me as in dizziness........  
     Somehow I found myself near him. Maybe I could zoom at him and hit his stomach with my head. Hard enough, it would injury him. Hopefully I would survive okay, since it was a softer part of his body. Unless of course he lifted weights in his spare time.  At the same time, it took more concentration to get me  back higher. Oh oh, the dust must be wearing out. I tried to form a hard V-nergy helmet on my head and to flip over aimed head first toward him. Somehow while I tried to flip and to form the helmet at the same time I lost control of my feet. I flipped, rolled as my feet went up. Sky, trees moved, I saw ground for a second, flipped again. Something hard hit the ends of my heels and backs of my lower shins. I looked down, saw a sight that scared me. His face between my legs. My eyes went wide as thoughts of rape came to mind. By his expression I could tell he hadn’t done it. Somehow I landed with my lower legs on either side of his head. Before I could decide what to do my inner self acted. I squeezed my feet together. Once I realized what I was doing, I pressed them together harder. I wanted to pinch his head off. He started to turn blue. I tried harder. His eyes flashed fear and his lips narrowed. Between one eye blink and another I saw sky, trees and ground go by very fast. Something hard hit my side and back. I groaned and looked up. I lay next to a tree, many feet away from him. The tree hadn’t hit me, I smashed into it. Somehow he had sent me spinning away from him.”

end excerpt Two

Last excerpt She and her new puppy she doesn’t want, fight a Troll to protect a girl in a city park. Puppy broke loose and ran to the park,

