Friday, June 28, 2013

Vacation update 4

This will probably by the last one until at least Monday of next week, maybe longer. I'm mostly done with the story sets. I say mostly because I may still do one more story but more on that later. Now I need to figure out how to do a cover. I have various E-books-from smashwords-and links to a blog post or three that will help with that.

But first I want to work on finishing the revising of a story I would like to send out tomorrow(which is saturday). I'm mostly finish revising it but I got interrupted by this project.  The story could go out next week, or come to think of it Monday since I'm vacation, without any harm but out of habit I want to go out tomorrow. It's a longer story and I think I'm about three-fourths through revising it. The rest plus spell and proofreader check could be done today. I think.

Anyway, I finished my fourth set of stories for E-publishing. I may still do the two westerns, one over 5,000 words--one about 1,000 words--but I think they are both pretty much cleaned up already. I have a sequel in mind for the longer western but it could take me a month or three to write it out. I could always publish it by itself or try to write a sequel to the shorter western also. I have sort of an idea for that and I think I could keep it under 1,000 words but we shall see how all that goes.

With the Fourth set I have seven stories in it but all come to just over 10,500 words. I would like one more in this set but that one isn't quite quirky enough. Of course there are already two stories that each stretches the quirkiness idea but I don't know about one more. I do have one story that would fit quiet well and take the set over eleven thousand but it's a newer story with only five rejections. I want to try it at a few more places first. The story I'm thinking of has a quirky quality but I don't know I will have to think on it some more. I have time since I want to send out that one story and I still have to figure out the covers.

I've thought about checking into doing these POD as well as Indie. I know one maybe two pros who have done that with their story sets, sometimes with single stories, but they are long time pros with an established fan base. I could combine three of the sets which might make it more worth it and be more attractive to bookstores. Not that there would be a rush for the books but still at least they might consider them. BTW the way bookstores buy books have changed and there is a larger chance that they will buy PODs now. And how PODs are listed has changed which also means stores now buy significantly more PODs than they used to. Of course that doesn't mean they will buy mine but I could :)  and give them away.  Or something. Of course if I did I would need a back cover and side not just the front as with Indie books. Oh, well got time to check into it. It's not a big deal either way. I will go with PODs whenever I finish with that novel I'm revising. And the others I will Indie publish.

Speaking of that Novel--now titled "Two Struggles". I will have some time to work on it, this weekend and next week even though there are things to do around the house and hopefully a movie or three to see. Oh, I do want another title--this one is better than the one I had originally but not quiet right. I want it to say the same thing but in better terms. Hopefully once past chapter three it won't take as much work. Two and Three were the two that needed the most help--to me. Two being in the worse shape. That is done--again hopefully and I starter Three. So far it doesn't seem to be in as bad shape as I thought. But I shall see how it ends.

There will be at least one more of these updates, as I said at the beginning not as many and not for a few days but at least one more. Unless of course something big happens. Like I manage to place all the sets online this weekend. But i'm not expecting that.

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