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A new number appeared on my list of members or followers so I checked out to see if I had a new follower. There seemed to be one extra so hey good. But tonight one seems to be missing. So did I gain and lose a follower? I don't know. The different number thing happened one time before and I'm not sure if I ever figured out why.

But I did find two, maybe three, followers I didn't recall and may never have said welcome and thanks for joining. I couldn't find a date of joining or how long a member number so I'm not sure if any are new or not. If I am way late I'm sorry should have caught it sooner.

But in any case.  Welcome to any that could be new and thanks for coming by and thanks for those who have stuck around for years in some cases.  I appreciate that.

I could use a few more followers and as I said I appreciate new and old ones.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

EASTER '15 : The why of it and the Forgiveness, Hope, joy, peace it can bring

    This is my yearly Easter-Resurrection day post. I’ve done one for-I think-three years now. A couple of you may have read the earlier ones, if so you may see something similar in this one.  I do them for two reasons. To get the word out what Easter is really all about-That Jesus really rose from the dead, God’s Mercy and Love-and at the same time to give people hope and to let them know their past can be forgiven; no matter what they have done, not done, or what was done to them or even if they are near perfect. And that Joy, Peace and Love comes along with Salvation.

      Easter, or as some like to call it Resurrection Day, is the time we set aside to celebrate the physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ after a very painful death in our place. That death which we talk about on Good Friday took hours to accomplish. He not only was whipped close to death but he had to hang from a boards that His hands were nailed to. As I understand it after a while his lungs would stop working in that position so he basically suffocated. More happened to Jesus during His death but He went through all of it for you. The Bible and life is clear that no one is perfect-we all have blown it one way or another. Some a whole lot more than others. This imperfection or sin causes many hurts build up in our lives. Some don’t seem all that bad while others are devastating to us personally and to others. Some hurts are caused by the sin of others but they all can be healed. His Resurrection showed his victory over the devil, death the grave and that His sacrifice was accepted. So now “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved”.
     Not only is God—thanks to Jesus’ death and Resurrection—willing and able to forgive us completely of Every wrong we have done, but He is more than willing to heal those hurts. He can, He created us. That is the double Hope of Easter.  Being right with God-having a relationship with Jesus our new best friend as my pastor likes to say and that we can be healed. He doesn’t leave us as He finds us. Some of that takes time as He deals with us but it is accomplished no matter what. 

     There is more that could be said. Jesus offers us a Peace that goes beyond understanding, a Joy unspeakable and a Love that goes beyond anything else. He showed His Great love in that we were yet sinners—even if we flipped Him off by our actions—He sent Jesus to die for us.  As a verse a good portion of you may know says.  or “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”   For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. He didn’t have to send Jesus for that and Jesus didn’t have to go through with it all. Hebrews 12:2 (KJV)
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.  We are that Joy. No matter what we have done not done or has been done to us, or if we think we are near perfect. 

That is why we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ every year but it shows God’s great Mercy and Love and because of it we can be right with the Creator and have all of our sine forgiven and receive His gifts of Hope, joy, peace at the same time. 

If you would like to know more leave a note, send an E-mail or contact my church-Valley Christian Center- Here

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Developing a Winning World View parts Five and Six-a audio series by my Pastor Bill Chaney

A while back I posted a link to a podcast on iTunes for worldview message by my pastor Bill Chaney. The correct title is “Developing a Winning Worldview”. I also posted a second message in that series directly on Google+. I decided to finish off the series back here on my blog.  Here is a link that Post 

For those on Google+ here is the link to my post there  

Here are links to Parts Five and six of "Developing a Winning Worldview"

If you are interested in the whole six part series these links take you to where you can download the one message but if you click on the Valley Christian Center above the line it will take you to the whole podcast page. On it you will be able to find all parts, one through six, and any previous messages you may want to listen to. Depending on how long into the future you read this you of course have to scroll down, but you should be able to find the “Developing A Winning Worldview” series. 

If you click on the light blue note that says,  “Sermon Outline Download (.pdf)”  you can download a PDF file of the sermon outline. The church hands these out each week, so anyone who wants to can fill in the blanks and add any additional notes they want to.

