Thursday, January 24, 2013

Venting on my writing

    Said this before or words along the same line anyway:

Anyway, I have a story for Quarter Two of WotF,  one for the next quarter already finished, so I will be sending in both. But if I don’t sell anything, anywhere by the time I receive the rejection for the second one I will think again about sending out stories or not. 

Dean Wesley Smith said, “You will, Louis, as you keep progressing, which you are. “ after I made the comment it would be nice to sell a story. I think he said something similar a couple of years ago. Still nothing--can’t even get a comment. 

I know I’ve gotten better but still not good enough. I keep missing it no matter how much I improve. My new word processor has a proofreader section. I use it and I believe it does make my writing a bit better. Less sentences starting with But and And, less use of over used words and phrases and a couple of other like improvements. But a bit improvement doesn’t help enough. Neither does five years of learning-118 stories. Most people would have improved enough to at least get comments by now. 

If I decide to quit sending them in I may see if there are still free sites around or work harder to do covers and try e-pubing my stories. That way some people will read them at least.

I said after the Q3 of WotF but I will have to wait so long for that rejection I probably will go ahead and send in one for Q4 just not count it.  And I said sell something but if I got a Finalist on WotF without getting in I will still will count it as a sell or if all of a sudden I get a bunch of comments. But if I receive no good news about my writing by then--(shoulder shrug), we shall see how I feel. 

I said this not all that long ago but Dean is the only editor who likes my writing--he said some good things about four openings I did for the Online Workshop--and he’s not buying. It really is nice to know someone likes my stuff, but one isn’t enough.   

I will keep writing and learning between now the Q3 rejection but so far it hasn’t done much I don’t expect it will in the next six months or so. 

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  1. Two likes your writing. I like your writing too, and I think you have mad skillz. The nittypicks is just that. its that stub the toe in the middle of the night stuff. posh. Keep pushing, keep writing and never give up. You can do both, epub and trad.


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