Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stories sent in

Only problem with sending stories out is that rejections come back. Of course my stories don't fit they needs right now, my writing never fits their needs.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I said I would mention some books I like. The latest from John Levitt, "Unleashed", is great. I think his writing as significantly improved since his first book and this is just his third book.  If you haven't get "Dog Days" an Urban Fantasy.

Than there is "The Calling" by David Mack. Not bad at all.

Marl Del Fronco's two series.

C.E. Murphy's next one is coming out next month, which is good.

And Jim Butcher's second to last one will finally be out in paperback next month. Takes his publisher long enough.

And there's Travis S. Taylor's series. Evidently I skipped the first one in that series but if you like war stories this one is for you.


  The water situation isn't going well for the West side farmers in Central Calf.

Feinstein said she had a plan to help delivery some water but of course the Environmentalists are ganging up on her even for that little bit of water. Well, more than a little bit but not much more. She supposedly is going to ignore them, which everyone should do, and if she does the cheers will be more than the jeers. But it will be the first time she or any other Democrat has done anything to help the farmers and the tens of thousands of out of work farm workers and little people farmers.

At least a Letter to the eitor

Another letter published in my local paper. It's a comment about what Leonard Pitts Jr. said in a column. First a link to the column next one to my letter.



More about my writing

I've been trying to write pro, for about five years.  Three or so years when I sold the story, another story was placed on the Alt list which means the writing was good enough to sell but they rejected it for another reason. In this case that would have been the first story they bought. Only one story per writer in each anthology.

I also had one that was close and around the same time I wrote a story that John Joseph Adams over at F&SF wrote a personal note about. There were one or two other stories that did better but as I've said before since than nothing. I can't even get close.

I have 82 stories that I am sending out, not counting the Star Trek stories(Twenty to thirty) and few others not meant for prime time.


Saturday, February 20, 2010


I hate it when he does that.  Sometimes JJA isn't as quick as he usually is. When it gets to be over two weeks, I start thinking that he is at least reading my story second time, and maybe I will get a second note from him, but as usual I forget it's my writing so nothing.

Monday, February 15, 2010


  Now I have 23 out, had 24 until a minute ago. But now I have something to send to Asimov's than Analog.

It would be nice if I can send something along with the one I will send to one of those two. Maybe the next one to F&SF.


Still working on turning lead into Gold even though it's taking way too long

Thursday, February 11, 2010


 I managed to send in a bunch of stories so with the one or three I already had out I now I have 22 out. Haven't had that many for a quite a while.

But already got two back. A new guy at F&SF is as fast as the other assis editors. And of course he rejected my story.

New Myth seems to want to break F&SF records for getting stories back.

But no word from Way Of Wizard. JJA must be busy or on vacation.

This weekend I plan to send out two more stories including another one to F&SF see if the same guy rejects the story or not.