The sub title to number five is “What Will Make Our World Better” and has a lot of info on that subject. Bill deals with various approaches to World problems with a short description of how each method works.
The second section of Number five deals with “The Hope of The World is to Recognize The Significance of Jesus’ Sacrifice”. It contains a lot of good stuff that I would like more people to hear: “He Took My Punishment”, “He Bought My Freedom”, “He Restored My Relationship”, “He Gave Me a New Identity”, finally “He Defeated Death And the Devil”.

These two messages have important info on how Jesus works, how to live a good life. They are well done with humor and clear ideas. 

In closing I would like to say that Jesus is Lord and He Loves us each one of us individually as much as He can. He promised us not only a forgiveness of sin and a right-good-relationship with God the Creator, but He also promised us Peace that goes beyond understanding, a Joy so good that you can’t explain it  and Love so great that it is beyond even human love as good as that can be. 

If you want to talk to someone here is a link to the contact page of Valley’s web site. Right Here

And if you like facebook here’s their facebook page 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Rod's Tale, another mini writing update and Paper Above My Pay GradeX2 discount.

I just put up the second half of my last Rod's tale and a new one. Plus a redone intro for the series.

The stories are exciting: the new one is short, but deals with an unconscious woman, a dark mage and an Orc.

The Rod's Tales are on a page Right Here but also up above this post in a line of other pages. One is My Stories and Worlds I Am Working On, My Novels, Stories I Have Published 

  Another mini update on my writing even though a bit longer than the previous mini a few weeks ago.

I have a story written for Writers of the Future contest. Just needs a couple of crits and I may send it in early. It’s a well used plot but I hope what I did is an interesting twist. We shall see.

The last story that they rejected will be going to Fantasy and Science Fiction soon. F&SF have a new editor who takes internet submissions. As a side item that leaves only one market I send stories to that take only paper submissions. That is if they are still in business; my last submission was sent back by the Post Office. I may have put the wrong address on it though I need to double check that.

I have picked up on a novel I started six months or so ago, it went from 300 words to over a thousand. I need a fight scene-well I have a short one in a flashback but I think I will add a current time battle, for the first chapter. 

I also worked on another novel I started months ago. I got further along in that-almost finished the third chapter. Now I have finished that chapter and am into the fourth. 

I need to revise two other novels I have but I’m not sure when. One is Space Opera and the other is more Paranormal with a special well known elf as the Main Character.  I thought about doing a story set about life on Star Freighters but I don't have enough tales for that. Well, there are two more I could use but I want to send them a few more times. So I will probably work on a space opera story set next and maybe a Urban Fantasy or just plain fantasy. 

I finished two stories at work on my new laptop. One is the second adventure of a short story I wrote a year or so ago. I didn’t plan it but it seemed to fit. I also did I don’t usually do while writing my stories. I started with absolutely no idea where the story was going. I’ve done that few times before but half the time I don’t finish the story. 

Also I worked on my NaNo novel- Learning CurveX2 . I finished the revision of the second chapter. At this rate it might take me a year to get it done so I need to go back to working on it on regular bases. It’s the second one in my Vibration series. Again I’m not sure when but I need a web site just for them. Right now that would be at least four books in this series, a bunch of stories probably enough for a full anthology-at least half have been written already-and I hope at least two in another series with a different Main Character and city. I have a third or so of the first one written already. 

Speaking of that My first Indie Novel Above My Pay GradeX2 is back to the normal prices except for the paper version at Here is a coupon code there for $4 off. Barnes & Noble and Amazon still have a discount on it.  B&N’s price is          I would ask for people to buy it. If you like death defying adventure, good action scenes, the hero of the story running into problems as they try to figure out what is happening, try it out. I think it would be neat to have a bunch of paper sells through B&N if you would be kind enough to buy it at all.  By a bunch I was thinking of 8 to 20. It would cool to sell a number between those two.

The E-versions are all still up: Kobe, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and a couple of other online locations, but it is the normal price at those places. 

