Sunday, September 26, 2010

John Joseph Adams

The other day I was thinking about JJA and it hit me to wonder if he now remembers my name and what he thinks of my writing? He's seen more of my stuff than even Dean Wesley Smith. So has he noticed any improvements? Wishes I would learn to write? Impressed with my determination? Two other editors have made comments my determination.

Of course this speculation doesn't help my writing at all, and most probably I will never know even though there is a chance. But this blog is for my thoughts about my writing-and a few other thing- and I spent a few minutes wondering.

So back to practice and learning.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New books

Not mine of course but when I went to Barnes and Noble last Sunday, Aug 5, I found two surprises. One was by Seanan McGuire the next one in her Daye series. Grabbed it as soon as I saw it. I must have forgotten it was supposed to be out now.  Have to wait for Butcher's next paperback and Murphy's next Walker 'till next March.

I also found a new Drake Leery book. Yea, I'm half way through it which means I'm reading it too fast. Grabbed it also

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Copy of Editor letter I sent to my local paper. It looks like they're not going to print it even though they have two more days before I totally give up.

A few words about why some of us are against the Mosque at Ground zero. It’s has nothing to do with hindering religious freedom. The imum is still free to be an Imum dissipate the negative statements he made about the US on national TV and during speeches. They can still build the mosque elsewhere. Nowhere in the constitution does it say a place of worship has to be built the first place chosen by those who want it built. Throughout the country churches have been told not there, I know of a church in Fresno that didn’t build in a certain neighborhood because those who lived there didn’t want a church nearby.

I have problems believing that the Imam really is a bridge builder. Even with the great opposition he, for some strange unknown reason, still demands it be built there. A place many consider to be part of ground zero. A part of one plane damaged the building now there. But even if only debris hit it that still would be close enough to be ground zero. I say build the new mosque as far away it takes for the extreme Muslims not to consider it a victory. 

Star Trek media

Last Sunday at Barnes and Noble I noticed two different ST images.

One was whether gross the other worth a smile, almost a giggle.

Actually the first one was intended to be humorous I think also.

It was a cover of a book entitled "Night Of The Living Trekkies". It showed a zombie dressed in a TOS costume--blue shirt.  He carried a bloody arm with a hand in the Vulcan salute.

The other pic was on a calendar titled "Humorous Faces", I think. It showed a dog with a long muzzle and tall narrow ears that stuck straight up. He was dressed in a blue TOS shirt and had what looked like short black hair combed just right between the ears.