Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Books "Tommy Tuckernocker" which is now live, and "Above My Pay Grade" on sale. $3.99 each E-book

I decided since this is the weekend of the Fourth to keep my brand new "Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior" a 58,000 word steampunk-special ops action packed adventure on sale for $3.99. On the 6th it will go to what will be its normal price of $5.99 for the E-book.  A paper version will be out very soon for $11.99.

Now live at Barnes & Noble and at Amazon and at iTunes, Kobo and other sites.

The story is about Tommy Tuckernocker, a brand new team leader who works for the Ministry of Shadow Warriors and Clandestine Affairs to protect his homeland New Devon. The setting is Steampunk with airships, steamcars and unique weapons. Good action along with Tommy's doubts chases, running battles, bank robberies, and a mother who wants to play matchmaker.

At the same time My older e-book "Above My Pay GradeX2" is also on sell for the Fourth. To be honest I hadn't thought of putting it on sale but I discovered I forgot to raise the price after the last sale. So it will be $3.99 a bit longer until the sixth. Usually price is $6.99 for E-version. $20.99 for trade size paper version.

This book has 96,000 words and contains a tale of adventure, action, mythical creatures, a Hero with doubt and a ton of emotional baggage-some of which fights back when she tries told real with it. Fun for the reader.

At Amazon  and Barnes&Noble  Plus iTunes, Kobo and other sites.