Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pardon a lot of political Venting.

Afraid this has nothing to do with writing--but I feel the need to vent on a certain created circumstance where I live.  I've commented on these two before and no doubt I will again I'm sorry to say.

  I while back I vented on what I called Liberal Bureaucrats who tried to fix something that wasn’t broken just because they could. For those who hadn’t weren’t reading my blog back then, the reason I was rather upset was that they changed the overtime rules for businesses here in Calif. Making things more complicated. At my company we had been getting off early on Fridays--we made up the time by working half an hour in the morning. We did that for close to 30 years. But no more, technically Management--who are the owners of this smaller company--could have worked something out but as I said it’s became more complicated...way too complicated. There was no real reason for them do that. There could be some small amount of workers who really were having problems but as usual that could be fixed without inconveniencing  everyone.  They like to do things like that though.

All that was just an comment in what I have stated before, now to get to the real purpose of this note.

Water--they changed the rules on that too, now many farmers here in the San Joaquin Valley have been left out of the water that they were promised. Yes, the rain level is down but the water didn’t have to cut as much as it was. A couple of years ago when the state did the same thing 400 farmers were cut off. A few bought water from other places or farmers a few pumped water but both of those things cost money. And it only helped a small percentage of farmers. Orchards died because of the lack of water, some of the small towns  around here almost declared bankruptcy and businesses closed because so many people were laid off.  Even workers who had been employed for ten to twenty years straight. They had a water March, with various politician coming by but nothing was done. 

Some environmentalists just say they are large cooperate farms implying they don’t need help or are lying.  There could very well be some large cooperate farms a month the 400 but I don’t care. They need water too and they hire local people. But many of the farms are small cooperations. Family size. 

Supposedly all this is because of a tiny fish some call the carney in the coal mine--it isn’t. I said supposedly because that fish isn’t native to that part of the water course, and it has eight other “stresses” that kill more fish than the pumps they use to pump water into the canals. If they really wanted to help they could either have fisheries and/or go to other lakes in the US and at certain times of the year use a bucket to dip fish up. The local people might even be happy about that. Or they could place special screens around the pumps as some people, who are trying to work with them, want to do. But they are not having any of that either. So people they are suppose to care for suffer, land sits when it could be feeding the world, providing jobs and tax revenue to the state government. No matter if Governor Brown’s budget really preforms like he wants to believe the state can always use more cash. It probably won’t so they need cash even more. 

So twice now Liberals have butted in to fix something that didn’t need fixing or as much as they claim. And it ends up hurting a lot more people than they wanted to help. 


  1. I love my country but I fear my government.

  2. I think a lot of people feel that way at the moment but in Calif's case it's more the liberals not in government that are messing things up. Well, some are in the state government and/or influencing the others but if they would to leave those in government wouldn't get as many bad ideas.


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