 I prepared what I wanted to say to Puppy, for some type of animal must be in the trees. A scream however, made me increase my speed. In the shadows of the trees a preteen stood. Something stalked her. It ignored Puppy’s barks, I rushed past her. The something turned. I slowed, almost stopped. It had short horns  hooded eyes, a double slit for a nose, bony cheek bones, a long, narrow mouth and very thick hair. It had wide shoulders, grey-green skin with splotches, long ape-like arms, short legs. It was short.
     It fit the description of a bridge troll, not a larger desert Troll. Most trolls live in deserts. Some liked to live on rivers under something. They liked bridges. There were no bridges around here, the closest one was an overpass. She looked exhausted maybe it had chased her from it. I’m not sure why that thought crossed my mind, maybe the Geas. Last time it seemed to feed me ideas like that.
     Even while I thought that I had drown in as much V-nergy from the area as I could. It came both faster and took longer than usual. 
     It must have sensed my gathering of V-nergy, for it turned and said, “Sheee issst miine Human Maage.”
     My eyes went wide, so they could really communicate. It had a what I could only think of as a heavy nasal tone, and an accent. 
     “Du caaan’t haaave her. Goo Fiind anootheer victim.”
    Why did he think I wanted to harm her? Maybe it thought I was a dark Mage. My black clothes and frown?
     For some reason that made me upset, “Dark one, I. Am. Not. Evil. Jetst gehen!”
     I almost startled when I said that last. I don’t know German, but at the same time it hit me. His accent was German. A bridge troll from Germany? How in hell did it get here? Why? It picked up a stone in one hand. It threw it at me. I barely leapt to one side as it whistled past me. Yes, it made a sound as it burned through the air. Puppy growled and moved to the other side. As I rolled and leapt back up, I saw the troll stare at Puppy like it hadn’t seen one before. I shook out my bracelet, decided an illusion of me would not fool it, and I wasn’t time for the shield-yet. 
      The Troll turned back to me, “Weee haaave noo quarrel Fraulein Mage. Ich can see Du aaareee miiightyyy, but sooo am Ich. Ich would nooot fight ooone as hiiigh aaaas du, but Ich aaam hungry.”
      Now that took me by surprise. A mytho who thought I was mighty? Me? Maybe I looked like someone it had fought in the past. It was about to find out I wasn’t mighty.  
      I would try, probably get hurt in the process, but I wasn’t going to let that girl be eaten, probably alive if those stories were true. That meant I would have to kill it. I killed ghouls without feeling bad, but somehow this one was different.     
     I said, “I don’t want to fight and kill you. I’ve killed two ghouls, a werewolf, a boogyman-plus a very mighty Mage,” I shrugged, “but tonight all I want is to walk my dog and practice my drumming.”
     Some of that was stretching the truth of course. I had had help.This Troll didn’t need to know all that. It reached for the girl in a very sudden movement. I had expected something even though not that, I reacted with a Trick.
     Five throwing stars large sized. The first two missed, but the third hit the Troll in the arm she held the girl’s arm with. A fourth sliced into the side of the Troll. I’m not sure what happened to the last one. It seemed to disappear in a cloud. The creature let go of the girl. She backed off and screamed loud enough for the Troll to wince. I would have thought it was used to screaming.
      It turned to me again, dug out the star in its side. I sent three clouds. As each reached two feet from it, each cloud spread out and turned into a net. The nets dropped one at a time over the creature and wrapped themselves around it. The Troll spun around four times. 
     They secured the Troll; a heartbeat later it pulled its arms from where they were tired to its sides.  The nets reattached themselves and tightened. It growled then let out a yell of effort. It ripped apart all three nets in one outward swing. I let out a loud yip of my own as the Tricks were destroyed. I spun to one side and fell from the backlash. That hurt. I lay there and breathed in for a heartbeat. The ground smelled of grass and tree mulch. With a speed that surprised me it went after the girl, I sat up, sent a hurried Trick that spun like a Frisbee. It turned into hooks and sharp points. None penetrated far into its skin, but it slowed. Puppy ran to it, jumped up and down while she barked very loud. The Troll tried to go around. By then the girl had ran by two close trees. It couldn’t squeeze between them. 
     It spun around tried to stomp Puppy. She leapt backwards and the foot missed. I took another deep breath in preparation of standing. Something hit me hard though and shattered. Pieces pricked my skin and my lip. Another one landed near me, I was showered with broken pieces. I rolled over twice and jumped up with a quick movement. Something hit my knee, I felt it break apart. I looked down and saw pieces of pinecones. I looked at it, and backed up. It stood half way to me as it pulled back its hand for another throw. I managed to duck that pinecone. A bruise already formed where the first one had hit. I snarled at it, and waved my hand as I sent a command out. The ground opened under it. The Troll leapt over the opening before it could form all the way. I did it three more times. The last time the Troll’s foot fell down into the opening. I closed it quickly.  
     It pulled itself out with an effort. I tried to keep the dirt together, but it broke though my will. A second time I fell down. I lay dazed, heard a dog bark. I spat dirt and grass out of my mouth, still don’t like that taste, rolled sideways, stood. Puppy ran back and forth around the Troll. force hit my right shoulder spun me around, almost knocked me down again. Owww, that one was a rock. I shook out my bracelet to make a shield when Puppy ran around the Troll almost as quick as the Troll could move. Puppy closed in, bit the left leg of the Troll. The creature screamed, reached, picked Puppy up and tossed her away. My eyes went wide, no Puppy! went through my head. She spun around in the air, landed on her feet, ready for another round. I readied and lunched what could best be described as a small hardheaded missile. It impacted the Troll in its stomach with a loud smack. The Troll bent over in pain, but recovered very fast.
     A thought came to my mind that I needed the sword. I didn’t have it though. The Geas said, “Call for it, it will come.”
     “I can’t translock like that.”
     “Call it, it will come-now!”
     The Troll advanced on Puppy and me. An engine caught my attention through the trees I saw a minivan full of children about to park. They couldn’t see our fight. I tried to send a sunburst to scare the driver, but the Troll reached up and grabbed my Trick. My V-nergy level felt low after our battle and the destruction of now, three Tricks. 
     The Troll stumped my way, I could see it was hurt, but far from being even close to being out of it. I sent my consciousness to my place, I found the sword, pulled at it.
      “Call it!”
      Call it? How? Hey sword come to me. Nothing. I willed the command again. I put out my hand. Something hard smacked into my palm. The Troll kicked at Puppy who barely avoided it. I placed both hands on the sword, yelled, ran to the Troll. It looked up at me with shock. I let go of one hand, sent a blast. It zipped past the Troll too fast for me to see, ripped into a tree. I hadn’t commanded it to do that. The Troll took two very fast steps and swung with the back of its hand. It connected with the sword, knocked it out of my hand, sent me tumbling. My side hit something hard; maybe its foot. I cried out. Not broken, nor I thought cracked; two ribs hurt bad. I hit the ground and flipped. I tasted blood, I thought-hoped-it came from my busted lip. Car doors shut. Something rumbled. It’s stomach?
     I called for that sword. It came to me, I managed to surpass the pain, ran toward the Troll. Somehow I executed a leap upward, spun, came down with the blade. I felt a moment of resistance. Blood spouted from the end of the arm. I swung again, lifted my arms as high as I could. The Troll put up its arm to block it, but the sword through where the hand had been. The blade hit its neck, cut through skin, blood vessels. The head fell away with a shocked look on its face. Blood pumped out. It stunk. 

