Saturday, May 10, 2014

Writing Update May 10 '14

     Well, it’s been a while since I posted an update on my writing-been thinking of of doing it for two weeks at least, so I decided I better do it now before I put it off again.

    I just started the final revision of chp 5 of the indie novel I have referenced before--as of right now it is still titled “Two Struggles” even though I still want a better title---something more dramatic that says the same thing, if I can think of one. Anyway, I am still aiming to have it all ready to place online by the last week of June. 

I believe I have mentioned I have three theme story sets I want to Indie publish too. Each set is about one certain character. One is a Urban Fantasy series around 56,000 words total. Seven or eight stories. From about 3,000 words to almost 32,000 words. The second sets is a steampunk Special Ops series. This one has a story that is just under 3,000, and one just over 21,000 words. The others are around 9,000 to 10,000. There are five stories there. The last one is an Alchemy series. It will probably come in less than 45,000 words total with 3 stories under 3,000 words two over 11,000 each and one about 4,000 words. I am still working on the last story which is already over 14,000 words and could be over 15,500 by the time I get done. I just barely started revising one set, even though certain stories have already been revised for I have sent them out. However those stories need some work for I changed names and such. I have a day off at the end of this month--which is May for anyone who might read this in the future--and I plan on just working on one of those story sets. Maybe the steampunk one. 

I am still working on Writers of the Future contest even though my last two stories were among the first ones rejected for that quarter--this might be because I may have forgotten to number the pages like they want. Last quarter the first batch of rejections went out like a month or so before the second batch etc, went out which supports my idea that it was a technical rejection not a rejection of the writing. I may send that story back in next after next quarter. I have one there now and evidently Dave Farland is reading them and has decided on some.  I have a story in mind for the next quarter. I want to send it to a certain market that sends a couple of lines of feedback and see what they say about it, then I add some more opening setting that Dave likes and maybe more personal angst and effort that WotF seem to like. I just got that story back from Fantasy and Science Fiction and it made it to their third level rejection. Not good, but it gives me hope that there is something in this story. 

I am planning to look over the lectures that both Dave Farland and Dean Wesley Smith are offering. They are not as good as workshops but a whole lot cheaper. Both also offer online workshops that you do in your time--I took one from Dean and badly want to take at least two more.    I can't find a place on his web site for online workshops and lectures but he mentioned them in a couple of Kicks. So here is a link to his Daily Kicks Right Here
For Dean's Lecture series try Here  He has a menu button for his live-coastal and online workshops

I am still working on two novels at work. In Stone Within I just turned the corner toward the conclusion but I still have a chapter, probably two, before I do that in the other one--Angel Kin. However in that one my MC has just started digging a hole that will lead down to a passageway that was partially filled in. I want to place this beginning in a previous chapter--two, maybe three, chapters earlier. So she can be digging yet also have some other adventures during the digging process.

I have also written ten or eleven very short stories about another UF hero. By short I mean 144 words in two, 500 some in two and in-between in the others. Eventually I want to do like 22 and publish them, but I think I will be--some time or another--be placing them on my blog. I kinda of would like to get some E-mail addresses and E-mail them out by one or threes depending on length. 

I have three stories that still need to be revised--I started one, but it’s a bit long and may take me a month to get though with all of the other writing I do. 

I think that is all for now--possibility that I forgot something so there could be a PS.

OH! And Yes, I do have two story sets--one fantasy and one SF at smashwords under L. E. Doggett check them out---not my best writing in some, but I think they are not bad either. They are on