Thursday, June 27, 2013

Vacation Update 3

Okay, finished my third set. Fantasy this time. I skipped my first two Fantasies because they are dark and two of the next fantasies are lighthearted. I decided they may not go together so I found two other stories. One I added some to, hopefully it explained a couple of points better plus I added more of the five human senses to all of them. Not as much as I would if I wrote the story from scratch now, but still it probably adds to the story. Again I took out a few thens too. As I said before I've noticed more than a couple pros use that word rarely. The same thing goes for and. Maybe it's more out of habit to cut the word count but to me a story can read better without a lot of either. Especially when it is an action scene. I also changed a few -ing words and -ly words again not as many as if I had written the story from scratch but hopefully enough to make a difference to a reader.

I almost decided to skip one of the stories I revised for this set. Now that's better...hopefully I want to try sending it in to a couple of markets but that could take a month or three if I did and as usual what I did probably wouldn't make enough of a difference for pro editors.

I may do another set, this right by faster than I anticipated. I thought about doing my two violent westerns. One won't need any work and the other may not need much. And I want to do a quirky set. I have some stories that are a touch strange. Most of those are short so I may do seven or ten stories for that one. Depending how many I have and how short they are.

Rats, I wanted to say something I forgot on Update two but I forgot again so there could be a PS. From those who have been reading this blog for a while you know that isn't unusual for me.

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