End last excerpt. 

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The next Rod tale plus three science Fiction stories this time.

Okay, I finally got to my Rod’s tales. One new 749 word tale this time.  A somewhat different adventure this time and I hope we learn a tiny bit more of who Rod is. I may have said this before. If it is a repeat, pardon me, I want to make sure I get it said. If I remembered my takes correctly I have over 21 already. The thing is at least six are on paper and I need to type them onto my computer. So when I do that I will print up the tales-22 to 25 of them-in an E-book as I said I would. That day is probably closer than I originally thought. Last time, or the time before, I also stated that I would be doing only a section of the next story because it would over 3,000 words long, but as it turns out I haven’t reached that point yet. Maybe next time.  

This time around though I also added three Science Fiction stories to my story page. I had been thinking of adding a new one and it just sort of worked out for these three. 

Two of them--the first and last of this batch--are older tales which I wrote five to six years ago. Over the years I learned more about writing and revised them once and two or three times in the other case. Before posting them, I went over them again to add what I hope make them read better. However, even with the revisions they are not my best. At the same time I think they are solid stories you might enjoy. Each of these three are Science Fiction. I must add though, that even though I tried, more than likely they could use some help with nitpicks and commas. I worked on those two problems, but I assume I didn't catch everything--which I apologize for. All together they are around 6,000 words. 

Story Two is a special one--I wrote it for a very recent “Talk Like A Pirate Day.” And to add to the unique nature of it, on a whim I decided to add some halfway hidden references to other stories in published worlds. I have noticed that even pros will do that, so I thought I would give it a try. They name no names, but at times it easy to figure out what is meant. That is why I decided to place the story here instead of sending it to any markets. If you can figure out all the references, I will name you in a blog post and if it is before Oct 29-2014 I will give you a coupon code for half my E-book at Of course that code has been placed in two blog posts, but just in case you missed those I will give it to you.

So Enjoy all the tales and please tell me if you do....or if you find something totally off kilter about them. 

I have thought about going on Twitter to announce the new Rod tales and other writing news--new novels and additions to my story page-but I would appreciate you saying something along the lines of do it so you can know when a Rod tale is added--or any other writing News. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Almost Concert Time, Yay.

In the blog's blurb (Hmm, "A Bundle of Blog's Blurbs" how's that for a story title?)  Anyway, in mine basically I said that I would talk about other things besides writing and and a few political comments. Well, this is one of the other things.  I get to go see my favorite band that is still together--Yes, that implies I have a favorite band that isn't still together.  The concert is on the 23 third of this month Sept.

As far as I can recall they have never been here before, even though it might be once years ago. I haven't been to any concert for a couple of years, and before that it was a few years. Even though it will make for a late Tuesday night I want to see them live.

I have mentioned them once or twice before in my blogs and probably will again some time.

The band has been around for years, Mark the lead singer and song writer, has an excellent voice and knows how to get in where we live. Not every song deals with "Everyman" but many do. He knows how to hit us where we live. In ways that bring Joy but also in ways that make us think.

Here is a series of four videos that are examples of their music.

This one is the second song of theirs that caught my attention and the first one I really picked up on their name.

Here #1

Not sure if this next song is the next one in line but I decided it goes here anyway.

Here #2

This next one might be not as well known as some of theirs but it's great: how they do it and what it says.

Here #3 

Last one in this list. It's off of their latest album and might be my favorite on it.

Here #4

Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Rod's Tale

For those who don't know yet. I placed another Rod's Tale--this one 794 words--on that section of my blog.  The button for that section is up above.

I don't mind if you tell me what you think....:)  

Friday, August 22, 2014

Second Above Pay GradeX2 excerpt and coupon code

With everything else going on--including new Above Pay files and working on my WotF story--I had forgotten I was going to post another excerpt. So finally here it is. In this one NA is fighting supernatural creatures who act like ghosts. 

 This time there is a half price code for after it.   Remember this code is for smashwords only.   

