Saturday, February 27, 2016

Writing updateFeb '16-coming books, what I have been up to

           Haven’t done one of these in months but I need to catch up here with any readers I have.

Still writing. I have four books that need revising I am not sure when. I started two, the other two will have to sit even longer. I want to do one called the “The Courier” about a young woman who lives in a steampunk world set in our time. No internet so they have couriers who carry anything from contracts, love letters, gold, new inventions-small enough to fit in a pouch-books, to anything else people may want to send and not want to use the Post Office for one reason or another. Some of the cases are dangerous-this one is her most threatening and she will have to use all of her brains, contacts, friends, and sneakiness to come out of this one alive. Then there is The Mystery Quest or Unknown Quest or ??? I have revised this Fantasy-steampunk novel once but it could use a bit more work and I need to add some characters sooner. I came up with them half way through the book. 

I am pretty much finished revising “Learning CurveX2” Where NA the hero of “Above My Pay Grade” learns some lessons on being a friend and having more power. She also gets to fight an insane Adept who thinks he is a demigod plus solve a mystery of why are there so many mythos in Boulder all of a sudden. Some are very dangerous. What fun for her and any reader. I just need to rearrange some scenes and a chapter or three. Plus find an editor. I asked the person who did Above but don’t know yet if she can. Many of you may not know who NA is and what she is but you can find out—hint hint,

I am in the middle of doing a story-actually redoing a story-for Writers of the Future. I wrote it a couple of years ago and still like it very much. The setting is unique even though the plot isn’t so much but hopefully I can put my own twist to it. 

I have written as story I hope they like at Urban Fantasy magazine but I still need to revise it. I have Rod story to finish and to add to my list.  Look for Rod’s tales on the top list of buttons. They are an exciting series of short stories-including flash and micro-about a certain young mage named Rod. 

I have written something like 11 or 12 600 word stories for a weekly writing lesson on a community on Google+. They show a picture that you are suppose to use for a premise for your story. I plan to do somewhere around 22 of them and place them in a book. However some hopefully won’t be there because they are in other markets. Oh they were all 600 when I submitted them. But I revised a few and all of those are over now. Sometimes by a couple of thousand words.  

Sold a few of my two books but could use more sells—hint hint again. Both are quality tales and fun for readers. 
I am working on a new author's page on Amazon but because of a mistake I made I have two so am working on that. 

Here are links to my two books  on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The E-versions are also on iTunes and Kobo. Plus a one or three other sites. 

Link to author's page on Barnes and Noble

Link to Above My Pay GradeX2 on Amazon

Link to "Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior on Amazon here