Sunday, June 23, 2013

A dream-June

Had a new dream that I actually remembered...most of it anyway. 

It was strangely-for me-enough a zombie dream. I thought it was a nightmare at first but as I thought about it later I realized two things. One is I was watching it, nothing in it happened to me. Second the bloody parts were skipped.

But a bunch of people were on the island with old stone buildings. A mean SOB ruled over it. He had many people in his prison in the basement of one of the buildings. Somehow many of his prisoners turned into zombies, escaped and started to attack everyone. For a while camera followed a group of innocents who just happened to be on the island. 

Later though the escape played again with more detail. Evidently the prisoners turned into zombies because of a combination of starvation and torture. They managed to break out of a glass doors or wall with a metal frame work gate attached to it. Much like the roll down metal gates inner city businesses use when they close at night. They broke through this wall and went after the guards who were in another room and didn't seem to know what happened until attacked. I thought it was unrealistic that none didn't used their guns, I kept expecting at least one to get off a shot...that wouldn't do much good but still it would make the scene better.

The camera returned a fancy room--some type of foray or dance room. the Ruler's executive assistant--she had been seen at the beginning of the movie--somehow managed to escape the massacre and was trying to climb up a set of giant fancy stairs. There was blood all over that room but no bodies and no zombies...That is when I woke. 

Maybe I need to do more writing then revising for my dreams seems to be doing it for me.


  1. Zombies are my worst fear! If I had this dream, I'd probably wake up from a panic attack.

  2. you can get some good material from your dreams!

  3. I have written two zombie stories; one is humorous and short and the other is the normal type where people get eaten. But I don't usually go for that type of story. But as evidence any type of story can attract my muse.

    Yeah, if I could recall more dreams I would have more material :)
    I do remember one every now and then and a couple I do want to write about someday.


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