Monday, June 24, 2013

Vacation 2013 Update

Got some work done on my novel--started revision of the third chapter. I hope it won't take as much work as the second one did. I think two will be the worse chapter but we shall see.

Got two stories ready for the first set of Five to be E-published. I went over both: added more of the five human senses, smoothed out a few sentences, deleted a few that really won't needed, added some commas. I also checked for certain words I tend to mix up. Like must and most. I know the difference but I sometimes type out the wrong word. I do the same with their and they're and then and than. I believe I am improving with that but those early stories have a ton of mixed words. In the first story I cut a few of the then-s. I've noticed pros don't use it that often. I also redid some sentences.

I'm sure the stories still have a bunch of nitpicks--they tend to hide from me--but I did go over both.  I spell checked and proofreader checked both.  That helped too but even with all that I miss nitpicks. But unless I find someone to help with that I just have to hope I caught most of them. Sometimes I do.

The third story will probably take longer for I haven't gone over it as many times as I have the first two. The second one I probably redid seven to ten times, each time I learned something new about writing.

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