Monday, July 1, 2013

Vacation Update Five

Decided to do another update after all.

I worked on revising my novel some last night, found that chapter three didn't need half the work I thought it did so I went through it rather quickly. Started Chapter four. I suspect--mixed with hope--that it doesn't need as much work either so I can zoom through it.

I also felt the need to write new words so I wrote on a story that I am taking my time finishing, not sure why. Today I have been experimenting with GIMP, software Smashwords says can be used to make covers. Yeah, if someone shows you how. As far as I could tell there are no instructions for covers. So with what little I know about software works I guessed.  I have two covers with titles and my name. Neither is quite the right shape through. According to Smashwords a cover has to be 2400 pixels high and at least 1600 wide. I got the 1600 but I can't figure out the height. Thought I had it but when I reopened the file, it's not. This all took over two hours and trash can full of crushed up paper...well, it would be if I was using paper.  Maybe I need to use a slightly larger pic. I've been using one of mine.

Oh, I have asked for help on a couple of sites but people are taking their time responding. Most seem to want to help with formatting the manuscript which is important and I will be needing that soon but I want to get this cover ready.

Tonight I may do some more New writing. Tomorrow my wife and I go see a movie. Maybe I will ask specifically for some help with GIMP even though I have mentioned it a time or two already.  I also joined CreateSpace for POD books but evidently they don't have many instructions on the web site for covers either. From talking with two of the people involved with them it looks like you need to have must of the novel ready to go.

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