Saturday, June 15, 2013

Articles that are story Fodder.

I've done this a time or three before but it's been quite a while since the last time.

The idea is for me to put up links that I find which could be used to inspire story-novel ideas. I added a couple of questions to help get the Muse going but think of your own. I will hopefully be doing this more often. Usually there will be three at a time.

Here's one. I have used these in one of the two novels I'm working on revising,

Large Crystals

What could they be used as?  Or what might be in one?

Alaskan Monster

Sorry the video is out on that last one but it still describes it.
Could all these various monsters be the same one. Many seem to look similar to each other. Or Aliens using the same false holgram covering?


How did that hole really get there?  What else could be discovered in holes like that one?

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