------I managed to get far enough ahead to turn back toward them for a moment. I formed a wall out of ice; moved to a corner of whatever room I was in and panted thinking the wall might keep them out for a few seconds. I tasted salt when sweat dripped into my mouth, my hair felt soaked, my heart pounded like a bass drum played by someone on speed.
     As to the wall stopping them, nope. The large one hit the ice full on----and burst through it. I forgot they could be corporeal. The crash was amazingly loud. I crouched and covered my head with my hands as ice splinters flew everywhere. Tiny pricks peppered my exposed skin as small splinters rained on me. I looked up and saw ice sticking out of the floor-I make very hard ice-the ceiling and a chair near me. 
     That didn’t work very well I thought as I did the only
thing I could think of. I formed a doppelgänger. More than one image goes by that name; in this case it was like 3D image of me. Like the one I used on the guy with the witch hazel suit but you could touch this one. It takes a lot of energy but it’s usually only needs to last for a few seconds and I was desperate. I could control it like a computer image. I made it sputtered with V-nergy which should attract the ghost as long as it lasted which would be no more then thirty-seconds in this case.
     I ran out the door as the creatures flew to where my doppelgänger stood giving them the finger. They wouldn’t know what that meant but it was emotionally satisfying, even if it
was just my image doing it.  
     When I looked over my shoulder, I thought Oops maybe they did know. They seemed to have become even angrier. All three hit the image hard. As I ran down the hallway I felt them come after me. That copy of myself didn’t last any thirty-seconds-I would have to demand my money back. If I survived to sue myself that is. 
     I’m not sure why but I found myself near the library. Just going around in a circle-sort of-I guess. I noticed a door in one wall and guessed it to be the way downstairs. I had no other choice but to head down there and see if I could get lost in all V noise the other ghosts were making. Or just start blasting them, that sometimes works also.
     Half way down the stairs it hit me. Damn, they produce cold, put out lights especially the type that produced heat, they won’t go near Brittany who was running a high fever, they felt cold, the ice had no affect on them. 
     I nodded in the dark of the stairs, now I had a weapon-I hoped. I was close enough to the bottom so I could sense them moving around-and there were young ones here. Good god, this was a breeding ground for them. No wonder the ones chasing me acted more aggressive than what was reported as normal. 
     As I moved toward them I could taste something in the air. It tasted cold and vibrant with V-nergy. I ducked as I felt something coming up fast. A ghost flew by me and joined the others. I thought I felt something similar to the scream but quieter. Another step--it felt much colder and the step gave in a bit like it was half rotten, I raised my foot for another step when I stopped. Everything went quiet-I knew they attention was now on me.
     I hoped my idea would work, if it didn’t I would be frozen and slimed to death...yuck.
     With my power levels low and since I hadn’t done something like this on this level before I needed all the help I could get. 
        “To make a pyre
        I need some fire
        So to help me
        Let flame be.”
     Yes, I know it was a rotten rhyme. I’ve known mages who could come up with a rave rhyme in a heartbeat-Patricia could-but I’m not one of them. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be good it doesn’t always have to rhyme even though that gets best results. Christopher tried to explain why that was so, but I’m still not sure about it. It had something to do with rhythm and our inner-self.  
     I raised my hands, palm out, sent V-nergy to my hands and concentrated on flame. It answered my call immediately. Just the type of fire I needed; hot and wide spread. It burst forth from my hands like water out of a fire hose, which was probably appropriate.
     Heat came back at me but I knew I could stand it. I felt and heard a very level sound I took to be screams. The large one came through the hole in the ceiling I had made earlier but he was caught in the flame, another one tried to zoom past me but it fell to the floor, skidded across it before it shriveled up. I saw a third one fly upward but it didn’t make it; the ghost crashed back to the floor. I stepped to one side and turned to get one, it turned into three, that came from behind. I don’t know how long I stood there hosing down the basement with fire but it seemed a very long time. My V-nergy levels were going down and I hadn’t seen one for a few seconds so I called the fire to quit---it kept spewing forth. I concentrated harder and sent a burst of V-nergy into my hands but it still flamed. I must have been in too much of a hurry when I called up the flame. Now my hands were starting to feel hot. I had automatically placed a shield around them to protect them and me from the backlash but it seemed to be slipping. With my levels down it would.
     Oh god, I was going to burn the house down on top of us, and I would go first. Could Kyle get Brittany out of the house in time? Would it keep going when I died? I didn’t know but I wasn’t going to die by my own fire. Neither would I let myself die by going with a spell of my own making; going wild and using up all of my life energy. 
     With a thought about that last happening I drew back all the V-nergy from my hands. That seemed to help but the fire was still  going. I could smell wood burning so I knew the house was on fire. I tasted ash when I breathed in. I sneezed twice.------

    Coupon discount code for smashwords. 