Here is a coupon code to get it at for four dollars off. Not a lot but still cheaper than Amazon and B&N.  Code:   #XB5XCH2     

It is here at B&N There upped the price some on me

And at Amazon Their price is what it usually is Here 

CreateSpace:  Paper version 

And for those who want the E-version  At Smashwords

Sunday, January 25, 2015

World View: Ourselves

What is a good worldview and how should we see ourselves in it?

How God sees us?

The pastor(Bill Chaney)  of the church me and my wife go to has an interesting and intriguing series he is preaching. The second message dealt with how we see ourselves in a Godly Worldview.

I thought I would post a link here for those interested in Worldviews or what God has said, or if you are not sure what to think of you. There are people with that "problem" while others don't really have  have a worldview, but they pretty much ignore it. This would also be for those who might just be curious about other Worldviews and or what a sermon with that title say.

 You can get a free copy of the audio version of the sermons is here . The one I am talking about is highlighted and is as I said the second one in the series which was released Jan 20th 2015.

And a link to my church's(Valley Christian Center) web site is this link . The web site pretty much gives all the details you may want including what the church teaches and how to getting touch with the church via E-mail.  For those interested with internet contacts here is their Facebook page .

Remember whatever your worldview and whatever you want to think of God--He is Love which means He loves you a whole lot. He is also the Creator and Judge among other things. He found a way to incorporate all of those "jobs" in one event. Jesus Christ. He showed God's love to us and took care of the judgement problem at the same time while promising us Joy unspeakable, peace that goes beyond understanding a very great Love.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Rod Tale, My stories and a very mini update

For those who like Urban Fantasy and for those who have read the previous ones, I have finally posted a new Rod tale--well, half of it. The whole thing is over 1600 words and I split it around 840.

The MC is a young man who can manipulate Mana-a natural energy produced by the very smallest of the building block of matter--it's much like the Vibration energy used by NA in my E-novel. Rod has a lot to learn even though he is talented, caring, intelligent. He has various friends and enemies, some of which haven't been introduced yet. He has fought and sometime outthought, a dragon and gnomes and Dark mages and he will do so more as I post more tales. Some fights are very dangerous, like this one, while others are a almost comical nascence.

There are now 8 and a half stories of various lengths. This one is the longest so far. Some adventures in the future will be even longer.

While I was at it I also posted a flash story, twitter tales and a couple of mini stories on my story page. They are fantasy, science fiction and general fiction.

I have been busy with various not so bad but busy things in real life, writing and being frustrated with the WotF contest I have mentioned before, and I am getting a steampunk novel ready for Indie publishing which will be soon. It might be titled, "Shadow Defender" Or maybe something like "Night Shift".  Anyway, hopefully it will be up at the end of Feb. And along with another Science Fiction set. I was hoping to do one with stories on Star Freighters but I have only three, I want at least  five. Well, there are two more I could use, but I want to try sending them out some more.

For once I have the next quarter's story finished for WotF and just started to revise it for the end of March. I plan to take another of Dean Wesley Smith's online workshops next month. More novel sells would help that.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year All And......

Happy New Year

May you have a really good Year, including one with hope and Joy and Peace.  Whether you had a great '14, a bad one, one with both good and bad, or even a mediocre one without any Great joys nor Bad pains remember 15 can be a year of change or an even better life.  Jesus Christ said that He would leave us Peace that goes beyond understanding and He would not leave us alone in this world. The Holy Spirit can be with us while we face The Good, The Bad or the In-between. Hope is there for us too because God is with us--as we learned with Christmas-and He knows what He is doing. Nothing takes Him by surprise or by hook or crook. He can’t be conned either. 

I am talking about a relationship with that Jesus of the Bible, not just going to church, or not just reading the Bible. And the person of Jesus in our lives: with us as we live our lives. He loves you enough to make a difference in your live now and Heaven later on. 

He is more on Hope; a Billy Graham video

And a second one dealing with the Cross. Why it is important to us now. 

And a link how to contact my church if you would like more info on Jesus-hope-salvation, Juts put what info you need in the header,  or leave a comment here. 

