Sunday, April 11, 2010

Political post-wrong side is blamed

I try to keep these down to a minimum since this is a writing blog but at the same time I don't say Musings for no reason. I have stated that the water situation in the Central Valley of Calif. is bad mainly because of the overdoing of laws which the Democrats are responsible for they don't care how many people are hurt or out of work or traditions or how much of the US and the world we feed. All they care about is their dogma.

Anyway for today's post:   It's bad out there the way the Democrat party and extreme leftists are trying to bad name the TEA party. The name means Taxed Enough Already and it fits with their main purpose. They are not racists or mean or violent.

They are the one that have videos showing the leftists doing things like throwing eggs at moving busses calling names etc not the other way around.


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