Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A PS to Update May 26

A PS so soon.

But I was able to work on my Novel--”Two Struggles” if anyone here remembers my pervious posts on that novel...of course a few won’t. 

But I’m also stuck. I said I could use some help with figuring out where background info should go, well, I’m at one of those points. My MC’s Mentor was a Secret Service agent and now works for a clandestine boss. But I think that bit of detail breaks up the flow too much where I have it. I’ve already moved it twice--keeping thinking.

I couldn’t help myself today at work I started a story on the 12 seconds premise. I will probably finish it tomorrow or the next day. It’s has a different way of using that term and maybe is a touch humorous. It probably won’t go far though since it’s very simple even though different for me.

I mentioned that I forgot to place a stamp on my last SASE to Fantasy and Science Fiction. Well they did place their own stamp on it an included a handwritten pointed note about it.  It’s the only personal note for the story of course. But Scot P over there will have a week without my story, wonder if he will enjoy it a bit if he notices at all.   

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