Sunday, January 6, 2013

My reading--discussion Benedict Jacka

I'm reading "Cursed" by Benedict Jacka. It's book number two in the Urban Fantasy series about Alex Verus.

I'm also reading "The Ninth Circle" which I started first but I needed to go a couple of places I didn't want to take my Nook so I started "Cursed".

The series has a very well thought out magic system, so is the main character Alex. A complex man of fears, desires, vulnerabilities, and honor, among other things. He has his own ideas of right and wrong which are what most would considered moral. Jacka does a great job of getting into Alex's mind and heart. The action is well done and the other characters are well devloped also.

Two things about the books. First is that Jim Butcher likes them and thinks they are on par with his Dresden files.  He made other statements along those lines. Actually, I believe that John Levitt's Dog Days series should be getting those types of comments by Jim. Of course I need to say that Jacka might be the better writer but that's not saying Levitt is bad in anyway.

The second thing I want to say is that I have already come up with my own character for Jacka's world    :)

Most probably I will never get the chance to write a story legally but I know a lot about my character's background and who he is already. It would be fun to do him. Oops, no name yet.

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