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Christmas sale price on my Novel and story sets.

A Christmas sale on my e-book “Above My Pay GradeX2”.

For those who do not know the novel is Urban Fantasy-The adventures of NA; a young woman, who is one of a small number of individuals with the ability to manipulate what might be the very smallest building block of all matter-vibrations. Even though weighed down with many emotional issues she has a desire to help, that gets her into many dangerous adventures and into a search to find out who is making Mages and Users sick, and why. Finding the answer puts her in a fight way beyond her pay grade.

This is a two part sale. I’m not sure if the second part will work right the way I am doing it, but it seems to the best way to do my idea. I will see how many people try it. It might not be that many-but the more the merrier. 

The first part for everyone: The E-book is $3.99 from now to Dec 26. My story sets have been discounted too. 

Here are its links for Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. 

It is also on iTunes, Kobo, Overdrive, Flipkart and other sites. 

The sale price is effective right now on smashwords, but may take a day or three to show up on the other sites. And Do Not Forget that smashwords has a “give as gift” button. Books-even e-novels-do make good gifts. This is truer now that a lot of people will be receiving tablets and e-readers for Christmas. 

The second part of the sale is: if you send me a copy of the receipt-with any card numbers blocked out-I will send you a coupon code to get a free copy of either my Science Fiction set-five stories, or my Fantasy set-seven stories. Good only on You can, however, buy the novel anywhere. That includes if you buy the paper version of my book. It does not have a sale price even though both Barnes and Noble and Amazon discounts it. I already have it about as low they will allow me to sale it on B&N-or so I am told. 

Send the copy of your receipt to

Here are links to the paper version:

Paper createspace

E-book is now on Kindle Hopeffully it will reflect the sale price soon. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Why of Christmas '14--Love and God with us.

                   A few days ago I posted a musing on Christmas, in it I mentioned that I usually do two posts on Christmas and that one, even though first, was the least important. It dealt with societal issues while important still isn’t on the same level as this one dealing with issues for the individual.  

If you haven’t read it yet and am interested it’s here--actually not that far down the list of my posts.

    Christmas is important because of what we celebrate on that day. It’s not toys, electronics, other gifts even an e-novel or a tree and lights. Those items are not bad so please don’t misinterpret what I mean, but we don’t worship those things and even though they will give us happiness and maybe a slight change in our lives they do not equal what God has done. He alone is to be worshipped and He alone can really make us new from the inside out. He is Hope as well as Joy-unspeakable, Peace-that passes all understanding; there is a reason Joy, Peace and Noel are Christmas words. Hope could be there too. 

    I have said this before in previous Christmas posts and I probably will again--at least as a part of Why Of Christmas. Now Christmas is about God coming down to our level. Jesus was born a baby so He could live as a human. One of His names is Emmanuel which means “God with us”.   A verse in Matthew 1:23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.  That concept is one of two things Christmas is all about. God did a special miracle to allow Jesus to be installed in Mary’s womb all so He could be with us in a very special way. God is not a god who is a way up there too far above us to know what we go through, or one that is a Hard Judge ready and willing to punish us for wrong doing. He is a Judge and will deal with evil, but He made a way for us. Part of that way was Jesus being born. I am repeating certain points here, but I want to make sure they get across. This point, God with us, is one of the basic tenets of Christianity. The Creator of the universe, as wide and huge as it is, is with us, who live on a small corner of his creation. He did not leave us to do something else as some teach, neither did He leave us to find Him on our own, but He came down to teach us, to show us the way. 

     The second aspect of Christmas I want to discuss is that God Loves Us. His sending Jesus to be born as a baby shows that God the Creator loves us. All of us, each and every one. When it comes to love it matters not what we have done, not done, or what was done to us. Christmas is a time to realize that. Again there are reasons why the words Joy, Peace, Noel are part of the traditions of Christmas. He was prophesied to come for our salvation and it happened. In fact the whole Bible leads up to that event. And all he taught, experienced as a human, His actions as a man, and His death and Resurrection all happened because God loves us and didn’t want to leave us as is. Sin did more than just separate us from God individually, it placed us in a bad place. God set up what was needed to rescue us and to allow us to be made into His family. That all started with His birth which we celebrate on Christmas. Even those who ignore that aspect of Christmas do and use traditions that show that. Most of the older Christmas traditions started with something to do with Jesus. Many of the new traditions maybe not but as I said the older ones. Even many of the original songs of Christmas deal with Jesus and God’s love for us. 

