Worlds I am working on

Right now I am working on three novels as I have mentioned, each with it's own world. Well, actually I have six unfinished but only working on three of them.

More about them later.

I keep putting off describing my worlds sorry about that but one day I will do at least a couple of my worlds.

Finally an update.

One world is in the Vibrations universe. My E-novel "Above My Pay GradeX2" is set in that universe. I have another novel a third of the way done with a different MC and city also set there. And three to five short stories set there.

More later but, basically mages can manipulate the vibrations that make up the very basic building block of all matter. They use an energy produced by the vibrations called V-nergy. They can store V-nergy within themselves and gather more from any matter--organic or not. All types of mythical creatures abound as well as evil mages.