Sunday, June 23, 2013

My reading habits 2 books. "Furious" and "The Road To Danger"

Reading two Space Opera at the same time at the moment. I didn't set out to do that but I started one on my Nook and I needed to go somewhere I would want a book to read. The Nook is great but it has one drawback all readers and tablets have. I can't place it in the back pocket of my pants. If I could I wouldn't because it probably isn't tough enough to take sitting on. 

But to the books:
A couple of you may have read this already but most haven't.

One is the ninth book in the Lt. Leary series or RNC series, by David Drake.

An interesting universe David came up with--I won't say much except that Earth and a few first colonies were destroyed in a war over a hundred years before the action takes place so the two worlds that lead humans were on the fourth or fifth level of importance. 
      Second the ships used are very low tech. Computers and radios are futuristic but the ships and missiles are something we could do today almost. Still the series is very interesting and entertaining, not to mention well written. Oh, they use sail boats to go through hyper space. :)  You would have to read the books to get that, it would take a while to explain how it works, but very well though out.   

 Second book is "Furious" in the Kris Longknife series by Mike Shepard which is I believe a pen name. It's the ninth of tenth book.  Interesting in this series there are two E-published short stories about Kris. 

Mike is a good writer but he's not the best, he has a habit of doing a couple of things I find a little annoying now that I have learned something about writing. Still overall I will continue to buy the Longknife books and I will try the one he write under his real name when I find it again. 

There are a couple of issues with how he treats Kris and one or two of her family I don't particularly like but my above statement still applies. 

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