Many of you may know John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” but how many know Romans 5:8? “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Or Romans 8:34? “Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us.”  And lastly,  “Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

Salvation and the Joy, peace and love that comes with it are because God is with us and loves us. 

There are many fine sermons this time of year dealing with one or both of these ideas. Here is a link to one. The one by Jenna Livingston on 12/8/14  .  My pastor, Bill Chaney, will have a couple between now and Christmas if you want to keep an eye out for them on the VCCPODCast page I just linked to.  But there are, as I said, many fine sermons and messages during this time of year. 

You want more info or to talk more about it you can send a note here to my church-Valley Christian Center  --or to me at or leave a comment here. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

A PC Christmas message story, wishing a Merry Christmas letter to the editor.

This year I thought I would get to this earlier than usual--I tend to be late with these messages and musings. 
Every year I post messages with two different directions for my musings on Christmas. This is the more political and less important one.

A story with a different message.


Bill activated his cabin’s door allowing Dora to come in. She had just interrupted him by asking though the door’s intercom if she could come in for a moment. He should have turned the intercom off signifying that he didn’t want any company, but even though busy he still didn’t want to be rude. His cabin smelled of cinnamon and pine trees-that last was fake but it still smelled realistic he knew for his hometown had plenty of real pine trees. 

He rolled his chair back to his desk and started working on his computer again. She came in and the door closed. The louder vibrations of the engines quieted; it ha dtaken him weeks to get used that hum, and vibration the drives produced but now he wondered if he would miss when he went ome.

Surprise filled his thoughts that Dora would come here. After all he kept his cabin three degrees hotter than hers and she didn’t like it. It must be important. After the moment it took her walk to him, Dora started speaking about a certain project him, her and few others were working on together. It was an after hours project that the Freighter-liner company they worked for encouraged its interns to do. If they finished it before the New Year-ship time-they would provided with a praty, and if it worked as it should, the finish report would be a good mark on their files. They didn’t get paid as interns, but everything, which included food and a party or two, was provided. 

He was listening with one ear however since he was trying to finish a private project. He suddenly raised his head knowing she had just said something different in a different tone of voice. He had not caught what she had said.

She repeated herself in a louder voice, “I said, What is that?”

He somewhat confused said, “It is a series of e-cards I’m working on.”

She said, “Not that! I mean that in your corner?”

He turned to look at what she was pointing at. Her accusing finger was aimed at something that sat in the opposite corner from the entertaining-work desk. The object was four feet three inches tall and was two and a half feet wide at its widest. That widest part was about one-fourth of the way up from the bottom. The wide part looked like a skirt and was made up of branches that came out from the center pole. All of the branches, from the skirt to the top were green, while the center pole was brown. Below the bottom of the skirt one could see the skinny pole that made up the center. The skirt narrowed as it went up until very near the top it was one and a half feet wide. From that point it sloped inward finally forming a thick needle three inches long. He had decorated it with two multicolored light cables and various round globe looking items as well as what looked like upside down Js painted alternately red and white.

He turned back to his work and off handily said, “That is my Christmas tree. I had Jorge in engineering, fix it up for me. Its not as nice looking as a real one, but its not that bad. You must have seen some before.”

She said, “Yes, I have seen Christmas trees, but I never expected to see one here. If someone who is of another religion, or an atheist sees that they might be offended. This is a public place with people from diverse backgrounds.”

He turned to face her and said, “Huh? What are talking about?”

She said, “This is a place of diversity. You know people from many diverse backgrounds work here and are passengers on this ship. They could very well be offended that you are displaying items from for a religious observance from one religion.”