Expires: October 29, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Interview # two---Richard Flores IV

I said that I was going to be doing some interviews and as the title of this post says this one is number two.

Richard Flores IV writer of "Broken Trust", "Dissolution Of Peace" and others, plus he is an editor-in chief at Plasma Frequency.

Here is his web site with a full list including short stories. Here

His Barnes and Nobel Page

How many book do you have published? 

I currently have three novels. Dissolution of Peace, Volition Agent, and Broken Trust (published in that order for those keeping score at home). 

Where did the idea for the latest tale come from?  If it’s on your blog, could you repeat it?

Ah, Broken Trust came from a short story. I wanted to write a short story about a survivor from a mass extinction event. The story ultimately ended with the survivor finding a settlement of people.  Well, when I finished the short story, I realized that I really liked the story that wasn't told.  The story of what people did when simply surviving a disaster became rebuilding from one.  And that spiraled into the novel Broken Trust.

 Who is your favorite character in this book?

Oh man, that is a tough one.  I think I will have to go with the same choice that my editor and beta readers picked: Talya.  The funny thing is Talya was supposed to be just a minor character in the novel. Perhaps not even a minor one, but more of a background character. Well, she seemed to find herself more and more prominent. And in the first revision, I really wrote her in as one of the three main characters.  And people seem to love her.

 How long did it take you to write-you mentioned deleted scene on your blog. How many and how large where these scene?

Broken Trust took about a year to write from the first words to the final edits.  Which was way longer than it was supposed to take. But I tend to get sidetracked with running Plasma Frequency and of course that darn day job.

I do recall one scene I cut. It was almost an entire chapter that revolved around one of the minor characters and a certain nameless character (spoilers and all) who had a long conversation about various topics.  Including world affairs and such.  I originally put this scene in to give a broader world view, which the world that this book takes place in is very thought out on a global scale. But, I realized that it dragged the story, and was not really important to the story.  So I sprinkled a bit of that scene into another chapter and a bit more into a later chapter. Thus giving a little bit of insight into the global world, and the plot point, without slowing down the story.  I am happy with that cut.

 Any embarrassing scenes in this book or a previous one? 

This book doesn't really have any scenes that were embarrassing to me. Thought there were a few that were to the characters. But, Dissolution of Peace does have one scene I wish I had cut before print.  Well that is not so true, I still like the scene, but my readers seem to wonder what the point of it was.  It is a scene where one of the main characters walks in on two of the other characters in the middle of a sexual act. I cut a ton of sex from that book, especially with the rewrite of one major plot point, but I kept that one because I thought it was important to the characters' relationship. But, apparently I missed the point with the readers and for that reason I am bit embarrassed by it.  It is always a tough moment for a writer when they miss the mark.

Which scene--without too many spoilers--gave you the most fits? 

So back to Broken Trust, there were a few scenes that gave me trouble. But the toughest one was the climax scenes.  There was a lot of set up to many story lines in this book.  There are several main story lines, there are a few subtle story lines, and there are even a few that are almost hidden until the end.  Well, I wanted to bring those all together for a big climax. And that was a pain in the butt.  Without giving anything away, there were characters who finally were discovering who they are, there were conflicts to be resolved, and there was even a romantic storyline that needed tied up. And to combine war, love, and character discovery into one big climax scene took four rewrites and several editing passes.  In the end, I am absolutely in love with it.

What outfit would you wear, if you were the Main Female Character? 

There are two main female characters in this one. If I was Talya, I would be a tank top and jeans (or running shorts) type of woman. I would prefer comfort over appearance, especially uniforms.  But, I would also understand the practicality of what I am wearing in terms of the job I need to do. So when working, I'd substitute those jeans for cargo pants.

Now Rachel on the other hand, she would be more of T-shirt and pants, or even more girly with like a sundress or something like that. She hasn't really had to adapt her tastes to a collapsed world, and so she still thinks it is important to be well dresses when the occasion calls for it.

Is this book in any way modeled after another published book? 

No, not intentionally anyway.  I haven't read one just like it. And so I think it makes its own mark on the post-apocalyptic realm.  I don't even know that is falls under that category.  Nor is it really a dystopian novel.  So I think it is more along the lines of a story about rebirth.  And for that I think it takes a new spin on the genre.

