Sunday, June 16, 2013

Update June 16

            Okay, first Update for June. Some of this might be a repeat, if it is please bear with me. 

         I sent in my story for Q3 of WotF. At least it will be mostly clean of nitpicks:typos, bad placed commas, misspelled and wrong used words, etc. All the technical stuff: right format, no author’s name, pages titled and numbers, is fine. David over there says he’s amazed how many people don’t do those things--he even gets cookbooks and non-fic. I also think it is at least close to the type of stories he seems to like. Of course he’s still new enough, on that job, that it may take one or two complete anthologies to figure out exactly what type of stories he likes. I said complete because his first one was edited by him and the late K D Wentworth. I think--it was 28 or 29. My poor mind decided to take a powder on that at the moment and both books only list one editor. Anyway, he didn’t choose all the semi-finalists and maybe finalists in one book. 

    I mentioned in a previous post that I sent out a bunch of stories, well getting back a bunch of rejections. Beneath Ceaseless Skies usually say something-one to three sentences-on why they rejected the story. This time it was a little bit more positive sounding than last time. Still nothing to say that I almost made it though. A new market sent a rejection saying that my world was interesting but didn’t fit what they wanted at the moment. Sounds nice but as I’ve learned that could be their stock rejection. I will have to send another one to see if it was or not. Which I will do. I have a list of ten markets to send stories to. I might make it eleven and send another to Asimov’s.  Ms Williams doesn’t seem to mind a writer sending in a story before they receive a rejection for your last one to them. Many markets do, they have even set up their internet submissions system to reject any new stories to them until they send a rejection. 

   My vacation is coming up. One: I plan on getting three sets of five stories ready for E-publishing. Well, one may have six. That means checking as throughly as I can for nitpicks and/or finding someone to do them for me. And it will probably mean a bit of rewriting as I check them over. Two: I want to take pics of various books I have that I want to sell and get them on Ebay and/or a free site. I wanted to do that last year but never got to it. Three: I have plenty of appointments. Twice with my Doctor, Dentist, twice with my pick-up or I hope it will be twice, one for sure. Four: I will be working on one novel revision--some. My first day is a Friday so that Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be dedicated to that novel, and I will probably work on it for bits of time during the rest of the two weeks. Five: I want to do at least seven crits for Last year I tried to do one per day but only got to about half which was a whole lot better than the year before. Six: I will probably be working on a story or three also: writing, revising, spellchecking, etc.

  For those who don’t know this is a critiquing site. You send in your story, in almost any genre now,  it then gets sent out to the list of critters. They choose to critique it or not. You need to critique about one story per week to stay in good standing. I don’t send in stories any more but I still like to crit stories, usually one or two per month. That’s enough to keep me getting stories. 

   I started a Space Opera Community on Google+. I looked for one four different times and concluded there wasn’t one, which surprised me. There’s at least two Urban Fantasy and maybe three Steampunk and Horror but no Space Opera. Until now. That reminds me I need to write a couple. I have one in mind already, it’s more a Special Ops story. I don’t think I have ever written a Sp Op tale before but this one popped into my mind. I love reading Space Opera and am very surprised I haven’t written more. 

That’s it for now. As usual could be a PS or three. 



  1. Good luck with your story submissions. You have reminded me to get back to critters, I have not critiqued a story in a while. I did not know that some publications reject simultaneous submissions. Not that I have that many stories to send out - I am more of a novel writer.

  2. You need to read the guidelines even though they sometimes don't tell the whole story. As in Analog and Asimov's--maybe Fantasy and Science Fiction too. They don't mind if you send in a story to them every few weeks even if you haven't gotten a rejection back. With F&SF though they are usually quick enough where you may not have time to send a second story.

    As to simultaneous submissions--if I confused the issue in my post I apologize--most markets don't want you to send to another market while they have your story. A couple say it's okay.


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