Monday, June 10, 2013

Adventures with my Nook

For those who are new to this blog. I bought a Color Nook about a year ago. I have 28 books and a few short stories and PDF files from Laura Anne Gilman's new series and one from an online friend who sent me a copy of a novel he is, hopefully, be working on to publish. Obviously it is done he just has to redo a bit here and there.  I probably shouldn't name it or him yet but he is an excellent writer.  He just received a Finalist listing after only four to six tries at WotF.

But here is my post:

Just spent half an hour or so on my Nook even though it wasn't planned.

Anyway, I wanted to upload--or is that share--my friend's book, he was kind enough to send me. I used a magic trick and transformed it into a PDF file and wanted to see how it worked on the Nook. To do that I have to hook my Nook to my computer. (Hmmm, maybe not but more on that in a minute). So everything went fine but it didn't show up on my "shelves" So I turned off the Nook, waited a few second turned it back on. Still not in the right place...other PDF files just showed up there. So I went looking for it, while looking I found two other files I had forgotten I had. One was a E-book written by someone on a forum I am on. I was suppose to read it and make a review, I forgot but I wouldn't have been able to find it anyway. Now it's on my shelf.

I also found an E-mail app. I had planned on getting one the Nook people suggested, but I can't remember actually doing it but there was one. Wow, so I spent some time setting up two of my E-mail accounts. Now is when I explain the comment about more on that in a minute. Just thought, if I can read and send E-mail I should be able to download files from said E-mail. I need to experiment with that and see if it works and how it works if it does.

Oh, I found the friend's novel and placed it on one of my shelves. I can open it even though instead of scrolling sideways I have to go up and down. And I have enlarge the print too. So I can read his novel even though not quite as easily as with the usual novel files.

Niiiice though. 

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