Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update Jan '13

A bit long this time and there could very well be a PS in a day or so.

   Time for another update. 

    More progress on both Stone Within and Angel Kin my two novel WIPs. But still going to take a year to finish them at this speed. I may work on one at home once I get the two other novels ready to send out. 

Speaking of that I will need to start revising the SC one this week and work on spell checking etc the second group of chapters of Two struggles. The first chapter is ready--no more work on it. But the others need lost of nitpick and grammar help evidently.

Finished the story for Q2 ’13 for WotF.  When I go back over it I will have to see if I can cut it down, I still think it's longer than it should be even though that could be because I thought it would be around 5 to 7 thousand words. It's way over that.

 Wrote one story since the last update. A simple story of 1400 words. I sent it out. 

A rant here on myself:
I can't figure out of I sent a certain story out already or not. I revised it tonight, making sure it had enough of the five human senses and printed it. Oops, found I already have a cover letter for it. That must be the story I sent to F&SF on Dec 31. But if I did, as far as I can find, I sent it without a header and with two words missing. I suppose I could of if I got in a hurry but I don't think I have made that mistake in years if ever. 

As far as I can remember I did send a story that day, the cover letter was made Dec 30th.  

Of course no response form F&SF yet. Even with New Year's Day in there, there should have been enough time for them to get it back to me. Scott seems to run a day or two later than Steve but still. 

Oh well, if I don't receive a rejection by next weekend I will send it for sure. Actually, it might be better if I didn't send it. I think it's slightly better with about a hundred words added mostly the five senses. 

I am sending in another story and got reminded that I was in the middle of revising another story when I interrupted it for some other work so I need to get that one done and sent out. Maybe to BCS first when I get the one I sent them a month ago back. Which seems like should be any day now.

And since we are talking about F&SF I should have gotten something by now. Even if five or so times it has taken a lot longer. Well, twice it took over a month and the others were only a week or so longer. So there is still a chance I will receive something. Oh, once I received a rejection for story A a couple of days after I received a rejection for story B. A must have gotten forgotten.

Enough of that rant.

  Finished the Essentials Online Workshop, almost. Still need to watch a couple of videos and go back over the pervious ones once more. I did learn a lot I learned that Dean remembers my writing from six years ago. And he thinks not only did I do a great job on the openings and outline I have improved a lot over the years. Which is good to hear but he seems to be the only editor who thinks that. 

Well, this is a bit long so that is it for tonight.

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