Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation 2013 Update 2

Finished getting the second set ready. I had to revise two stories completely since I hadn't even looked at them for three years or more. One was formatted with an old version of Appleworks, my old wordprocessor,. My new one wouldn't open a version that old. So I copied it and placed the file on my laptop which still has Appleworks. It opened it with the last version which I copied to my desk computer. It opened finally. Later in the day I knew I had one more story that fits with this set but I couldn't remember it. I finally did with a little Help after a prayer. Now I have five stories for that set plus a two-fifty word bonus. This set is general fiction--maybe Relationship fiction-that deals with different stages of marriage. Two, including that very short bonus, are also supposed to be humorous. Notice I said humorous not funny.  I will use a pen name for those.

I'm not sure about the third set. I may do fantasy. I wanted to do western but have only two ready western ready to go. I have a third written but it needs revising and it's different from the other two. They are violent and this one is peaceful.  I could do a two story set.

I also looked over sites I have links to that sale pics for covers. Some are very cheap--eight dollars--or less. And I looked over Smashwords for uploading stories and books. They will send them to five other  E-book disturbers. That includes Barns and Noble and other big ones. But I need a cover. Hmm, almost like to watch someone do it a couple of times but I may just have to wing it. I thought about using a picture of five eagles flying for the story sets but maybe not. Maybe just a solid color on the cover with my pen name and title.  Problem is finding software I can use on my Mac that doesn't cost a bunch. I may have something already but have to experiment with it.

I will wait for the third set of five and maybe even the two westerns to figure it out. Supposedly it's easy but we shall see.

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