Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Book out Yay---Tommy Tuckernocker: Shadow Warrior

More later but just wanted to say that I have my new book out in pre-order on two sites. Now at Amazon-Kindle  and at Smashwords  Hopefully more sites in the next couple of days.

$3.99 while on preorder. $5.99 once it goes live. For those who may have read this earlier. The book is 58,000 words.

Review by:
Christian Freed author of “Where Have All The Elves Gone”   

"While I don't profess to any knowledge of the steam punk genre I immediately felt comfortable after only a few pages of jumping into Louis Doggett's Tommy Tuckernocker. Being a former soldier myself, I easily followed the flow and pacing of the story as Tommy took his team through a series of life and death situations that were not only action packed, but realistic in terms of how they play out. This book was not only enjoyable, but easily read. I found myself at the end much faster than I was prepared for. Kudos to Mr. Doggett for writing an enjoyable tale."

Tommy Tucketnocker leads a team who work for the Ministry of Clandestine Affairs and Shadow Warriors to protect his country from all enemies.

Meet Tommy Tuckerknocker; an agent of the Ministry of Clandestine Affairs and Shadow Warriors. He commands a team of fellow Shadows in an ongoing mission to protect New Devon from any and all enemies. He knows it is imperative that they keep everyone in the dark on who they are.
The leader of Deutschland Zwei wants to be Kaiser of the whole America Continent. New Devon is on his short list of counties to start with. In five tales of deadly adventures, wild chases, and violent action Tommy and team work to stop him.
Along with to dealing with guards, massive airships, guards, enemy soldiers, and countdowns Tommy will need to learn to lead, out think a traitor, deal with his own doubts, inexperience, and a growing angst.
And he has to cope with his mother; who, while she loves him, has her own ideas and a desire to matchmake.