Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Spiritual Goals for '13 plus God and us

                    I also have spiritual goals which this post is about.

    The most obvious one--for most Christians anyway--is to become more Christ like. This I can do by spending more time in the Word of God--The Bible: studying it, reading it meditating on it. By listening to more Bible teachers. By deciding to respond like He would in given situations. That last is a lot harder to do than to say but it is something we can work on with the help of the help of the Holy Spirit who has to do most of the work in us. 

    I said become Christ like but that means my attitude, responses and actions not necessarily my personality. God made us all different on purpose and some of us have a strange sense of humor or a certain way we think and other features of a personality that does not need to be changed. The rough edges need to filed off and sometimes we have learned traits:like fear or a bad mood all the time, cruelty that need to be unlearned so our real personality can come out but its still us. 

    Going along with that are the desires we are born with. In this context by desire I mean what we want to do in life. Write? Learn about the medical field? Paint? Program computers-design apps? By in charge of our life-under Jesus-with our own business? Those types of desires God likes and is willing to help us with. Sometimes a desire gets perverted as in someone sets up a criminal organization of some type instead of a business. Or they become a seducer for sex. While that needs to be fixed as I said God likes those type of desires. Desires for: money above all else, sex with people we aren’t married to, things, revenge are other types of desires God does not like but he can deal with those. He’s done it before.  

Anyway back to my goals. 

Another goal is to give more money and time to help those in need or to helps preach the gospel. 

Hmm, some of the goals I thought about including I have already mentioned in the first goal of becoming more Christ like. Spending more time in the Word, listening to sermons and teachings.

And another goal is praying--talking to God which includes worship and just being with Him. Asking for things and help is included but not the only thing. 

That’s it for this too. It’s possibly I forgot something at the moment so again there might be a PS. 

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