What other book would you take your Main Character to for a day on the town?

I've talked about Talya, and even a bit about Rachel.  But we've missed Liam.  I think I will take him out on the town for the day.  I think we'd visit a fantasy novel.  For some reason I think Liam would prefer it over a novel of his own genre. And I think I'd take him to one of the books in Emma Newman's The Split Worlds series. Liam and Newman's main character, Cathy, have a lot in common.  They both want to see change and a better life for the people of their world, but they also both don't want to be the one in charge of doing it.  Not that either of them has much choice. 

Who is your favorite writing teacher? A pro writer who also shares how to write or a college teacher? 

Oh, definitely not a college teacher.  I never studied writing formally. I took the path of self study and for that I have to thank Jeffrey A. Carver and Orson Scott Card.  Carver has an excellent website on how to write SF that I spend a long time reading, and rereading.   And Card put out two books that have helped me immensely in how I look at writing.  I think it is fair to say that I got started because of what I read from them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Up at Smashwords

Okay, the new file is up at

It may take a few days to get up at the other sites but it will.

So take a look

A story: a real fire fight, a man bent on revenge and he drugs her drink, a pocket universe trap and other adventures.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Oops, missed deadline on my novel "Above My Pay GradeX2"

Just in case anyone is thinking of buying my my book, which was suppose to go live today, you might wait a few days. The book is "Above My Pay GradeX2"  in electric format. 

I thought I uploaded a new file at a few days ago. I found a few things after proofing it and fixed what I saw. But I realized last night that it didn't get sent, or didn't get received. I may have been ready to upload but interrupted so I just thought I sent it, or their system hiccuped, or I somehow interrupted the process. Whatever the case it would be a good idea to wait until the new file is really up. They have it for sure this time. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Novel excerpt and update on e-publishing it--BOOKMARKS

This update starts with a short excerpt of my novel--the first chapter. I will post another one from the last chapter later. 

It reared up again, and again let out that roar. I think Patty screamed again, but I wasn’t paying that much attention. 
     I said to myself hurry. Find it. Too many heartbeats later there it was: a connection from the bear back to her brother. I thought that since it was his pet he would have kept a lock on it to be able to call it back to him once it finished its job. I was right. Now, if the bear would only give us enough time to let me do the second part of my plan.
     I tried to read the link-the grizzly moved closer. Another step-it went “uff” and stopped. I tried to see why it stopped while at the same time I worked on that connection. That’s almost like trying to figure out the combination to a safe while a guard dog ten times the normal size was chasing after you.
     I saw a spike of energy trying to shove its way around the huge animal. I realized it was the second zombie. It still wanted to obey its orders even without an arm. 
     The bear turned slightly and tried to bat at the zombie. The alley was too narrow for that, but it backed up and grabbed the zombie. The zombie struggled to get away. The bear took a bite out of it, but that had no effect. The bear spat out what it had in its mouth and shook its head. The zombie managed to club the bear hard and break loose, but as it turned to go after us again, the bear moved back and took a swipe at it. The zombie’s head went flying, a second claw ripped open the zombie’s chest. It finally collapsed even though it still tried to move our way for a few seconds. The bear roared its victory and turned back to us.
     Patty said, “You better do something.”
     “Thanks to the zombie distracting it, I can.”
     I called up all my reserves and sent most of what I had left at the bear, at the link between it and her brother. Two long heartbeats later, the bear vanished. I collapsed to the pavement. Translocations were always hard for me to do and this one was a lot harder than usual. 
     She said, “Are you okay?”
     After I nodded, she said, “What did you do?”    
     In-between breaths I said, “I-sent it-back-to-your brother.” 
     After few more deep breaths I could feel the course cement under my hands and what I hoped was gum. I tasted what I thought might be blood. I spat it out but couldn’t see anything in the dark. I felt physically cold but emotionally warm. I had won. An angry bear should keep the guy busy for a while, hopefully even take him out if I had sent it right next to him. He had been putting out a lot of energy. Even with his talismans and rituals moving the bear, controlling the zombies, and tracking his sister must have used up a ton of his energy. That meant less to fight the bear off with. Of course, he must have some V controls on the beast, but hopefully he wouldn’t have the time to activate them.
     I finally got up and started back down the alleyway. I told Patty she should be safe now, but to not go back to her place. 
     “Never. He forced me to move in with him and so I have no place to go.”
     “Do you have any money?”
     “Some in my purse and bank account.”
     “First buy some new clothes and get rid-no-give me those clothes and if you don’t mind, let me get your money out of your account.”
     She looked puzzled.
     “I don’t think he would be able to track your clothes or activity on your account, but we shouldn’t take any chances. Don’t worry I will give it all to you.”
     “I should pay you something.”
     “I don’t do this for pay.” I didn’t add. There was no amount of money that would make this worth it.
     She just nodded. 
     I took her back to my car. Its an older VW Thing-I call it Buggy-with an older Porsche engine. Someone had painted it yellow with brown trim. Because of its age it has few electronics. Vibration energy tends to not mix well with any thing electrical. Of course there was some electronics even in a car that old, but newer cars have a lot more. Its age somehow gave it some protection. I’ve been told age makes devices more settled and more resistant to change. Most mid level mages drive older cars. Higher level mages know how to protect sensitive electronics. Some even have computers and cell phones. 
     On the way I kept my eyes, ears and V vision open-I finally had to shut that down since it was giving me a headache-but there was nothing. I drove Patty to a convenience store that I knew carried some T-shirts and shorts. We found a dark place and she quickly changed. I told her to take off everything even underwear and shoes. I had a pair of flip flops for her feet. After that, I burned her clothes-just to make sure there was nothing he marked them with-and drove her to a friend’s place. Darlene knew what I did and helped women escape their abusers, so she wasn’t very surprised. She promised to take care of Patty until she could leave the city. I went home and collapsed in bed without changing. 

