Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another update Jan'13 PS

While working on the revision of my Q2 WotF story I got side tracked about something I forget...oh I had just sent out a story for the first time today--more on that later--and I decided since I was thinking about it I better list it. I have six pages of what I call listed stories. Those are the ones that are done and have been sent out at least once. So while I looked for it in my WIP folder I found three other stories finished and listed but I hadn't transferred the file to my short story folder. So I double checked a couple of them and moved them all to the right folder.

Anyway, while doing all that and trashing a bunch of files I don't need anymore, I found six stories that need revising. And I know I have at least one more in another folder. Come to think of it there is at least one more in yet another folder. So a total of eight stories to least. When?  I need another day off from work.  Oh there are also at least two stories on paper I need to type up. So that means ten tales  of tardiness to tell.

And it's later--that is back to the story I sent out today. I said I have six pages of filed stories. That is soon to be seven. I decided to have only twenty per page, actually a file, for I list each market I send the  stories to, the date and underline the market and date when I receive the rejection. Any that sell are bolded but the only one in BOLD is the HM from  I also list the full title and the word exact word count.

I now have 119 stories listed. That means one more and I start another file. That one more could be the Q2 story or the Lost In Water story I wrote from one of the settings I did for Dean's online workshop.

Or another one I could get ready tos end out by next weekend.

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