Monday, April 26, 2010

I hate openings

I have another story I tried to start but I can't get past the first couple of sentences. Can't use Was or had or any -ing word. Still not sure why. Can't be too complicated. I hate that.


New Laptop

Well, praise the Lord. I now have a newer laptop. Already been using it at work, starting too stories. I know how one ends, pretty much but the other one is just a beginning. I have a couple ideas of how it goes but nothing for sure yet.

The first one, hopefully, will be an exciting starfighter story.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I was wrong and right about the last story to Way. He did get it and read it, part of it anyway, after all. But as predicted the writing was lousy.

Not sure if I can wait until I have one hundred stories before giving up.

I need some good news concerning my writing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another comic

wish I could collect some of those I missed

and I saw that if I wanted to I could have that placed on a mug.

Maybe if I ever sell another story

Saturday, April 17, 2010

And same

for Dreams of Decadence. I sent in my story the second to the last day they were accepting E-mailed stories but must have gotten there too late some how.

Don't know if I will send them any other stories, still don't the name of the magazine.


Just had the realization that JJA probably isn't taking his time deciding on my last story.  It's in very bad shape so there's no reason for him to take his time.So he either didn't get it or deleted it for some reason. Maybe it got there too late even though it should be have made it where he is.

Monday, April 12, 2010

More on TEA party

Someone wants to crash the TEA Party groups to make them look bad. He called them fakes, racist, morons etc.. But the description he gives doesn't fit any group. and those that would join a TEA party group for any length of time will find that out.

Of course they are only morons because they want lower taxes, less government intrusion in their everyday lives and he wants all that. Other than that they come from many backgrounds.


Both JJA at Way of wizard and the one of two people at F&SF seem to be taking their time. It's taking longer this time for both markets. Someone must be busy or have a day off or some such at F&SF. JJA is probably busy with a bunch of last minute manuscripts and his magazine.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Political post-wrong side is blamed

I try to keep these down to a minimum since this is a writing blog but at the same time I don't say Musings for no reason. I have stated that the water situation in the Central Valley of Calif. is bad mainly because of the overdoing of laws which the Democrats are responsible for they don't care how many people are hurt or out of work or traditions or how much of the US and the world we feed. All they care about is their dogma.

Anyway for today's post:   It's bad out there the way the Democrat party and extreme leftists are trying to bad name the TEA party. The name means Taxed Enough Already and it fits with their main purpose. They are not racists or mean or violent.

They are the one that have videos showing the leftists doing things like throwing eggs at moving busses calling names etc not the other way around.


A book I like

I've been meaning to do more of these but I finally got to this.

I’m reading the second October Daye book by Seanan McCuire. Very good. The first book was nicely done and I think this one was written even better. And I don’t know if it was done on purpose or if it’s me but I think it’s less dark than the first one. 

Seanan has set up an interesting world with the Fey being hidden from ordinary humans. Even though not in all cases for the are half fey running around all over the place and three fourths fey etc. 

As I said this book seems to be less dark. One reason for that maybe that she isn’t dealing with fabian(?) type of half way houses for half fey. And her MC seems to be happier or at least not dealing with so much depressing stuff in her personal life. 

But the opening reminds me of Murphy’s MC’s Walker. They just kinda dressed almost the same and going out clubbing. And as I was thinking about doing a very short down time, I felt like the McCuire’s writing resembled Murphy’s. Almost like Murphy Ghost wrote it or they went to the same writings school- read the writing same books or both writers are the same person. Which I kinda doubt, they both have the completely different web sites with personal histories etc.. It could be the same writing books because what I noticed were scenes and MC difficulties that could be in any book.  


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

14 more stories

Fourteen more stories to go to reach 100. Not counting the Star Trek stories and a bunch of practice stories. 150 plus in that case.

But in either case I decided that's it. No sell or at least an almost sell and I will start putting my stories on a free site. Of course I will have to send out that 100th story a few times, probably six but maybe seven.

Great post on improving your writing Scroll down to the Myth Writers don't need practice post if need be