       Two days later, after three significant trips, I went to BCH, one of the major hospitals, in Boulder. I had spent the days scurrying news articles looking for one specific report. That takes time without a computer. I can use one if I’m very careful and it has all types of surge protectors, or if my energy levels were way down, but I wasn’t feeling like being careful.
     After I found what I wanted I headed out. I snuck around the front desk and used my ability to sense V energy to find the right room. 
     A man lay on the bed sort of awake. He had been badly clawed by some mysterious bear. The authorities thought one had escaped from the city zoo, but none were missing. It looked like there may have been a couple of small bits taken out of him also. I walked in and made sure he could see me.
     I dropped four sets of necklaces-minus the stones-on him then stepped back and crossed my arms. Two of the necklaces were from the zombies; one was from the guy I blinded.


  A couple of commas might be missing, but I know I put them in, which means some disappeared again---
And this is the only place in the novel with zombies. 

Now to the update.  Thought I would do an update on my E-novel Above My Pay GradeX2. As reported last time it’s done and I have uploaded it to both and I set it for pre-order so it’s not up at every site yet. Not until the 18th. But it is up at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble. E-book version that is. Hard copy will be coming.
       Speaking of that. CreateSpace has some great ways to proof the book before making a final go decision. I bought a hard copy of the book “Eleven something including taxes and shipping”. They got it to me a few days before the predicted date. It’s a complete copy of the book, which means I can see what it looks like “live”. I think it looks good. 
     So I went over it, decided the table of contents sample they suggested looked funny so I redid it. I also found a few things per chapter that needed fixing or changing. A couple misspelled words, but also funny looking sentences and an extra word or three. I probably didn’t catch everything, but it’s in a lot better shape along those lines than it was. Not that it was terrible--unless I missed a whole lot of what they call nitpicks. I also changed a few sentences to make them sound stronger or clearer. So hopefully the writing will be a touch better too. 
      All of the changes meant that I needed to redo the file for Smashwords too. The table of contents for that format was already okay, so I skipped that part. I uploaded it yesterday and so far it looks like it’s okay. It should be since it’s basically the same file with the same format as I uploaded already, but things happen. 

     So far 9 people have download the free 16% at smashwords. They would have gotten the version of that 16% with a couple of nitpicks, but hopefully it won’t matter. 

   The final hardcopy price is a bit much, but to sell it at Barnes and Noble, and other such sites, I had to make it a higher price. CreateSpace has a minimum price they calculate. If I cut out those sites I could make it four to five dollars cheaper. But it is 500 and some pages in a Tradeback size. I know those do tend to be a bit expensive. Evidently Amazon has a habit of discounting many of their books--even those by long time pros. So it’s possible-probable-they will end up selling this one for two to three dollars cheaper than any where else. That is what convinced me to go with the higher price. 

