Monday, June 3, 2013

Another update PS May 26 and a Thanks

So one more Follower Thank you. Talked to you on G+ but still appreciate the extra number here.


      Sent out new stories this week. Looks like Scott P. Over at F&SF will be getting another break from my writing, at least from my alchemy tales. The one I am revising is over 11,000 words and it will take me week or three to finish it.  I may send a SF instead. 

   I was able to encourage one person this week. He wrote a novel a couple of years ago and is trying to get some cred by selling a couple of short stories. He was a finalist in Q1 with WotF.   Didn’t win but still  Niiice.  I know what story he sent in for Q3 it could get in or be another Finalist. We will have to see what David thinks of it but I was right about Q1.  This guy is a good writer.  Anyway, he will now be going back over that novel this summer because I managed to remind him of it. He was nice enough to send me a copy to read. I will enjoy it.

   I made a mistake entering that challenge I referenced last note. They post the first 13 lines--which seems to be the standard number of an Opening. It might be unofficial but evidently a lot of editors think of it that way.  It’s the number of lines on the first page of a manuscript.  Anyway, the people who entered the challenge comments on and votes on the best 13 lines. No one likes my Opening. Only read six out of ten comments so it’s possible one person might like it. That has happened before. But one person misunderstood something and another will be disappointed when he reads the rest of it. 

  My vacation is coming up in three weeks. I do a writing vacation. Besides working on my novels I want to get three sets of stories ready for E-publishing.  For me a set has five stories. One set may have six but that’s close enough.  More on that later.

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