Sunday, January 13, 2013

Non-writing Venting--Liberal Bureaucrats

Liberal Bureaucrats are even worse than Conservative Bureaucrats  

Took me  awhile to get to this but I wanted vent on something that had nothing to do with probably at least borders on the political but here goes:

Here in Calif. They have changed how overtime is counted. Instead of over 40 hours a week its anything over eight hours a day, I have no idea where they got that idea but all of sudden a few years ago the liberals started to say that businesses owners where cheating their employees out of over time hours by not doing the over eight hours a day thing. I don’t know if they had this in the back of their mind for decades and just now got to it or if they suddenly discovered that is how the socialist nations of Europe do it. Or ?? 
I have listen to them for years on the radio and read what many have written but I hadn’t heard of that before. Of course I could easily have missed discussions about over time but seems like I would caught something somewhere.

All that leads to what I want to vent about. 

Because of the new thoughts on overtime the rules and regs have changed...a couple of times. Well, this year they change again.  Always new rules and regs here in Calif many times like in this case fixing things that are not broken.

Where I work we have had a good deal. We come in half an hour early so we can get off  two and a half hours early on Friday. Been doing it for around 30 years--we love it. Because of the work load part of the year we have to get off and the regular time on Friday--everyone starts asking when we can get back to leaving early on Friday.

Now though because of the new regs it looks like we have to stop it. The Owners of the business talked to a third party who knows about the rules and regs to try to figure out how to work it out but as of right now it looks like they failed. It might be that Management decided it wasn’t worth the effort because it was made too complicated but still it’s the liberal Bureaucrats have stepped in because they know better and want to control us so they fixed something that wasn’t broken. 

There was obsoletely no reason to make things that different and complicated. Yes, certain people were truly being cheated but it didn’t take these huge changes to fix that.(notice I said truly cheated) I wouldn’t be surprised if there were already laws that would have fixed the problem if they had been enforced. 

Now because they stuck their noses into something not their business and are forcing us to go their way because they know better than we do--we have to stop a good thing.  UGH!  and GAAA!

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