Saturday, February 9, 2013

laura anne gilman--"Dragon Justice"

"Dragon Justice"
is the next and sounds like last one in the P.U.P.I. series by Gilman.  Or that is the paranormal investigators novels or the Bonnie books. 

She seems to like to do shorter series. 

This one is a UF series set in a world where some people have Talent where they can use a force much like electricity to do "magic". It's the second series set in that universe. The first one was the "Retrievers" series. I think that one is a much better series but this one is great also. I've said it before and most probably will again. I think the "Retrievers" or Wren books are partially responsible for this current rage in UF books. It seems to have become a permanent rage with its own sub-genres but Jim Butcher was a major force in the beginning and as I said Gilman was a lesser force.  

If you like UF and/or Mysteries you will like this series. A nice set up with side stories and a good resolution. Well, good in the writing and well thought out but that's all I will say about that.
However, I do have one criticism of Gilman's writing in this book. This series takes place in the same universe, city and time period as "Retrievers". Different events though. Mostly that is. In this book the MC references a major event that took place in a "Retrievers" book. But the MC doesn't explain her part in the event nor even half way describes it. In other words if you haven't read the book where it happened you have no idea what went on. Of course it's not a major part of "Dragon Justice" so it may not be important but still...

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