Sunday, June 16, 2013

Political Venting PS

It turns out that the water situation is worse than I knew.  They have cut off water to a new area of Farmers. A few years ago the Farmers, Environmentalists and Politicians made a deal--I knew of this but was recently reminded. It was signed and everything, immediately the Environmentalists took it to court and got it changed in their favor. I was going to say they hoodwinked the judge somehow but he was probably liberal so didn't need to be. So now there is even less water for farmers.

I dare say that the farmers have been here 200 some years--over 150 for sure--but that doesn't matter. All they care about is forcing their way on the rest of us. They have the people in government to help them. Not only state but federal too. Both Senators from Calif. are very much on their side.  Feinstein is suppose to have helped farmers a while back but now all she does is interfere with water legislation. As powerful as she is and as many friends in the Democratic party she has and supposedly she can't get anything done.  According to her.

Now I've heard that they want to blow up the Hetch Hetchy dam which surprises me for they usually leave that one alone for its where a whole lot of them get their water.

But there is more at the tail end of Victory Davis Hanson's latest column. Here

Okay this is all for now but probably will be more.

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