Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Market--Flash Urban Fantasy

Looked over a new market today, they pay only ten dollars a story-maybe more once they figure things out-and they want all types of fantasy including something called Aether and UF.

So I thought well why not a flash urban fantasy, now I'm going to have to write it. Even at 1,000 words ten dollars would be less than three cent a word but I might try them anyway. Esp, if I can make it 500 words.

I thought it may not be easy to get everything UF is in flash but with the idea that popped into my mind maybe it will be.

But do I want Elves, humans, demons etc. playing strip poker? How could you tell with some of those creatures? Some people would enjoy it but maybe I don't know, maybe just a friendly game of regular poker.

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