He blinked and looked confused and said, “Christmas is still the largest event on the earth and most colonies, and even a couple of space habitats celebrate it to some degree or another. People would know what holiday that tree represents, even if it is fake.”

She said, "Yes, but some people will be offended so you should take it down. This is a public place, as I said. If you don’t, I will place a complaint. They will force you to take it down.”

He somewhat angrily replied, “Hey. This is not a public hallway. People have to be allowed though that door to come in here. Now if this was out in the passageway, that would be different. Even though this would still be about Christmas; a harmless celebration that even many non-Christians celebrate. You can place a complaint if you want to, but they will most probably not be able to do any thing about even if they wanted to.  Time after time, the courts have declared that these living cabins are not public ground. They are the same as a private house, or even an apartment. So that means that I can do most anything in here in the way of decorations and celebrations. If someone is that offended they do not have to come in here. They are the ones that should be put out not me. Besides if they are that offended they should go to a sensitivity training seminar so they can learn not to be offended by the expression of someone’s private beliefs”

She blinked at his use of the term “sensitivity training seminar”, but after a second she said, “That may be so, but you should still not offend someone of a minority religion. If you do not take that down I will boycott this cabin until you do. Many internet and brick stores have stopped wishing people a Merry Christmas.” 

He again said, “Huh?” Thinking he was being very intelligent with his responses this evening--not. But this had taken him by surprise. Maybe if he ate some of the Christmas fudge his blood sugar would rise and help him to think faster. If he offered her some, it might make her feel less antagonistic but he doubted it since she had a rad-gas pressure building and while good, it wasn’t the best fudge.

She answered by saying, “I’ll leave and not enter this room as long as you have that thing up”

He looked at her for a while before he suddenly turned and started typing again.

He said, “If that is what you feel, you must do what you feel like is right,” 

After a moment he reached over and pressed the door button then continued, “The door is activated. You can leave and we can discuss our project though the door, or at your room. Christmas is a diverse celebration, it is made up of traditions from various cultures and people of many backgrounds celebrate it. Perhaps you should go a sensitivity training seminar. I can get you in one over the intergalactic net. And any stores that reject the term Merry Christmas is in danger of offending a lot more people by not doing it. More money is spent at Christmas time for Christmas presents and decorations then any other time of the year. People buy Christmas presents not Holiday presents.

“One last statement, only a small handful or people do not celebrate some form of Christmas, of those it’s only a small share that would be offended...more people are offended by businesses not doing it for that reason.”

She said something that sounded like hmmfff, and started toward the door.

He said as she did, “Or we could go too your cabin and study the rainbow symbols you have on display, but don’t forget they are a Christian symbol also. Rainbows are in the Old and New Testaments.”

She went out the door and he went back to work on the new computer game he was fine tuning.

He said to himself, “And that tree isn’t even a real one. Maybe I should have called it a Holiday tree but it isn’t, there’s no such thing as a holiday tree...with a shake of his head he added, “boy what some people will choose to be offended over. ” 

The end

Here is my letter to the editor published by my local paper a couple of years ago along with some comments:

Wishing people a Merry Christmas and how there is no harm in it even if someone doesn’t appreciate it. I also discuss Christmas being more inclusive than Politically Correct liberals want to believe. We as a society have celebrated Christmas as our largest holiday for at the ver least 175 years most probably way over 200 without real harm to individuals and to society. 

The letter:
Wishing someone Merry Christmas, rather by voice, on a window or by song, is not forcing a religion on anyone. It’s a wish for happiness during a certain holiday season. Some who don’t practice it recognize this. 
    Christmas is less exclusive than some people think. Americans have incorporated elements from various cultures to make our own celebration. On top of that people from other religions and even some atheists celebrate the secular version of Christmas. After all Christmas is by far the largest celebration in the USA and perhaps in the world.
    Stores who, to be politically correct, change Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays are biting the hand that feeds them. They will offend significantly more people by not saying it than the small handful who are really take offense by it. Since stores are going to offend no matter what they do they should do the right thing and say Merry Christmas. After all Christmas, not  the Holidays, is the reason we buy so much this time of year. The combined sales for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, winter and the Muslim holy day do not come close to equaling what is bought for Christmas.

