Thursday, June 24, 2010

Double PS

At least if I do go back over that novel I can add words it it. It's about 72-76 thousand words long. Adding Show and sensory-the all five senses every two pages thing-details would help make it longer. I figure I could make it over 80,000 words maybe 85.

And on my way driving around town last night I started to come up with another urban fantasy idea. This one involves a team. That seems to be the new rage. Laura Anne Gillman has done it, Simon Green now has a book out or will soon be out, about a Team working against the supernatural. I read part of the first chapter and that may be what got my mind working on the idea. I thought including a guy can do more than she should be able to do, perhaps he is hundreds of years old and is actual a well known mage but who hasn't been seen for ages. But that seems too cliche-ish. I may put in a guy who is a student and/or son of the guy so even though he knows more than he lets on he still isn't a Master. That could explain why he disappears every so often--his teacher calls him for another lesson.

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