Saturday, February 19, 2011

Learning to write

Finally got around to buying some writing books. Three of them, well actually one is grammar. I have started reading one Orson Scott Card's Viewpoints and Character book. Actually the title is the other way around. But in either case some interesting ideas on how to do characters in there. I'm only about a third of the way through but it's easy reading.

I have also been reading a couple of Newsletters I get. On The Premises always puts in a short bit of writing how to-s.

So we shall see if they do any good.

But this chance

I have a chance to try a smaller traditional publisher in March if I can get most of Bright Lights redone by the 30th.  I say most because they want only the first five chapters at first. I say smaller but they have a lot of books out now and even more in the pipeline. I wonder if they could be medium or a large small publisher.  No word on their pay. I checked. So it could be close to normal or it could be quite a bit less from what I understand about such publishers. Of course they would have to decide they like my book first which is a very big if. With my writing, bigger than usual. So with that in mind I think I will go ahead and try them if I have five plus chapters finished by the 28th. That would give me two days to get them send in.

Del Rey is involved with some type of contest. They are a well known SF publisher and have a good rep but with them I would have to get my novel all the way ready by the 15th of March and then it will be voted on. I think it's only First place that gets it published or probably gets it published.  Second and Third Places get books or some such.  We shall see.


Dean Wesley Smith- - has been doing a series of posts on e-publishing and how it is changing the publishing business. A short answer is quite a bit and will most probably change the way publishing companies will pick writers. I should say it will eventually add to it since they probably won't drop the traditional method. But some of those changes may take a while to develop even as some are already in the process.

Anyway, all of that means I will need to make a decision do I go the traditional way or the new e-way? There are draw backs and pluses to each choice. One is that the paper method means more books out but the e-way means more money per book sold-a lot more-and eventually it may mean as many books as the traditional method. How long that will take to get to that point no one knows. E-publishing also has less chance of me not getting my money-publishers can go out of business at a moment's notice or have other problems with sending money- and I would get it sooner than a lot of publishers.

Good News on word count

On Bright Lights, my Nano novel, I am now just a tiny bit below 80,000. Since I have just started redoing the third chapter I believe I will not only make 84,000 but it looks like 90,000 which is better.

My "Storm Born" novel though is still iffy. I am working on the third to the last chapter and have 65,000 words. That means I will need at least 19,000 more words. I don't know.

The third novel, "New Mage On The Block" I am working on is iffy too. I'm not even half way through but it looks like I will be quite a bit below 84,000 words. That can change of course.  Right now my MC has been drugged with something that includes witch hazel a plant that can negate her ability but I need to figure out how to get her into an alley before she realizes she is drugged.

Final update on Valentine's Day

Never did get in touch with my florist but since they moved that could be put of the problem but we shall see in August when I try again.

But I decided to go with my first impulse and make a Valentine's Day package for my wife. So I bought her a new blouse--actually two but since it was two for the price of one I only paid for one-a certificate for a chair massage at her favorite Japanese Or is it Chinese massage place. They started out in airports but are now in malls. They have these strange looking chairs with a special round section for your face so you can lean forward as they pound your back and Shoulders. Actually they don't pound :)   And I bought here a teddy bear and a small flower arrangement. Everything but the flowers were in a gift bag with pink tissue paper. I placed the flowers in her car that morning with a card.

So it was successful.

Oh I wanted to get a red heart shirt but after going to three different stores I couldn't find any. Macy's had some but I was on a time schedule and they were on the other side of town so I bought her favorite color instead. And the second blouse I got for free was actually the better choice.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Not doing to bad with my novels with word count,  am doing bad with one in respect to the writing.

But one novel I have three chapters to go, almost done with one of those and it's over 9,000 words...the longest for that novel. If I can do that with the next two I would have the novel up to 84,000 words which is my goal. But if I do 3,000 to 4,000 words I won't get it even that high

Simple but isn't

I'm trying to do something that should be easy but isn't.

Valentine's Day is coming and I'm having difficulties sending flowers to my wife. First I think the florist I used last time may have gone out of business because the link I saved didn't work but a night later I figured out my mistake. Today I tried calling a few times at work but just got a busy signal. When I checked back to their web site tonight I saw I had the 800 number without the 800 part. I would use their web page order page but I need the address to where my wife works . I don't have it but its a well known building and they were able to get it there last time I used them but I called them then.
So I need to try calling again with the right number.

And I add that that new phone number didn't pan out either. I tried twice and no one answered the phone either time.

I may go with something else.  I just found this florist and I don't want to change again.  My old one retired and the next one made three to five mistakes in two deliveries and this one was good. 

For any writers reading this cash flow

on his blog Dean Wesley Smith has an interesting post on how the cash flow works for writers
in traditional publishing and E-publishing.  Something to think about now that there is a choice. And he has a couple of hints on what not to do in the post.