One last musing here:
A few years ago liberals acted like they liked Christmas; after all it was about God's Love for us all--very inclusive and I believe they felt it was nonjudgemental when it came to our actions as well as something good--that God loves us. Easter-or Resurrection Day-was different for it at least implied that Jesus was the only way to God. 

However somewhere along the way Christmas turned politically incorrect, it seemed be very sudden, but it could have been below the surface for a while. It is still about God's Love for us and about God being with us. If someone is offended by a God that loves them enough to be born as a human to do all that Jesus did, I believe they choose to be and it is not God's fault, nor the fault of the one saying Merry Christmas. 

The letter to the editor and the story I posted on part one pretty much explained my feelings, thoughts and logic, so I won't go back over it. 

I don't want to go into greater length right now, these three sections say what I want to say. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cyber Monday sale and last update to my '14 NaNoWriMo novel.

First of all:

For those who may read this before Monday I decided to go ahead and make my Black Friday sale price of 1.99 for “Above My Pay GradeX2”, a story with lots of adventure, danger, and real inner emotional fights, last through Cyber Monday.  It is the day you are suppose to buy online after all. Doesn’t have to be Indie Published, but that part would be good too. A lot of indies out there who do good writing. I hope mine is but so far only one person has said it is. Some do not like Indie published because you never know what you get-that includes editing-but as I said some Indie writers are very good and do better jobs on the editing process. Again I hope mine is one of the better ones but again no one has said.  I may well be listing some of the better ones later on. 

Second of all:

For those who may have read my Black Friday and NaNo update (150 did). 

Done,  and all those other words in Spanish, French, etc, that mean the same. 
55,700 and some words. With "the end" being the last two words.
My MC took a shower-the hard way-then a mud bath and almost got crushed by more of her emotional baggage, finally beat the bad guy with a lightning storm he created, made friends with a unicorn, then limped back to her friends--Yeah limped well, you aren't suppose to be too easy on your MCs. 
And many things also happened that were not included in my posts or even hinted at.   :)
Now to get it ready for e-publishing which includes adding scenes, editing and getting it into the right format. I am not sure when it will be Indie Published. I will let it sit for a month at least-could be two monthsPlus-before I start the revising process, then finding someone to help me edit it to get all those pesky nitpicks I leave in and commas I leave out. So at the very last three months, but more likely six Plus. I have seven of eight scenes to put in, three or four will be rather short. A new character, expand the final battle since I was a bit skimpy with it--yes just a bit. And do better on a couple of set ups for later use. So I estimate another twenty thousand words give or take. Which would be up to 75,000 words. Since the first book is around 94 to 95 thousand this might be a bit short but that would be okay since it is still a good story with lots of danger and adventure and little rest for my MC NA. 

And now back to my India published novel:
Here’s the blurb on smashwords

Hi, my name is NA, I found myself in the middle of a situation worse than anything I have been involved in before. I was born with a special ability, but in this case will it be enough save my friends---and me?

There is a flu going around making Users and Mages sick, and killing some. It is NA’s job—she has the special geas to prove it—to find the cause and to stop it, before something terrible happens.

She just has to get around her emotional baggage, a grizzly, a griffin, ghosts, an AI Trick, and an angry abuser who wants revenge on NA. At the same time, she has to figure out what a friend is.

She is out of her pay grade, has no plan to find, or defeat the cause, and is caught in a wave of anger at her friends. Yet, somehow she is the only one who can stop this flu.

The geas and the Power behind it, must have made a mistake and sent it to the wrong person. However, since she has it, it’s her job to stop a horrible event from happening. To make it worse she has a deadline: one she doesn’t know even exists. A large job for a Freak with a lot of emotional baggage, and doubts.

And I checked the sale price of 1.99 is on Barnes and Noble too and probably other locations. Read the one review at B& N and Amazon were you can buy the paper version. Other readers will like it also.     At Barnes and Noble