Sunday, December 26, 2010

For The New Year

 First here's a link to Dean Wesley Smith's blog post on goals and dreams. The post talks about more than goals-goes into e-publishing- but for this post of mine it's the goals and dreams part goes along with what I'm going to say. The rest of it is great if anyone wants to read the whole thing you will learn a thing or three.

Goals are good even though we shouldn't get them mixed up with dreams.
The difference being what we can control and can't control.

Right now my goal is to finish three novels and to get at least one ready to send in, wherever I can.
Second goal is to learn more about writing.
I don't like to set how many stories I will do because it depends on the three novels and if any ideas hit me hard enough so that I have to write the story now. That has happened a time or two. I do want to write some more short stories. One per month should be a goal I can do. When I finish adding on to the Nano novel that will free up more time. Two or three stories per month then.
A third goal is to send out a bunch of stories. I say a bunch because even though I would like 20 or more out, I'm not sure how many I can send out anymore. I'm out of markets for some of them. And it depends on how many new ones I do. 

I may pack up all the ones I'm out of markets for and try e-publishing them.

Dreams are five plus stories bought and a novel contract.

And if it is still possible good chance it isn't but I want be invited to do a story in David Weber's Honor Harrington universe.  And to be invited or allowed as the case may be to do a Bolo story..I just happened to have two in my mind. 

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