So smashwords is doing a final check and so is CreateSpace. So everything looks good for it going live next Monday Aug 18 ’14. It will be up at at least 8 different sites, some of which I have never heard of but a couple are from other countries so that would make sense. That includes Europe and I believe India. I don’t know how well American Urban Fantasy goes over in India, but I do know another India writer who has sold some of his books in other counties so it’s possible that I could sell a few books through those markets. 

So now we wait. I wait to see how well it goes and you wait to read it.  :)  Hopefully that last anyway.

E-novel  at

Above Pay Grade at Barnes and Noble

Oh, I made some bookmarks if anyone is interested. They have a one half discount code at smashwords--which makes it three something. If anyone is interested I can send some; 1 to 12 bookmarks if you want to hand them out for me. However I will need your snail mail address to send them.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

About my Pages, with a couple of changes.

        I partially redid my blog. Rearranged where the page buttons are and added two pages. One is for my books--two story sets and “Above My Pay GradeX2” a full 98,000 word-or so-Urban Fantasy novel, at the moment. I will be adding links to that page, but right now the links are in my still visible blog post talking about the books. 

I also added a page titled “Rod’s tales”. I have mentioned them before in some of my updates. I have 14 to 18 stories about a young mage named Rod. My idea was to do a bunch of twitter stories, but that lasted only about three or four stories. Some of them turned out to be over four thousand words. Some, though, are around 500 words. A couple 200 to 400 words. I hope to do a couple more of those. Anyway, I plan to post the stories on my blog and when I get enough--22 to 25--to publish them in an E-book. And what I really want to do is to send them out to people via E-mail. Only problem with that is I need E-mail addresses. If anyone is interested they can send me theirs. No, not twitter, because most are way too long for that and I would have to split them up in many, many pieces.  I plan to split some of the longer ones into halves and thirds, but not into twenty + pieces.  :)   I will be putting up a new story, or section of one, twice a month and send them out on E-mail. 

I said Rod is a young mage. He has things to learn, but he is tough and knows how to fight already. So some adventures will be dangerous and deadly, while others will be light hearted and he uses smarts to get rid of gnomes and other types of creatures. 

The first three really short ones will be going up in a day or so.

And even though I haven’t added a new story to my story page I will be. Right now it will be one new story and soon a second. How often I add some is up in the air right now, but it will be more than I have in the past year. 

Finally I have a my worlds page too. I have already added some stuff about the Vibration world of NA and plan to add my steampunk Special Ops world very soon. 

I noticed that some people have already looked at the worlds page which surprised me. Only a couple of looked over the books one though. And over the last year or so almost a hundred people have looked over my story page. Could be the same few hoping I will add a new story. Well, I will.  :) 

That’s it for now so enjoy yourself and come back once a month or so. And don’t forget--if you desire the Rod tales--to send me your e-mail addresses.  Please put Rod tales in the header. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Turn---Above My Pay GradeX2

Some of you will have seen this announcement already, but I add something here and some readers will not have seen it.

First:  The tale is Urban Fantasy and deals with someone who has some skill in manipulating matter and energy.

Second: My E-novel--the one I have talked about for over two years--is now listed on and Barnes and Noble web site.  Plus a few other places. It is a pre-order and will be listed on other sites as it becomes live  Aug 18.   On the B&N site however no cover pic of yet even though you can pre-order it.

 The novel has had two other titles during the time I have talked about it. First was "New Mage On The Block". I started with that one thinking my MC would be a new member of a group of Mages, but it didn't quite work out that way as I wrote it.  Next title "Two Struggles" dealt with the fact that my MC-  NA by name-has two different battles to fight throughout the novel. One is the bad guy and his traps and the other was inside her--in her heart dealing with much of her emotional baggage.

Third:   So here is the shorter blurb from Smashwords to explain more about the story.

My name is NA. I can change matter and energy; so far I've used it to help fight mythical creatures and help women escape from their abusers. Now I find myself in a situation totally above my pay grade. Someone had the bright idea I could stop a very bad event from happening--after I survive a mother grizzly, a griffin, a nest of ghosts, deadly plants, a man wanting revenge, and inner conflicts.

Here is the its page on 

Here is the page on BN.

At the same time I redid the covers for my two story sets and cleaned the stories some. 

Fantasy set

SF set  

Here is a pic of "Above My Pay GradeX2"